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Point of no return


Sasha: I built walls around my heart not to protect myself but to see who cares enough to break them down.

Akira: I always thought I knew women but she's like no one I met before. I can clearly see the wall protecting her and I want to break it with my bare hands.

Chapter 1

It was Friday evening in the middle of October. The weather was still warm and Tokyo was buzzing with night life. Or at least it was like that in one bar in Roppongi.

Akira was just relaxing in his private room after a long day at the office. Unusually alone, he watched the people on the dance floor underneath through a one-way mirror.

On a day like this he was lonelier than ever. Soujirou was still desperately looking for Yuki, Tsukasa and Tsukushi just celebrated the birth of their first child and Rui... well, was still the same Rui. Akira sighed. He didn't have any other close friends than those three. It was understandable, he was the heir of biggest Yakuza group in Japan. His life was in constant danger even though they already stopped with underhanded activities.

Enough of melancholy, let's find some girls to dispel these unpleasant thoughts. He thought.

He stood up and went downstairs. Just when he was turning around a corner, his chest met a glass full of red wine.

„What the-" He started but was interrupted by a flood of foreign words.

„Krucinál, himl hergot, a víno je v pr..." He lifted his head from his now red shirt and saw a young woman with auburn hair holding almost empty glass. She shrugged and drank the remaining wine. And I finally found a bartender who would give me a normal glass of wine instead of bottle lid. Now I need to go there again.

„I'm really sorry." She said and nodded her head. Then she took out the handkerchief from a pocket of her trousers and started to wipe off the wine from his shirt.

Akira was in total daze. What is she doing? He couldn't understand how she could touch him so easily.

„Hey," He caught her arm and stopped her. She turned to him with questioning look. „What do you think you're doing?"

Sasha dropped her eyes to her hand with now pink handkerchief on the big red stain on a formerly white silk shirt.

"I'm trying to dry off the stain. Well, at least a bit." Sasha looked at him apologetically and then she continued as he released her hand, completely shocked.

Akira's jaw dropped as he watched her doing. He couldn't believe his own eyes. Doesn't she know who I am?

He caught her hand again. „That's enough." He asked her with dangerous look on his face.

She didn't seem to notice this as she calmly replied. „Yeah, I also think this is not going anywhere." She gave him a sceptical look.

„And what do you plan to do to retrieve my ruined outfit?" He asked her.

She thought for a moment. „Alright. Come with me." Sasha turned and started to walk away. When she noticed he's not following her she gave out a sigh, went back, took Akira's hand and tugged him with her.

„Let's go."

Once again, Akira was speechless. Just who is this girl? Doesn't she really know who I am? Or is she just trying to catch my attention?

He reluctantly followed her and checked her in between. She wasn't exactly skinny but she wasn't fat either. Her hair was shoulder length and bouncing in soft waves. Her eyes hidden behind glasses had an almond shape so he mistook her for Asian at first because of it.

They finally reached the place where Sasha led them. It was quite close to the dancing floor and the sofa around the table was empty.

„Seems like all the girls went somewhere." Sasha commented and searched through the dancing crowd. „Ha! There they are, hunting men again." She shook her head and turned to Akira who wasn't sure if she was talking to him or not, giving him a flash of smile.

Sasha dropped his hand and went to the opposite side of the sofa. Akira stood where she left him uncertain what to do. Before he could decide she was already back.

„Take off your shirt."

„I beg you pardon?" Akira's eyes almost popped out.

„I said take off your shirt. Don't you understand Japanese?" Sasha watched him as she waited for him to find himself again.

„W-Why should I?" He asked and couldn't help but to blush a little. Fortunately for him it wasn't visible in the dark of the room.

„Because I want to wash it and I'll lend you my jumper for now." And with that she stretched her arm with white pull-over.

Akira stared at her hand for a minute and then he finally found himself again. Curious about her reaction, he started to slowly unbutton his shirt. He shot her a secret look as his shirt was more and more opened but to his surprise she looked rather impatient.

„Are you finished?" She asked with soft smile on her lips.

„Ehm... Yes..." He reluctantly gave her his shirt and took the piece of cloth from her hand. Well, let's try it. I don't have much of a choice anyway.

