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Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo swerved into the next lane, cutting off a large truck as he did so. The angry trucker stuck his head out the window, cursing aloud at the NCIS agent, but Tony chose to ignore the yells. Instead, he kept his focus on the lightning blue Evo that was trying to shake him off. If only he wasn't using a rental...

This guy just won't quit, he thought to himself as the Evo gained a few more meters away from Tony.

It had been such a coincidence to have run into Victor Trombetta, a long-timer on the NCIS Most-Wanted Wall. Tony had rolled out of bed late, jumped into a five-minute shower, and ran out the door before grabbing anything to eat. His stomach, however, failed to comply to the lack of food, and so, before heading to the Naval Yard, Tony had made a pit stop at his favorite coffee shop. There, he and Trombetta met face to face. That was only...ten minutes ago-

"Crap!" Tony glanced at the clock on his dashboard. 0730. He dug into his pockets for his phone, holding down the number 2 on the dialpad. As the phone began an instant dial, he activated the speakerphone and tossed it onto the vacant front passenger seat beside him.

Gibbs answered after three rings.


"DiNozzo, where the hell are you?" It wasn't an overly-pissed question, but a common, everyday Gibbs demand.

"You wouldn't believe who I ran into at the coffee shop today." Tony gassed the car, zooming past an elderly lady in her car.

"Say goodbye to your ex-girlfriend and-"

"Victor Trombetta, Boss. I bumped into Victor Trombetta." Tony could hear the unmistakable clash of Gibbs' desk drawer sliding shut, and the curious voices of McGee and Ziva.

"Where are you, Tony?" Gibbs asked hurriedly.

Tony glanced at the nearest street sign as he passed it. "We're heading down Vesper, going towards Patron...He's a pretty good driver, Boss. I can't keep up with him in this traffic."

"You stick with him." The elevator dinged in the background over the phone. "I'll have McGee pinpoint your location on the GPS."

"We can try cutting him off after Patron," Tony suggested. "Try Riverston."
"That's good work, Tony. We'll meet up with you there."


It took three minutes for Gibbs, McGee, and Ziva to clear out of the building and get to their car. By then, Gibbs was so anxious that he started the car and nearly drove away before the rest of his team could make it all the way inside.

"I'm tracking down Tony's GPS coordinates now, Boss," McGee announced as he got to work with his laptop.

"He was last on Vesper, heading towards Patron," Gibbs informed as he sped past the base security. "See if he's still there."

"Who is he in pursuit of?" Ziva inquired.

Gibbs cut through an opposing lane of cars, missing the bumpers of at least a dozen of them before swerving back into the right lane. "Tony ran into Victor Trombetta at his coffee shop this morning and has been following him since."

"Trombetta?" Ziva thought for a moment. "Did NCIS not already arrest him?"

"That was his brother, Ziva," McGee corrected. "Louis Trombetta. He was wanted for the murders of Agent Tom Gradburg and Agent Henry Marro."

Ziva nodded. "And Victor is also wanted?"

"He swore to avenge his brother," Gibbs explained. "He's been targetting LEOs and federal agents for three years."

"How many of them were successful?"



"Whaddaya have, McGee?"

McGee blinked several times as he looked at his screen. "Tony's GPS isn't moving. He's in the same spot."

"Is he stuck in traffic?" Gibbs questioned.

"Or he could've lost him," McGee replied.

"Or he could've caught him," Ziva suggested.
Gibbs turned onto Riverston, continuing down the road until they hit a large collection of gathered vehicles. Doors were opened and drivers were all staring at the same point ahead on the bridge, fingers pointing and looks of awe littering their faces.

"This must be it," Gibbs said as the three of them got out of the car. "NCIS! Move out of the way! Move!"

"Move away!" Someone yelled. "The feds are here!"

The crowd cleared as best they could, allowing Team Gibbs to reach the bridge. At the sight of what they saw, all three special agents felt their hearts drop into their stomachs, shock written all over their faces. In front of them, a section of the side railing was bent outwards, separated by a black Toyota Camry that hung out over the edge, tipping forward towards the river below.

Gibbs was the first to regain control of himself, rushing forward to find his senior field agent and get him out of the car before it possible fell forward. As he did so, the tip of the car leaned down, sending the car to plummet into the waters of the Potomac river, crashing into the cool surface.