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Well anyway not all of it has changed but she helped me add more details and things and Chapter 4 is different.

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'La Rose De l'Esprit'

(The Rose of the Ghost)

*any outlandish humor is to be blamed on chattipatti (Hannah, my cousin) from fictionpress)

Chapter 1:

Hi, my name is Emma Rose Lee.

Sometimes I consider my life to be boring and plain. Not that I am complaining exactly. I have wonderful parents. I am kind of like an anti-social or maybe not. I don't have many friends. And those friends are busy almost always. So instead of like most people that hang out with friends I write stories. A lot of stories, mostly fan fiction. Phantom of the Opera would be my favorite to write. Yes I am a phangirl if you have not noticed.

What if I told you I met a character from one of my favorite movie's or stories? What if I told the character and I fell in love?

A certain Phantom….

My dull life was about to take spin…..

It was like every other day. I wake up, drink coffee then go off upstairs to do my schoolwork. (I am homeschooled) Later that day I cleaned my room and decided to tackle my wardrobe and fix the fallen shelves in it and go through all my clothes. We don't have closets in our house because our house was built in 1890 anyway something seemed strange as I took the last of the clothes out the wardrobe. I leaned into the wardrobe. It was like there was not a back to it.

"What on earth?" I leaned farther into it, curiously. Maybe a little too far because all of a sudden I pitched forth and fell into the wardrobe, tumbling down into something like a tunnel.

I screamed. Everything was black! I was scared of the dark. Alright never mind I'm not scared of the dark exactly just what's in the dark. But that at the moment did not matter. All I knew was I was falling down into darkness that never seemed to end and I was terrified!

It felt like I was falling for miles when I suddenly hit cold stone. It was still pitch black and I couldn't see a thing. I only knew that there was stone.

I laid there a minute stunned. Where was I?

It smelled funny where ever I was.

And there was noise but pleasant noise at that. Soon the noise turned into singing. Beautiful singing …

I got up quickly. "Where am I?" I whispered, looking around not seeing a thing but blackness. I ran through the blackness toward the muffled singing wanting answers right then.

Of course I am the clumsy girl who trips over thin air. It takes talent ya know.

I kept running like my life depended on it but tripped and fell, hitting my head against a stone wall. Almost blacking out as I touched the back of my head. I groaned, my head feeling sticky.

"Nice going, Emma!" I held my head which was on fire. I was dizzy and only could sit or I'd fall over again, "Where ever I am I don't care anymore," I laid down, wanting the pain to go away. I closed my eyes and that was it.

A dark shadow stopped singing and went to investigate a loud bang he heard outside his lair in a tunnel. Most likely some overly curious ballet girl or stage worker.

His golden eyes scouted the tunnel. He could see in the dark better than in the light. He walked about 40 feet than came across something lying in the runway. As he got closer he saw it was a person on their stomach.

The Phantom kneeled down beside the fallen human and turned her onto her back to see who she was. He realized she had a serious head injury. He saw it was a girl who wore strange clothes.

"Where did you come from?" He thought out loud, examine her head. She groaned at his touch as if he had hurt her. He became gentler as he picked her up, cradling her head cautiously.

"Lost—I'm lost-," the girl mumbled against his chest.

The Phantom became rigid but relaxed as he realized she was still out cold. How had she gotten into his lair? And why was she wearing such strange clothes?

Pants were for men not women so what was with her? When she woke he would make sure she had the proper apparel.

He carried her to the guest room to the swan bed. Then set out to get first aid supplies to clean the girl's head.

As he came back with the supplies the girl began to move about fitfully. A sign of waking up. Erik's heart started pounding. What was her reaction going to be when she saw his mask?

Her eyes popped open and she flinched as he cradled her head in one arm and washed her wound with the other.

Erik froze as the girl stared at him, stunned.

"Who are you?" She asked, trying to sit up. She looked more stunned then terrified. Her eyes were wide.

Erik simply stared at her for a second. Wasn't that obvious? "I should be the one asking you that."

My eyes popped open as someone propped my head up and began to rub something cold on the back of my head. It burned intensely and I flinched. My eyes adjusted to the dim light and the figure hovering over me came into focus.

A man wearing a half mask of white, black hair, golden eyes, everything he wore was black except his mask and shirt.

All the descriptions of the Phantom of the Opera but wait no—that could not be! That was simply loony a thought like that. I was in 2010 not 1870. Even though there was such a thing as the Phantom of the Opera this could not be him. I could not be in his lair!

"Who are you?" I asked, trying to sit but my head hurt horribly and all I could do was lay back down, hurriedly.

We simply stared at each other almost in awe.

"I should be the one asking you that," the masked man said in a musical voice.

My mouth gaped open in shock. I must be dreaming because if I am not I really am in the Phantom's lair with the Phantom!

He stared at me questionly until I spoke.

"I—I'm Emma Lee," I said quickly, staring right back into those golden eyes of his. Oh dear me this is the Phantom. I pinched myself to make sure.

Erik smirked, "Nice to meet you Emily," he continued to wash the back of my head.

"No, you're mistaken. My name is not Emily it's Emma Lee," I almost laughed, despite the pain I was feeling.

He looked confused, "Excuse me?"

"My name is Emma Rose Lee. My last name is Lee. First is Emma," I explained, flinching as the torn skin was slightly pulled by the rag he held.

"Sorry," Erik frowned, being more careful. He patted my head a little more then wrapped a bandage around it. He laid my head back down, gently.

"T—thanks," I stammered, feeling flustered. The Phantom of the Opera? It was all too much to take in almost. I felt like fainting as his eyes stayed on mine.

"How did I get here?" I mused mostly to myself before conking out.