"Years went by and we got older, remember when gas was sold for $1.50 a gallon? Oh how things have changed-" Jude Harrison sings.

In the years since Jude left G Major, and Canada, and Tommy Quincy, she's made quite the name for herself. In London, two of her albums went double platinum, and four of her single hit the top 100, and stayed there for weeks. But with this came a world tour, which led her right back to Tommy's doorstep, there lovely hometown in Ontario, were she had gotten her start in the industry. It was here were she lived all her life, where at the ripe age of only fifteen, Jude won the first season of Instant Star, beating out the pop sensation Eden Taylor, with her raw vocals, and original songwriting skills.

"When you see me for the first time in years, we swore we'd never end up here, I'm gone, up, up and away, like a rising balloon…Thank you Ontario, you guys have been truly amazing You'll always have a place in my heart, Ontario!"

She's greeted in her dressing room by her mother, father, best friend Jamie, sister Sadie with her daughter Prudence clinging to her hip, and Sadie's husband Kwest. But, no Tommy. After a few rounds of hugs and an hour or two of chatting, everyone's left, except for Sadie, who had given the baby to Kwest and told him to go how and start the pasta.

"Jude, I called his place four times, no one has even heard from him in weeks. I'm so sorry." Sadie says.

"It's fine-" says Jude, "I didn't expect anymore from him."

When Jude gets back to the bus, Jude checks her phone. She sees a text from a number she's never seen before, she doesn't even recognize the area code.

hey girl i heard u played ontario tonight. im sure u did awesome.

Girl? Tommy called her "girl". He'd always say things like "Good luck, girl" or her favorite, "Don't stress girl, you're it". No no, absolutely not. She's just being paranoid now, she thinks. Maybe…She replies with:

who is this?

Not two seconds later, she get's a response:

u no exactly who this is.

Oh god, she thinks. She replies:

tommy? is this u?

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