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CHAPTER 4: Awakening

Raditz sat on the floor with his arms crossed, feeling more annoyed than usual. At the moment he was in a skyscraper that housed the city's "Healing Point". Unlike the facilities on the long destroyed Vegeta or aboard Freeza's ship or at Freeza's numerous bases scattered about the galaxy, this building didn't have any regen tanks. Apparently, Yadratian technology wasn't that advanced. Instead, the creatures had wrapped Kakarot in bandages and inserted cords that were supposed to speed up the cell regeneration process under his skin.

He really didn't know what he and his father were doing here. They could be doing better things than sitting here and watching the locals tend to Kakarot as if he were a beloved child. Coddling Kakarot was the farthest thing from what he wanted to do to him, but shit happens and his father wasn't going to let him torture his brother before he killed him. Since his father wanted to stay until he knew whether or not Kakarot was going to get better, he was stuck.

His father was currently standing by Kakarot's bedside as if he couldn't wait for the loser to wake up so he could speak with him.

He growled silently. If it had been him laying there half dead, his father wouldn't have given a damn. That thought made him want to blow up the whole building for some reason.

When Kakarot woke up, his father would see just what sort of an idiot he was, and when he did, he'd be forced to apologize. When his father apologized, he wouldn't accept it even if the man got down on bended knees.

A pair of Yadrats walked over to Kakarot's bedside, completely ignoring his presence. One of them just stood there staring up at his father with a weird grin on his face while the other poured water from a bottle he had been carrying into Kakarot's mouth, hopefully trying to drown him.

His father ignored the staring Yadrat, and focused on his companion instead.

"When is he going to wake up?" his father asked impatiently.

The Yadrat who had been giving Kakarot water whirled around so quickly, that he'd almost think his father was pointing a weapon at it. It was apparently far more frightened of him that its companion who was still staring up at his father in awe.

"I-I'm not sure. M-maybe a day, c-considering his c-condition." The creature stammered.

He watched his father, and could tell that he was thinking one thing at the moment, that the Yadrat was pathetic. His father had never cared for timid, fearful creatures. That had probably been his biggest mistake in life. The first time he remembered seeing his father, he'd been hiding behind his mother.

"About a day...I see." his father murmured, shifting his focus back to Kakarot.

"Y-yes. I-If you d-don't mind, I-I'll be l-leaving n-now." the creature said before turning to its companion. "Biru, are you coming?"

The one that had been staring at his father snapped back into reality at that point. After tearing his gaze away, he gave his companion an annoyed look and shook his head.

"Not just yet Rosso. I told you that I wasn't scared of them." the little creature whose name was apparently Biru said.

That comment made him grin sadistically. Not scared of him, huh? Stupid creature. Normally such curiosity would lead to it being killed. Even now, he felt like attacking it...

He forced his thoughts away from the path they were taking. As bored as he was, he wasn't stupid enough to start another fight with his father. He was better off just sitting where he was until a certain someone realized that he was just wasting his time.

As soon as the creature named Rosso departed, the one called Biru turned back to his father, looking excited.

"It's awesome to see real aliens." it loudly announced, excitement gleaming in it's little black eyes.

He could tell from the creature's behavior that despite the fact that it didn't look very different from the adult Yadrat, it was very young. His father's expression told him that he found the blue creature's babbling to be annoying, but then again, his father had never liked children...

Biru apparently didn't notice that his presence was somewhat unwelcome, because he continued chattering.

"Everyone is really eager to know who you are. Of course everyone knows your names are Bar Dog and Radish, but..." the blue being said excitedly.

"Our names are Bardock and Raditz, dipshit." he corrected the creature grumpily.

"Oh, sorry. Well anyways, everyone wants to know how you ended up here. Were you headed somewhere else when you crash landed? And, why was it that only he was injured?" the creature asked, pointing to Kakarot at the last question.

