The last and final chapter of this story. This is not the end. Oh no! There is a sequel coming very shortly. But before I post I must have more reviews. Ideas are very welcome.

I got this idea from two people.

Erik: Its ending? *sniff* I can't believe I'm saying this but—but I love you!

Me: awww =)

Chapter 26:

When I opened my eyes everything was so bright it hurt my eyes. At first I thought I was in the swan bed and Erik beside me,

I felt across the bed for him but instantly shot up in a panic as I realized I wasn't in the swan bed at all.

It was then all the memories came rushing back at me.

I was pregnant and going to tell Erik. I was going to tell him but then I slipped and fell into the lake…

My vision suddenly cleared and I could see where I was. I shot up in a sitting position, hissing as pain shot through my head.

White walls, white bed, white everything. I was not at the Garnier any longer. I was back in my time.

"No!" I screamed in a panic. I couldn't leave Erik. Not after all we'd been through. And the baby…

The baby!

Terror gripped me. What if I lost the baby since I was back in my time?

My hands quickly felt my stomach and to somewhat relief it was still a hard baby bump.

"Oh Erik, I'm so sorry. I love you, Erik. I love you!" I sobbed, covering my face with my hands. I still had my engagement and wedding band on my finger. It should have comforted me but it didn't. No, it made the predicament worse.

I had lost my husband who I couldn't live without. I didn't want to! I wouldn't!

But the baby? Thoughts screamed in my head.

No I had to live for our child.

The hospital room door burst open and a nurse ran to my side to check my vitals.

I couldn't stop sobbing and screaming for Erik. I needed Erik. I kicked and flailed as the nurse tried to give me a shot. What was she doing?

My mom came running through the room. What's going on?" Her eyes were wide as she took in my tormented face.

"I may have to sedate your daughter m'am. She is hysterical and if she doesn't calm down she may hurt herself." The nurse tried to constrict my movements.

"Erik! I need Erik! Oh God, please. Why did I have to leave him?" Sobs wracked my body.

"Do what you must," my mom looked very concerned.

"Do you know who Erik is?" the nurse inquired filling a syringe with the sedation.

"I have no idea." Mom shook her head.

"Did you know she's pregnant?" The nurse was just about to inject the liquid.

Mom gasped, "No."

"Would you be considering an abortion?" the needle was two inches away from entering me.

"No!" I gave a blood curdling scream. My hands came to cover my stomach protectively. "You can't take my baby away from me!"

The nurse injected the needle.

"Erik! Oh Erik save me!" I cried but then I couldn't cry anymore because I was slowly drifting to the black.

I just barely heard mom tell the nurse, "That won't be necessary."

I had to see Erik again. I just had to. After all he was the father to the child growing inside me…