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Akuji Kilokski was walking home from his girlfriend's house. It was dark, very dark, and he was alone in an alleyway.

'Why didn't I drive over there?' Akuji thought.

Then, he heard what sounded like someone following him.

"Who's there?" Akuji called out as he turned around. There was no one there. "I'm getting paranoid..."

Akuji turned around and walked on. He hadn't been walking long when he heard the same sound. Akuji spun around and looked, there was still nothing there. Akuji shrugged and walked off. When he heard the same sound, he ignored it and continued walking. He ignored it until he was attacked from behind. Akuji tried to fight his attacker, but was stabbed by a knife. It glowed for awhile, but then dimmed again. Akuji fell down to the ground, dead. There was a shadowy figure standing there with a knife that seemed to shrink into its arm. The figure pulled out a small bottle and dumped the contents onto the body.

"You're going to have a hot night," the figure said, its voice sounded very strange.

The figure lit a match and dropped it, then ran off leaving the body to burn.


"Mark! Come on, where are we going?" a woman asked.

"Come-" a man said, but then stopped when he noticed a light.

"Mark?" the woman said.

"Hope, stay there," the man said as he walked towards the light.

"Mark, come back here!" the woman said.

"Hang on, I just-" the man started to say. "Hope, call 9-1-1!"