From the look on his father's face, he wasn't too comfortable with all of the questions and was getting slightly squirmy with the thought of answering them if the way his tail was twitching was any indication. It seemed that it was up to him to be the one with balls then.

"Let me tell you brat." he said in his Interrupt-me-and-die tone of voice as he moved in so close to the small creature that he practically had to look straight down to see its face. "One minute, me and my father were in the afterlife minding our own business, and the next, we're standing in a freaking forest. We didn't come with the brain damaged moron in the one man pod, so if anyone's going to be paying for the damage to that building, it won't be me."

"Huh?" Biru said in confusion. "You're saying you were dead? But people can't come back from the dead!"

"That's exactly why we don't know what the fuck we're doing here." he replied.

"But you all know each-other. At least that's what I was told. If you two were dead and he wasn't, then..." the little creature said.

"Funny coincidence now isn't it?" he replied wryly.

"You guys are total weirdos" Biru said, shrugging. "But, you're cool anyway."

He rolled his eyes. This had been the first time a weakling child had gotten away with having a conversation with him like this and survived. If he had his way, it wouldn't be. It was almost sad that the little creature would be allowed to think that it was acceptable to spend time with them as if they were a couple of its weakling friends.

"I gotta go for now, but I'll come back as soon as I can and you can tell me where you're going to go and what you plan on doing next!" the creature said before turning and heading towards the exit.

When it reached the door, it paused and turned back.

"If you really were dead, then I think that pal of yours will be very happy to see you again!" the creature said cheerfully and headed out into the corridor before he could reply.

Happy to see us? Kakarot'll be absolutely thrilled. he thought sarcastically.

For the first time, he was almost eager for his younger brother to wake up. He couldn't wait to see the look on his face.

Bardock found himself staring at the ceiling while he waited for something, anything really, to happen.

"You know he's not going to hug you when he sees you dad. He doesn't remember you, and he'll see you as a threat." Raditz said shortly after the small creature had departed. The almost smug look in his son's eyes told him that the brat was envisioning such a scene, and that it was probably filled with a great deal of gratuitous violence.

"Shut it. Unlike you, I don't plan on unduly antagonizing Kakarot." he replied coldly. He wouldn't be making the same mistakes Raditz did. While it was true that thanks to Raditz, Kakarot would most likely see him as a threat, he didn't think his son would attack him the instant he woke up. And, if a fight did ensue, it wouldn't be him who started it.

He deliberately turned his attention away from his elder son, and focused once more on his younger. He'd been watching Kakarot for a while now, as if just looking at him would wake him up. Seeing him like this made him smile nostalgically. He himself had looked a like this after more missions than he could count.

It was a rather interesting coincidence that out of all of the planets he could have been resurrected on, it had been on the one his son had crash landed on shortly afterward. Was it really a coincidence though? Why just him, and his sons? What was he being set up for?

"I'm hungry." Raditz suddenly whined, shortly after he'd started to forget the brat was even there.

"Well, go get yourself some food then. I'm not going to provide for you. You're an adult, so stop following me around like a freaking toddler." he snapped back.

From the look on his son's face, it had been obvious that he wanted him to go with him. He didn't know why though. They weren't teammates, even if they had ended up on the same planet at the same time. If Raditz or someone just like him had ever been put on his team, he would probably have murdered him before the day was out. Toma, Celipa, and Panbukin would have gladly helped, both with the murder and the cover-up afterward.

"You're the one with the Scouter. Do you have any idea how hard it is to navigate without one?" Raditz replied angrily.

He had been about to reply that he'd done perfectly fine without one in Hell, but before he could open his mouth to speak Raditz interrupted him.

"You've been dead for longer than I have. Are you seriously telling me that you're not hungry?" Raditz asked.

He forgot what he was about to say when his own hunger suddenly rose up and made itself known as if Raditz's words had summoned it. He wasn't just hungry, he was starving. He'd just gotten used to the feeling after more than twenty years in Hell. But now that he was reminded...He was amazed that he didn't resort to cannibalism then and there.

