So you've tried the story have you? If you have, we'd love to know how your story ended. We would appreciate it if you would review this MASSIVE "crossroads" story and tell us how you did. Did you end up getting Naruto some boo-TAY? (MH: "Boo-TAY" is French for "bottom.") Did you die a horrible death? Did you get kicked out and have to start again? Please let us know so we can post your ending (we'll keep your identity a secret *wink wink*) in a poll for everyone to see.

Again we encourage you to try this multiple times and see if you can make it through, making different decisions each time. There is a path to EACH PERSON listed in the first chapter. Your job would be to find each of those paths. Try multiple times and see if you can find them all.

Finally, we'd like to know, if you'd like to see another one of these "crossroads" stories. If you would, would you be interested in any of the following:

Female character from Naruto in a crossroads story.

Another male character from Naruto in a story.

How about a Bleach Decisions story? Would you like to see a male or female from there go through one of these?

How about multiple characters from Bleach or Naruto.

How about one character pursuing another through many different obstacles.

If you're interested in seeing any of these, please send a PM with your suggestion.

We hope you enjoyed this story/game. We enjoyed writing it.


TT: It's officially over! I don't have to type anymore! I can go to bed early again!

MH: You make it sound as if you go to bed early on a regular basis.

TT: Well, I TRY to, but some people keep me awake too late!

MH: Not my fault.



TT: That's not what I said, but FIRE anyway. Before I lose my mind completely, which lemon did you like the best?

MH: I liked the Sakura one the best because of the way the situation evolved.

TT: That was a pretty good one. Quite HOT too.

MH: And you?

TT: I actually like a couple of them,


TT: DAMN! OK! If I could only choose one, I think I would go with the Hinata one, because I enjoyed the whole innocence of it all.

MH: You just WANT to be innocent, but you're failing- epically.

TT: FINE!…well SOMEONE had to write all the sticky details in the lemons. You can't be too innocent when you write that stuff. YOU should know.

MH: …maybe…

TT: I think I wanna do another one.

MH: I don't! Not anytime soon! I'm too tired!

TT: You're tired? Remember, I'm the one who doesn't sleep with all these ideas whizzing around my brain all the time. I think I need to learn how to relax. I seem to have forgotten how.

MH: (issues.) OW!

TT: I smackified him. He deserved it.

MH: I think I should get out of here before I get any more beat up.

TT: If you'd just keep your comments to yourself, you wouldn't get hit so often! But it is a good idea to get going. Maybe we'll see everyone back here again sometime soon.

MH: I don't know about 'soon…' but ok.

TT & MH: Thanks for reading and playing!