WTF Moments 1:

Hi! Have you ever had any moment when you're playing a HM game when you think ''How/why the hell did that happen?'' I don't think I even needed to ask, because I'm sure everyone has. Anyway, I was just playing SI this afternoon when, for the first time on that file, I dropped something. I got the message from the Witch Princess, but then I thought how stupid it was that everyone in the game likes you less if you drop something. And so a story was born! I hope you like it, because I didn't plan it at all, I just made it up as I went along…

The Island Hates Me!

Chelsea was never usually a klutz. In fact, she was very careful, never dropping anything or bumping into people. Not like me then… O.o

Everyone in the village loved and admired her cheerful, optimistic nature (and probably the fact that she always gave them presents that they loved). But suddenly, that changed…

It was a drizzly Monday morning, and Chelsea was cleaning her field by uprooting weeds, and removing branches and boulders. She never did understand how they got there in the first place, since they seemed to appear overnight, but she carried on with her work regardless. After two hours of exhausting work, she skipped cheerily back inside and made herself some hot chocolate, and proceeded to drink it. When she drank it all, the brunette rancher pulled a blue feather out of her bulging backpack.

''Today's the day I propose to Vaughn!'' She sang to herself, ''I hope he says yes!''

Carefully putting the feather back in her bag, she walked gracefully out of the door.

''Hi Mirabelle! Is Vaughn in?'' Chelsea asked, like she did every morning.

''Good morning Chelsea! No, I'm afraid he hasn't arrived yet. He should have done though…'' Mirabelle sighed.

''Oh… I'll go look for him!'' And without waiting for a reply, Chelsea shot off like a cannonball to find Vaughn.

''Before I propose to him,'' mused Chelsea, ''I'll go and pick some herbs! And maybe some seaweed too! Yeah, I'll do that!''

Chelsea's favourite place to look for herbs was down by the beach, so it wasn't going be too hard to find Vaughn once his ship arrived. Arriving at the beach, Chelsea picked as many of the oddly-coloured herbs as she could find, and then losing them as they kept falling out of a newly formed hole in her backpack.. As soon as she put the last herb in her bag (and the previous one fell out without her noticing), Chelsea heard the unmistakable sound of the ship's horn.

''Vaughn! You're here! And you're late!'' She scolded cheekily.


''Vaughn? What's wrong? You're usually happy to see me!'' She questioned, her usual contented smile slipping slightly.

''… You've been littering! The beach is a mess!'' He gestured to the beach, which sure enough, was strewn with uprooted herbs, carelessly placed rocks and… a blue feather?

Chelsea gasped. She'd had no idea that had been happening! Picking up her abandoned blue feather, she turned around to face him.

''I honestly had no idea that this had happened! Or how it happened! But anyway,'' she began shyly, holding up her blue feather to show Vaughn, ''Would you accept this?''

''A blue feather? After you've done all this? No way!'' Vaughn shouted, pushed her aside and stormed off. Chelsea sat down and cried.

Meanwhile at the Church:

''Nathan, Nathan, come quickly! I heard something truly terrible!'' Exclaimed the young nun, Alisa, as she burst into the church.

''Ah, my dear Alisa,'' said the priest, Nathan, ''Did you get the shopping?''

''This is more important than the shopping! Chelsea has been… littering!''

''Dear Harvest Goddess, no! I always thought she was such a nice girl, too…''

And in the Jungle:

Various kinds of fish were swimming in the river, but when a sharp spear came down on them out of what seemed to them nowhere, they all dispersed. One fish hadn't been so lucky, and had been impaled on the end of the hunting spear. Satisfied, Shea turned around and ran back to his hut to prepare breakfast. But while he was running, he heard something quite strange. A mysterious voice told him that Chelsea had been littering. Just like that, all of Shea's feelings of friendship for Chelsea had vanished.

''Hmmm… I ask Wada later…''

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