There wasn't really anything better to do than go and get himself some food anyways. All there was to do here at the moment, was watch Kakarot sleep and hope that Yadrat kid didn't return and start firing off a bunch more uncomfortable questions.

"Very well then, let's go get some food." he said, trying to sound like he was magnanimously acquiescing to Raditz's request rather than that he was starving and desperate to eat himself.

He got up and turned to go, feeling his dumb hairball of a son grinning stupidly behind him.

When they left the building, dozens of the Yadrat turned to stare at them. Some of the creatures moved in for a closer look, while others backed away. At any rate, all of them were whispering to each other, and it wasn't too hard to guess the subject of their conversations.

They started walking down the street at a rapid pace. Moving through the mass of Yadratians wasn't as difficult as it would appear, as the creatures would immediately give them the right of way when they approached. All they had to do now was find something to eat. Fortunately for them, Saiyans had strong stomachs and were notoriously difficult to poison. It was these features that had allowed them to survive on just about every world that had a compatible atmosphere.

It didn't take long for Biru to return to the injured stranger. He had just gone to visit his friends to tell them about the information he had gathered from the aliens. Out of him and his friends, he had been the only one brave enough to speak with the aliens, even though he didn't think it took a great deal of courage to do so. He was excited to have them around. It wasn't every day that you met real aliens, and they weren't at all scary, like they were in the comic books. Sure, they were quiet, grumpy, and really weird, but they would have attacked already if they planned to do so. He probably would be upset too if he was dragged out of heaven or wherever and dumped on a strange world for no apparent reason. The others were way too scared in his opinion. He trusted them - even if the long haired one's story was totally unbelievable - and wanted to befriend them.

When he got back however, Bardock and Raditz were gone. Other than the Kak...whoever person on the bed, the room was completely empty. He sighed unhappily. He had so wanted to ask the guys a few more questions such as "What was the afterlife like?", and "How did you return?".

"Those two are such weirdos." said a voice behind him, startling him.

When he turned around, he saw that two nurses had entered the room.

"You said it. They're grumpy all the time, and rarely say anything! Then, they just up and vanish without a word, leaving this one behind." the other nurse replied.

It was at that point that they noticed Biru. They both and looked at each-other as if they were each silently asking the other when he had entered the room.

"Hello Biru, did you come to visit the aliens?" one of the nurses asked.

"They both left some time ago..." the other said.

"Yeah. I would have liked to learn more about them." he admitted, not even bothering to hide his disappointment. Even so, he was giving the unconscious one hopeful glances despite the fact that he wasn't expected to wake up any time soon. It looked a whole lot like the one named Bardock, but hopefully it would be more talkative.

"Biru," one of the nurses said, pausing her examination of the unconscious alien. "You should have learned by now to be more careful around strangers."

"Exactly." the other nurse said. "Haven't you heard what they're saying about these newcomers?"

The question seemed to have been directed more at her companion, than it had been at him as the tone she had taken was that of a person who was sharing a bit of juicy gossip.

"What have they been saying Turkiis?" the other nurse asked eagerly, looking up from where she had been taking the alien's pulse.

He decided to remain and listen instead of leaving to find the two aliens, because was eager to find out himself.

"Well Gult, they're saying that those aliens are Saiyans!" Turkiis exclaimed.

Gult gasped as if what Turkiis had said was very shocking, and fearfully backed away from the stranger on the bed. He on the other hand stood there staring at the two in confusion, wondering what was so shocking about that. What were Saiyans anyways?

"B-But I thought they all vanished ages ago!" Gult said, looking as if she wanted to teleport well away from the peacefully sleeping Saiyan. Biru rolled his eyes. Not only had these guys not been a threat so far, but everyone on Yadrat could just teleport away if there was any danger anyways.

"What are Saiyans?" he asked, curiously.

"It's probably not surprising that you don't know, considering how young you are," Turkiis said compassionately "But, a long time ago the Saiyans were well known for their habit of traveling to distant planets and killing all of their inhabitants."

