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Akira arrived to Soujirou's house exactly twenty minutes after he finished his phone call. For a moment he remained sitting in his car contemplating whether he really should discuss his problem with his friend. He sighed and finally got out reminding himself not to behave like a coward.

"Hi, Akira." Soujirou greeted his friend when he saw him entering the living room where he was waiting him. He smiled at him although he noticed how worn out Akira looked.

"Hi, Soujirou. Long time no see." Akira also smiled suddenly aware of how much he missed his friend.


There was a short pause before Soujirou pointed to the sofa silently offering Akira to sit down.

"So, my friend, what is the problem?" Soujirou asked not wanting to unnecessarily postpone their discussion about the problem that brought Akira here on Friday evening.

"Well... It's a long story..." Akira hesitated, suddenly not willing to disclose his own stupidity to his friend.

"I have a lot of time."Soujirou replied and made himself comfortable on the sofa opposite to Akira's.

Akira sighed and started to talk.

Ten minutes later he finished and silence spread in the room. At first he was too embarrassed to even look at his friend but soon his curiosity won and he lifted his eyes. Opposite to his expectations he saw his friend deep in thoughts.

"Uhm, Soujirou?"

His friend just nodded and then he stood up. "I think we'll need Yuki's advice. She's a woman after all."

Before Akira could react he was out of the door.

Several minutes later he returned with his wife smiling like a small child who just received a candy.

"Good evening, Akira-san." Yuki greeted him with a small bow of her head.

"Good evening, Yuki. How have you been? Is Soujirou behaving like a doting husband?"

Yuki blushed at Akira's question but stood her ground.

"Of course, he is. I wouldn't allow him otherwise." She dared to joke making both men laugh.

"Uhm, Soujirou told me that you have some problem with Sasha and that you need my advice..." Yuki paused for a moment. "He didn't tell me the details so I'm not sure if I can help you but I'll try."

Akira smiled a lit bit embarrassed and scratched his head.

"Well, you know, I... I kind of made a pretty big mistake and although Sasha seemed to forgive me, I can feel that she doesn't trust me as she did before... And I have no idea how to win her trust back."

When he looked at Yuki he saw the same thoughtful expression as Soujirou wore before he ran out and he wondered whether Yuki would also go to ask someone else, perhaps Soujirou's parents. Akira's mind stopped at that idea and he quickly chased it out of his brain.'Oh dear God, please not that!'

"Well, it's hard to say..." Yuki said still deep in thoughts. She then looked at Akira and smiled lightly.

"I remember that we once talked about trust in relationships and Sasha mentioned this as one of the most important things for her. She said that if her boyfriend ever cheated on her she probably wouldn't be able to forgive him... Did you?" She turned to Akira questioningly.

"NO! No I didn't cheat on her!" Akira paused, only now realizing the extent of the consequences of his action. "But I guess I did something even worse. I doubted Sasha's fidelity."

"What?" Yuki was utterly surprised and just stared blankly at Akira whose face showed how much he was ashamed of himself.

Yuki sighed. She felt pity over Akira and Sasha because she could imagine the pain both of them had to feel. Although she didn't know Sasha for a long time she knew that Akira's distrust must have been a big blow to her. She only tried to imagine herself in such situation and she knew immediately the extent of the pain.

She once again looked at Akira and seeing his own painful expression she decided that she has to help both of them no matter what.

"Well, what's done is already done. Now we should concentrate on a solution, shouldn't we?" She smiled seeing Akira's hopeful face.

"In my opinion you either must endlessly show Sasha that you love her and will not waver ever again, taking small steps in time or you must do something really crazy that will prove your love to her so that she will really forgive you and will believe in you once again."

Her words left two flabbergasted men in the room. Soujirou and Akira looked at each trying to apprehend the second part of her sentence.

"What do you mean by something really crazy?" Soujirou asked his wife but Yuki just shrugged.

"I don't know. Might be something like your trip to Sapporo by car at night." She smiled at him sweetly.

Soujirou just winced, still not happy to be reminded of his silly act but Yuki's words somehow gave Akira a hint where to start.

"Thank you, Yuki. I think I understand what you meant. I'll try it." He smiled at her really grateful for her advice.

"You're welcome, Akira-san." Yuki bowed her head.

Soujirou just looked from one to another and then decided it's high time to change the subject to something more cheerful.

"Ne, Akira, want to hear some good news for a change?" He said giggling from ear to ear. He quickly caught Yuki's hands that were trying to close his mouth and continued.

"We're going to have a baby."

Akira's eyes widened in surprise and he lit up with joy. "Wow, that's great! Congratulations!"

"Thanks." Soujirou said pleased with himself. "It's a honeymoon baby, actually. I didn't want to wait like Tsukasa did. Somehow I suspect it took him one year to find out how to actually produce a bab- OUCH."

Yuki slapped her husband for badmouthing his friend. Her face was all red from Soujirou's improper comments. He liked to tease very much but she was now learning how to cope with it, although very slowly.

Akira watched his friends bickering and had to smile. This visit was really a good idea and now he was full of hope and determination to solve his problem with Sasha because now, he knew how.