I sighed before stepping out of my tent and out into the southern sun. I had been kept here by the bitch Maria for over a hundred years and to be honest I just wanted to be gone from here and forget all the horrible acts I had done in my time here. My train of thought was interrupted when one of the older newborns started approaching me, Justin I think he was called.

'major! Major, we've got another one. Jack found her and changed her before we could stop him sir. She's in the changing tent sir' I frowned and ran towards the tent where humans are kept while changing into a vampire. No empath would go there unless they wanted to feel the unbearable amount of pain and agony and the horrid smell of death. I braced myself before entering, knowing that I had a fa├žade to keep up. I was Major Jasper Whitlock, the God of War, the man all the southern armies feared and hated. I couldn't be seen as weak or scared of anything. Upon entering, I noticed that all the males on watch of the changing future-soldiers, were all in a crowd around the one cot. I coughed and they all literally jumped to where they should be. They knew that I didn't do sloppy. If they started neglecting their duty, I would have to kill them or torture them. It depends on how bad the damage is really, well, to me it does. To Maria it doesn't care. Her attitude is 'the minute they misbehave, remove them and change another two in their place'. that's why there have been so many newborns passing through here in all my years. That and the fact that its rare for her to allow us to keep one of them beyond reaching their year mark. I was the first that she had decided to keep, since she started to create newborns to fight her battles. Ever since then she has her mate check and see if any of them have powers that she could use before I destroy them for her. Yeah that's right. I train each newborn to fight and then when we have no use of them, I am ordered to kill them. And I have the scars to prove it. Millions of them littered my body so that it looked like the skin of a human burn victim. I was hideous and although I longed for a mate, I don't anymore. Not with how I look now. I wasn't vain, far from it, but I couldn't have another person tied to me for eternity when I looked like I did. It wouldn't be fair to them. An ear piercing scream brought me from my depressing thoughts and i looked up to see the new girl writhing on the cot in agony. My non-beating heart twisted at her pain. But i didnt know why. I had seen this happenning for over a hundred years, so why does it affect me now? wait, never mind, i have things to do. She calmed down and i finally got a look at her. Nice heart shaped face, beautiful long silky brown hair, red kissable lips, rosy cheeks, pale skin. She was slender, but not overly so, with dangerous curves in all the right places. All in all, a fine specimen of a female. She would make a good mate to one of our soldiers. Maybe. If she wasnt killed before she had the chance. With that thought, it felt like the last few minutes of the change, when all the fire in the worl comes crashing down into your chest.

'major Whitlock, she's gonna wake up in a minute. Brace yourselves' one of the gifted newborns told me. Not a minute later, she opened her eyes and looked into my eyes. She was the most beautiful creature i'd ever seen. I heard one of the newborns take a step in her direction but before they could step any farther, i was crouched defensively in front of her, snarling. Mine! was my only thought. I wasnt Jasper Whitlock any more. I was the God of War.

'She's mine!' i practically growled out. The soldiers backed up, knowing full well what i would do if they came near me in this state.

'Well, well, well, major. What's going on here then? Do you like my new soldier?' crap. When did she get here? i was screwed. I turned to see Maria standing behind me with a smirk on her face. shit.