Goku was confused. He didn't know where he was, and everything was dark. Just a moment ago, he had been having fun walking around some strange world joking around with Gohan and Krillin. Then suddenly, Vegeta appeared. He stood right in front of them, glaring angrily. When he started speaking, it hadn't been in his own voice but in a voice he recognized from somewhere else.

Vegeta's hair suddenly started getting longer, and he started getting taller. His familiar white armor with yellow shoulder guards turned into black armor with brown shoulder guards. Looking again, he realized that it wasn't Vegeta standing before him, but his evil older brother Raditz instead.

"That weak traitor doesn't deserve to live!" Raditz yelled bitterly and angrily.

It was at that point that he realized that Gohan and Krillin had vanished, leaving him alone to face his brother whose eyes were filled with hate. He prepared to fight, but to his surprise his brother didn't attack. He just stared at him while he continued talking as if he were speaking to someone else.

"He is insignificant scum, and I have every right to eliminate him!" Raditz said.

It was at that point that everything went dark. He felt like there was no way to escape, and Raditz's voice was echoing everywhere, making him feel as if he could attack from anywhere. It was distressing.

Suddenly, Goku found himself waking up to the sound of unfamiliar voices. He soon noticed that he was on something soft and that he was looking at a ceiling that he was pretty sure he'd never seen before. His head hurt, and every part of his body felt as if it were on fire, but he felt a little better than he did when he departed the surface of the rapidly crumbling planet Namek and sailed off in to the vast unknown reaches of space.

It had been a long long time since he had nightmares like that. The subject of his nightmare was rather surprising, considering the fact that he'd just faced and defeated Freeza who was on a much higher plane than his older brother Raditz. Well, at any rate it was just a dream.

He was relieved to note that he had made it out alive, even if he had no idea where he was. This place clearly wasn't the afterlife - he knew, he'd been there before - and it didn't smell anything like Earth. He was also thankful that some kind person had found him and decided to take care of him.

He soon decided that he would be able to gather more information about his surroundings if he sat up. He wasn't entirely certain he could do so though. He started by turning his head to the left, and promptly regretted it. Damn, beating Freeza had really taken its toll.

"I thought so too Gult, but it seems that we were wrong if it's true that those aliens really are..." said a nearby voice. It was one of the voices that had woken him up.

"I talked with them earlier, and one of them said that they had been brought back to life." another - much younger sounding - voice said.

He didn't have a clue as to what the voices were talking about and didn't really care. He just wanted to see who it was that had been caring for him and what they looked like, because they didn't smell human.

He tried to lift his head from the pillow - or whatever the thing under his head was - but only managed to raise it about five centimeters before a stabbing pain forced him to lower it again. He had even felt that in muscles that had almost nothing to do with his neck.

"Ouch." he groaned loudly.

The voices immediately went silent, and even though he couldn't see it, he could tell that the people they belonged to were looking at him. The feeling made him feel awkward, and he didn't like it. He decided that he wasn't just going to lay there and complain. He was going to do something about it. He was going to stare right back at them and see how they liked it. To do that however, he was going to have to lift his head.

He used his arms to lever himself up so he could properly see the rest of the room. His pain ended up being all but forgotten when he caught sight of the room's other occupants. The three of them were small, blue, and rather funny looking creatures that weren't even remotely human in appearance.

"Heh heh...hello." he greeted hoarsely, forcing a weak smile onto his face.

The creatures just stared back at him, making him feel even more uncomfortable.

"Can you tell me where I am?" he asked.

Two of the aliens looked at each-other with expressions he couldn't decipher. The third one however gave him a wide - and possibly friendly - grin while looking him right in the eyes.

"You're on the planet Yadrat." the creature said before he eagerly raced over to the bed and stared up at him in what could be admiration.

Normally he would have smiled back at the creature, but he was just too tired, confused, and in too much pain to do so.

