Chapter 1

There were not "very talkative" Koopas, and curiosity moved them in the inside. But sometimes, only sometimes, felt the duty to say something.

"Is your charge complete?" they asked the mushroomer, new comer, which prepared to cross desert land

"Complete" he answered securely; looking at his carpets finely bordered "I don't need anything else

"We don't see you take a comb or hair spray"

"It's the least I would think of. I take water and salt and the necessary provisions on a second camel. To cross desert land you must take the indispensable. The rest is just a bother"

The mushroomer parted

The Koopas soon lost sight of him in the distance of the sands. They lamented his stubbornness, summoned the star spirits not to leave him alone and when he was just a tiny point in the distance, they got back to their work.

They never heard from the mushroomer again, until years later, when the oblivion had covered his pass by the village, and the memory of those carpets where just the blurred image of a dream. A caravan brought some carpets finely bordered that the mushroomers remembered to have seen once.

"We found them in the middle of desert land" they told "they were next to a unburied skull in the sand. Also of two camels.

The Koopas of the village didn't say anything. They exchanged looks and touched the carpets once again. There was no doubt, but they didn't say anything, because there's nothing to say

No mushroomer should start a journey without a comb and hair spray. Maybe they're more necessary than the water and salt. The mushroomers that crossed Desert land were provided with a comb to protect themselves from the apparition of Ludwig von Koopa

It's very easy to know Ludwig von Koopa, but not to predict where his eyes lie in wait. It's known, those who cross their stares with him die. Who would have told his existence, then? Only some uncertain data, more a attributes of imagination than of the possible: he was born with a dark blue hair that looks like the hair of Beethoven.

Everything takes us to suspect that one mushroomer could see him and survive. Had he a comb? It is known that, Ludwig hates to comb his massy hair and will run away if he sees someone holding a comb. It is said that he considers worse than the comb.