„Wait." Sasha stopped him when he just lifted his arms to put the jumper over his head.


„You have a wine here." And with that she tried to wipe the stain on his chest. Akira winced away from her touch.

Sasha looked at him surprised by his move.

„I'll do it myself." He tried to stay calm but he was already too bewildered to achieve it.

She just shrugged her shoulders and gave him a clean handkerchief. Maybe I'm too straightforward. I guess he's not used to this way of behaviour, so not Japanese. She smiled secretly. Of course she did notice his bare chest but she wasn't some teenage girl to stay speechless from the sight. But it is one fine chest I must say. She felt his muscles when she was wiping the wine. Sadly, not for me. Sasha returned to the present and saw that he was already dressed in her pullover. She couldn't suppress a small giggle. He looked really funny. The sleeves were short, the hemline was barely covering the belt of his trousers and the pink abstract decoration in the left corner was too sweet for him.

Akira knew he looked awfully and ridiculously but he couldn't do anything about it at that moment. He sighed and resigned himself to his fate.

„Ehm..." Sasha cleared her throat. „Can you give me your number? I will call you when I have the shirt washed."

„You give your number to me, I will call you next week." Akira didn't want to give out his number. He had to be cautious all the time and he wasn't sure if this girl doesn't have any ulterior motives.

„It doesn't make much sense but as you wish. My name's Sasha and my number is..." She dictated her number to him and he saved it.

„May I ask for your name?" She said and Akira eyed her for a second.

„So you really don't know who I am?" He finally asked the question that has been bothering him this whole time.

„No, should I?" She looked like she really didn't know him.

„No. Ehm, I'm Akira."

„Nice to meet you, Akira." She smiled at him and offered him a hand. He watched her gesture cautiously and then slowly accepted it. She squeezed his hand lightly and released it.

„And I'm really sorry for the wine."

„It's ok, no problem." Akira finally smiled. It changed him so much that Sasha winked several times.

„Thanks. Well then, I'll be waiting for your call next week." She answered politely.

They smiled at each other before Akira turned and walked back into his private room, completely forgetting his original idea about girls.

This was the most unbelievable meeting in my life. He thought when he was sitting in his room again. He tried to find her on the dance floor but couldn't see her.

Then he stopped himself. I'd better do something about this. And he looked down sourly on the jumper he was wearing.


Sasha closed the door of her small flat and sighed in relief. Finally at home. She took off her shoes and put on slippers. Turning on the lights she entered her small living room connected with kitchen. She put her bag on the sofa and took out a small plastic bag containing a wet shirt. I really don't know how I'm going to clean this... Sasha looked at now pink stain. She tried to wash it in the bathroom of the club but what can you achieve with tepid water and perfumed soap. Sasha sighed. Why did he have to wear a silk shirt? Silk and red wine aren't best friends... Cotton would be better. She smiled at her silly thoughts and went to the bathroom. There she applied eraser on the coloured spot. Let's hope it will help.

She returned to the kitchen and made herself a tea. While waiting for the water to boil, she once again remembered the events of the past evening.

Her colleagues tried to persuade her to come with them to the bar and she reluctantly agreed although she'd better go home. Being in Japan for only a month she was still trying to get used to a different lifestyle. She always wanted to live and work here but it was a bit difficult to tone down her naturally cheerful, talk-active and sometimes too loud nature. She didn't want to stand out too much but she also knew it's inevitable since her nature was to show all of her freely.

Sasha sat down on the sofa with the cup of hot tea and put her tired legs on the table. She closed her eyes and finally relaxed. She started to smile when she remembered the shocked face of Akira when she started wiping the liquid off his chest. Then she laughed more and more. I bet he never met someone who would do what I did. Slowly she calmed down. But it was refreshing to be myself after awhile. Although I, myself don't know why I took his hand so easily. That's so NOT LIKE ME. Sasha sighed as she looked around the quiet room. Awfully quiet. Although this was what she wanted, at moments like this she felt really lonely.

„Well, it's no use to be blue. At least I can sleep really looong tomorrow." She said to herself aloud. She turned off the light in the room and went to bed.