"And what...I mean, who are you?" he asked as he allowed himself to fall back down onto the bed. There was no point in remaining up anymore now that one of his caretakers was near enough that he wouldn't even have to turn his head to see it. He wasn't entirely sure how much longer he could have held that position anyways. It had been excruciating.

"We're the people of the planet of course. My name is Biru, and they are Gult and Turkiis" the small creature said, gesturing in the direction in which the two others were located. "Your name is Kaka...Kaka...How did it go again? Oh yeah, Kakarot."

Goku started in surprise - or would have if he were able to - when he heard that name. He ended up giving the Yadratian a very shocked and confused look. Two things about this had surprised him. First, - as far as he knew - only Saiyans called him by that name, and second, he had never seen these creatures before in his life, so, how could they even possibly know that name?

Were these Yadratians psychics of some sort, and had they read his mind while he had been unconscious? That didn't explain why the one called Biru had used that name instead of the one he always referred to himself by however. Unless he, Raditz, Nappa, and Vegeta were extremely odd looking exceptions, he was pretty certain that these people weren't Saiyans.

"My name is Son Goku." he corrected with a slight frown. "How do you know that other name? The only ones who have called me by it so far were Saiyans."

The temperature in the room suddenly seemed to drop several degrees. The one called Biru turned to look at the other two the instant he'd uttered the word "Saiyans". From the look on Biru's face when he turned back to him, he had the feeling that he probably wouldn't like the answer to his question.

"They really are Saiyans!" one of them said sounding panicked, when it finally came out of its shocked silence.

"I told you!" either Gult or Turkiis - he wasn't sure which was which - exclaimed.

"...Huh?" he said, totally confused. What had either Gult or Turkiis meant by they?

Biru looked at him with a serious expression.

"If you really are one of those Saiyans or whatever, are you here to take over the planet like some idiots in the room think you are?" Biru asked, in a slightly fed up tone before turning to scowl at his companions.

He blinked stupidly for a bit. That question had really thrown him for a loop. Nobody had ever seen him as a bad guy before. The Saiyans' reputation apparently wasn't going to be doing him any favors.

"Of course I'm not. I might be a Saiyan, but I grew up on Earth and I've never had anything to do with conquering planets or anything like that. That whole thing with Namek wasn't my fault. How was I supposed to know that Freeza himself would show up and destroy the place?" he said, trying and apparently failing to reassure the people who had taken care of him.

"Oh, really? What about the other two then? Were they raised on Earth as well?" either Gult or Turkiss asked.

He was now even more confused than before. What were they talking about? He had been the only one left on Namek when it blew, and had been completely alone in the pod. Nobody else could have possibly traveled with him. Besides, as far as he knew, other than him, Prince Vegeta was the only other living Saiyan in existence. And knowing Vegeta, the fact that he was still alive after having been unconscious was a good indication that the man wasn't on this planet, much less anywhere nearby.

"What do you mean by the other two?" he asked as he levered himself back up so he could look at the room's other occupants.

"The two that came with you of course!" Biru loudly exclaimed.

He didn't find this explanation remotely enlightening, and Biru apparently realized that upon noticing his completely puzzled expression.

"They told us they knew you. They also said that they hadn't traveled with you, but I wasn't sure whether or not to believe them. They're due back any time now, so I'm sure you'll recognize them when you see them." Biru explained.

"They're the ones who told us your name." either Gult or Turkiis said.

What the heck was going on here? He rarely ever felt anywhere near as confused as he did now. This was worse than the time Master Roshi had tried to make him bring him an attractive female and had been upset with him when he came back with a big, strong one who was sure to breed healthy offspring. Biru talked about the two "other Saiyans" as if they were really close to him, like Gohan or Krillin, as if he would be able to guess who they were by his merely mentioning them, rather than the total strangers they actually were.

He hoped that the two Saiyans would arrive soon so he could solve this little mystery. Not knowing bothered him.

Until then however, the only thing he could do was wait. He hated waiting.