Bella POV

"What do you mean she got away?" Jared cried, hunched over in the corner. His eyes were red-rimmed.

"I'm sorry, Jared, we tried but she was just too damn fast." Quil said, guilt written all over his face.

Jared shook his head and the tears flowed faster. I could feel my eyes getting itchy, my throat clenched. Nobody deserved to die by Victoria's hand, especially Kim. She was too young and had a bright future ahead of her. I couldn't imagine what Jared was going through, how he was dealing with the loss of his imprint, his one and only soulmate.

And just to make matters worse, Paul sprinted in through the open doorway, his eyes were also red and tear stains covered his cheeks. My eyes were the first he locked on. I could see the pain and guilt in them. My knees shook and I clenched my fists. Another sob from Jared caught his attention. I sighed, relieved at the loss of his gaze.

Emily strode over to my side and grasped my hand tightly. I turned towards her and she did the same.

"Come with me," she whispered and pulled me over to the kitchen.

I sat down and took in the awkward silence coming from the living room. Emily's eyes flickered over my shoulder as she took a seat in front of me. I knew it was him even before his intense body heat ghosted across the back of my neck. I shivered and Emily met my hard gaze. I shook my head the slightest and she got the message.

"Get out, Paul," she ordered

"No," he whispers in that husky tone, making my girly bits tingle.

I hated this. I hated the effect he had on me. I hated this whole imprint thing. I wanted it to go away, badly. Fate was wrong, Paul was not my soulmate. I couldn't think of spending the rest of my life with a cheater. I had reconsidered this whole imprint thing. Could he just have made it up? The tight cord strained against that thought, proving I was wrong. My heart was fighting my mind and it hurt, the pain was almost unbearable.

"Paul, get out now," Emily said

"No," Paul growled this time.

Sam snarled from the living room. I sent Em a pleading look.

She bit her lip and nodded, "Paul, as the imprint of your Alpha I order you to get out!"

I heard the wood of my chair crack as Paul clenched it between his fists. It began trembling and I could see the growing fear in Emily's eyes. Sam marched into the room just then, glaring daggers at Paul.

"Baby-girl?" Paul whispered to me, his voice strained.

I glanced at Sam, he nodded. I stood up and walked out the back door, Paul a few feet behind me. I could still hear Jared's sobs and Quil's guilt speech as I strode across the dirt, having no idea where I was headed.

All of a sudden I feel two warm arms wrap around me from behind, pulling me back flush against his chest. I fought against his soft embrace, feeling the tears swell up in my eyes.

"Le-let me go!" I sobbed

"Shh, don't cry babe, please don't cry," he murmurs into my hair.

I finally collapsed, overwhelmed and weak. Paul's arms never let me go. He swept me up into his arms bridal style and started walking. My head rested upon his warm chest, I could hear his heartbeat. It was faster than a normal human's but soothing like a lullaby.

Everything became blurry as my eyelids drooped. And suddenly I was out and blackness enveloped me.

P ~ B

I didn't recognize anything as I awoke. My stomach growled at the scent of bacon and eggs. I groaned and rolled over in the bed I was in, its scent was so familiar. Kind of woodsy with a hint of mouthwatering cologne. I sniffed the sheets once more, addicted to the smell. The sound of someone clearing their throat brought my attention to the person standing in the doorway.

I froze at once.


There he stood in all his glory, wearing nothing but his black boxer shorts. My heart still managed to skip a few beats, until the anger flared up in me. I glared at him and got off the bed, stalking forward. He didn't move an inch as I pulled my arm back and let it free, my fist connecting with his face. He grunted and took a few steps back. I shook my hand a little, pain throbbing in every finger.

I smirked as he glowered at me, clutching his nose. As I saw the blood continuously flow down his neck and chin I began to feel a bit guilty, but to hell with that. The fucker deserved it, besides he would heal.

"What the hell was that for?" he shouted

"For being an asshole," I said as I walked past him without so much as a glance.

I walked out the front door and let my nose guide me. However, I didn't recognize any of my surroundings.

"Where do you think you're going?" Paul asked angrily as he stepped outside.

"I don't know, as long as I'm as far away from you as possible," I spat and sprinted over to the forest line, phasing as soon as I was out of view.

He didn't bother following me, thank the ancestors.

Sam and Quil were the only ones patrolling. Quil's thoughts were full of grief and guilt, I wanted to tell him Kim's death wasn't his fault but I didn't. I had problems of my own; even if they weren't as big as the murder of an imprint.

My nose began to burn as I drew closer to their house. Suddenly I remembered I had phased while in my clothes.

Damn, maybe Alice left something I could wear.


Crap, crap, crap! I had totally forgotten.


I sped up and slammed into the door, not caring if I had to pay for it and phased back to my human form. It looked like no one was home, so I quickly took to the stairs and looked from door to door for Alice and Jasper's room. I finally found it at the end of the hall and ran straight for the closet. I randomly grabbed a pair of designer jeans and a tank top.

They were a very tight fit but at least it was better than going naked.

I walked out the closet grabbed the nearest phone on the nightstand. I scrolled down the contacts list until I found Alice's number.

Luckily, she picked up on the first ring, "Hello?"

"Alice, it's me Bella. Where are you?"

"Out hunting, why do you ask?"

"No reason, have you had any more visions of Edward?" I asked

"Yes, but they're a bit blurry. He keeps changing his mind or he knows I'm watching him and is playing with my blind spots."

"Okay," I breathed out, feeling a bit relieved. "Have the Volturi made a decision?"

"Yes, they're planning an attack knowing we won't let you go so easily. I'm sorry I never got the chance to tell you this, but you never answered my calls and I couldn't talk to you in person unless I was to violate the treaty."

"I'm sorry too, things have changed a lot. I just found out the man I'm supposed to spend the rest of my life with is a lying, cheating bastard," I growled

She gasped. "The dog cheated on you?"

"Yeah, when are you coming back home? I need to get out of this shithole."

"We're already on our way; I'll be there in five minutes tops."

"Okay, see you then," I sighed

"You too," she replied and I hung up.

I set the phone down and took a seat on the bed. My day had just started and I already felt overwhelmed.

Hey Guys, let me start off by saying I'M SO SORRY! I know it's been a while(about three months to be exact) since I've written anything. Life, school, ex-boyfriends and Amy have just gotten in the way. But I am back and in desperate need of a beta. My writing is starting off a bit weak since I haven't written in a while. So, please feel free to volunteer yourself or recommend me one. Please and thank you!

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