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"well that 'elped" Gene sniped as he lumped down in his seat

"well whether it helped or not, she's a witness and it is procedure" Alex stated closing the office door and taking a place on the edge of Gene's desk

"Gene Hunt does not do procedure" Gene said leaning back in his chair Alex exhaled at her Guv's obnoxiousness but was soon left silent. Bringing his hands up to his chest, Gene loosened the deep blue material of his tie. Alex's eyes continued to watch as he undid his top button and revealed a little of his chest. Gene's hands now resting on the desk, Alex allowed her eyes to slowly travel back up over his chest, lingering on his bare skin for a moment before landing back on his blue orbs, which were now looking back into her hazel ones. Biting her lip Alex quickly averted her eyes down to her lap. A somewhat heated tension fell over the room. Both unsure how to break it.

"I, er, I better" Alex mumbled standing up

"ain't your fault Bolly Kecks" Gene smirked trying to lighten the mood

"huh" is all Alex could muster putting her hand on her hip, trying to act as casual as she could

"that you can't keep your eyes off me, ain't your fault at all, many women find it hard" Gene continued throwing Alex a wink

"yes, they probably do since their in your dreams Guv" Alex quipped throwing Gene a sarcastic smile in return for his wink. Tension now broken, Alex continued "she certainly seemed to like you" once the sentence had left Alex's lips it was laced with a tinge of bitterness, which she quickly hid with a cheeky smile

"to be honest with ya Bolls, I ain't surprised" Gene smirked, still being light hearted

"yeah well, maybe we would have got more information out of her if she wasn't laughing every five minutes and I could actually get a word in" Alex griped, suddenly serious. Turning on her heel Alex stormed out of Gene's office and back to her desk.

"What the bloody 'ell " Gene said standing up Just then the double doors to CID swung open and in walked Patricia

"I'm looking for Mr. Hunt" Patricia said looking down at Alex

"Why"? was Alex's first response when she noticed that Patricia was wearing a little more lipstick then she had been before, but then remembering herself went back into a professional stance "er, he's just oveā€¦"

"I'm right 'ere love" Gene announced from his now open office door

"Mr. Hunt" Patricia beamed walking over to Gene, swaying her hips a little more then was necessary "I was wondering if I could have a word"? the blonde smiled now opposite Gene. Alex bit the inside of her cheek, watching intensely as Miss. Moore twirled the end of a strand of hair between her fingers and stood a little closer to Gene then she needed to. Stepping aside Gene allowed Patricia to enter his office.

"tenner says Guv's gonna slip 'er one" Ray laughed "tenner says he won't wait till the end of the shift" Chris challenged getting his wallet out of his pocket

"that is disgusting" Alex spat bitterly "and chauvinistic" she continued flashing them a indignant look "sorry Ma'am" Chris almost whispered putting his wallet back in his pocket. Ray simply turned back to Chris and rolled his eyes before lighting another fag. Leaning over her desk Alex tried to get a better view of what was going on inside Gene's office. Gene was sitting on the edge of his desk, Scotch now in hand and Patricia was standing opposite, leaning into him slightly, hand on hip.

Alex gritted her teeth. "I thought her brother picked her up"? Shaz pointed out as she came in from the kitchen and spotted Patricia

"so did I, I'm going to see what's going on" Alex said standing up

Shaz pulled a weary face as Alex stormed towards Gene's office, her unpleased expression apparent. Pulling the door open Alex stormed in almost putting herself in-between Patricia and Gene

"Slow down DI Drake, Bloody 'ell" Gene said leaning back slightly to show his point

"I'm part of this team, I'm part of this investigation" Alex said a little more strongly then intended "we're not talking about the burglary love" Patricia winked "you get my drift Bolly, so if you don't mind"

"oh Christ" Gene said downing the rest of his Scotch Alex turned fully opposite Patricia now "it's DI Drake and if YOU don't mind" Alex argued, enunciating on the word you "we are trying to figure out who burgled YOUR house" Alex pointed her finger close to Patricia's face to enforce her point "so if you would allow us, we would like to get on with doing just that, our job, so now go back to your house and sit quietly until we call you"

Patricia now stood jaw agape, glancing at Gene, expecting him to jump in. Gene just raised his eyebrows and pursed his lips

"Did you hear me"? Alex said crossing her arms

Without another word Patricia left, slamming the door behind her.

"well Bolls" Gene said looking Alex up and down, mock shocked

Alex just took a deep breath and slowly let it out.