Title: Apologies
Author: Orilon
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Alex Shelley and CM Punk, mentions of Alex Shelley/Colt Cabana pairing
Disclaimer: Everything from ROH belongs to Cary Silkin. The wrestlers belong to themselves.
Distribution: If you want it, take it, but let me know where.
Summary: Alex apologizes to CM Punk
Feedback: Please.

As close Colt is to CM Punk, I can tell that it's bothering him that he has to hide his relationship with me from Punk. Because of my actions against him and the other members of the Second City Saints, I know that Punk's reaction would not be acceptance. I have changed, and Colt sees it. That's probably why he was willing to start this relationship with me in the first place, but other people don't seem to have seen it like he has.

I know that I haven't had a lot of luck with trying to convince people that I've changed after Final Battle 2004, and my apologies after matches have not been accepted. However, I am hoping that my apology after my match with Punk tonight is more successful. I'm not expecting Punk to be my best friend, but I hope that we can get to the point of Punk not kicking my ass every time we're in the same room.

I wasn't expecting the Embassy to come out after the match, but part of me hoped that saving Punk from them would be one more action to prove that I mean what I say. From what he said about "temporarily forgiving" me, I know that we have reached point of not being enemies tonight but I if I did something to him or Colt again it would change. I knew that I couldn't expect him to be friends, but I was happy with what I got tonight afterward.

We may not ever be friends, but hopefully not being enemies will make things easier.