**Hi. So, on my Spring Break from college I decided, for some reason unknown to me, check my childhood email account. Keep in mind it's been three years since I've checked it. When I opened it, it was flooded with messages of praise for a stupid little fanfic it I wrote when I was a kid. I'm three years older now, and I thought maybe I'd write a few more chapters to see if I still have it in me….Thank you to everyone who believed in me. This website is one of the reasons I love writing. That being said, I'm definitely not a hopeless romantic, TV crazed 15 year old girl anymore.

After the hug was finished, they stared at each other. Jude pursed her lips as if she was going to break the silence, but she didn't. She couldn't.

"You're the one that left him, remember? Let him speak for once.", Jude thought to herself. She just stopped the words from coming out, and smiled. But, the silence didn't cease. Jude retorted the silence with small talk. Tommy only spoke to answer her questions or to noddingly agree. After the duo had covered every piece of trite small talk, the silence returned. That is, until a wave of remorse and anger settled into Jude's skin. She spoke.

"Wh-Why exactly did you ask me here anyways? It's been four years?", she spat out, disgust in her quivering voice.

"You broke the pattern, Harrison.", Tommy responded, with not a bit of emotion in his voice. "I'm supposed to leave you remember?" With those words, tommy grabbed Jude nape and pulled her in for the most tearful kiss either of them could ever remember having.

After the surprising kiss, Jude pulled away, looking confused and sad.

"I don't understand. I've called you every day for the last four years. I've apologized thousands of time. I've sent you plane tickets to come with me. You knew my mistake was killing me and you did nothing. Today was the first time I've heard your voice in four years, Tommy."

Tommy replied with just a chuckle and six words.

"You're a piece of work, Jude."

**That felt really good to write. I might even do another chapter if there's some feedback.