WTF Moment 3!

When Scientists Go Bad!

Hello stranger! It's been a while! ...I'M SUCH A FAIL! I CAN'T COMMIT TO ANYTHING! ...Anyway, after an 8 month long wait, here is chapter 3, in which we find out what Daryl does in his spare time! (As suggested by Fox) I apologise if it doesn't seem right, I've never seen this event for myself so I wrote it just as I imagined it! (As usual, I didn't bother planning...)

So enjoy! And I apologise for the wait!

Jill was confused. She'd had the bizarre sensation that she was being watched whilst working on the ranch for the past few days now, but whenever she suggested it to her husband of 2 years, Carter, he just laughed and told her to get some sleep. Not easily put off, the brunette rancher decided to stay up one night just to confirm her suspicions. Plus, she thought, she had her lovely daughter, Courtney, to think about. What if it was some kind of paedophile or a stalker? And so, armed with a camera and torch in one hand and a bag full of snacks in the other for when she got hungry, she set off towards her barn, leaving Carter with strict instructions to make sure nothing happened to Courtney.

By 2am, there was no sign of any intruders, and Jill was starting to fall asleep on a reasonably comfortable bail of hay. Just when she was just in the middle of a particularly odd dream where she was being attacked by an evil Karen, Jill heard a startled moo coming from the direction of her cow.

"Milk, what's wrong?" Jill woke up straight away, seeing a shadowy figure trying to lead her prized cow away.

"Oh, no you don't! Get back here with Milk now!"

The shadowy figure ignored the rancher's enraged cry, and continued on it's way. Or, it would have done, but Jill had conveniently remembered that she was holding a torch, and shined it on the shadowy figure's face, revealing itself to be...

"Daryl? What are you doing here? And... Why are you stealing my cow?"

The mad scientist, clad in his usual singed lab coat, faded green shirt and tattered tie, soot-covered trousers and worn out shoes, looked slightly apologetic.

"I'm so sorry, Jill! I just wanted to study it! It's such a fine specimen..." Daryl looked almost longingly at the medal winning cow, known throughout the Forget-Me-Not Valley for it's delicious milk.

"Well, couldn't you have asked me first? I'd have probably said yes, y'know!" Jill glared at Daryl, who looked quite uncomfortable.

"Uh, well... Uh... See ya!" And with that, Daryl shot out of the barn, off to do some more research.

"Hey! Come back here! Daryl, you'll pay for this!"

Meanwhile, back at the farmhouse...

"Goodnight, Courtney!" Carter had only just managed to get his daughter to go to sleep, as she had been up for hours asking the same question, "Where's mummy?", to which an exasperated Carter would reply, "I don't know, now go to sleep!"

Just as the archaeologist was getting ready to go to sleep himself, something caught his eye from outside. Remembering what his wife had said to him, he forced himself to stay awake for just a bit longer and check outside. What he saw startled him.

"Are you spying on my daughter? Get away from that window, you paedophile!"

The alleged paedophile tried to defend himself. "No, no, you've got it all wrong! I'm just..."

"Get out of here now, before I call the Police!" Carter threatened, edging closer to the strange man.

"Daryl, not only did you try to steal my cow, but now you're spying on my family? You're so sick!" Carter and the strange man, who was indeed Daryl, turned around to find a very irritated Jill had found her way back from the barn.

"I can't believe you! I always thought you were a nice person, since you took Leia in to look after her, not to experiment on her!" Jill ranted, "But you could have been doing something indecent, all this time! You're a thief and a paedophile, and I will definitely call the Police!"

"You've got it all wrong, I was just conducting research!" Daryl sobbed, falling to his knees, but it was too late. The couple took him to the Inn and requested that everyone kept a close eye on him, and to keep all doors locked and valuable possessions hidden for the duration of his stay.

The next morning, Daryl was taken away by the Police, who assured Jill and Carter that he would be locked up for quite a long time. Jill never had the sensation that she was being watched on the ranch again.

O.o I know, that was a bit weird... And I got kinda lazy with the ending, but I don't think this is to bad! Just so you know, I have nothing at all against Daryl, he's actually one of my favourite characters! Also, I was originally using Rock as the husband, but in the situations I put him in I think he'd probably wimp out, so I changed it to Carter! Please review, and send in some more awesome ideas if you want! Flames will be used to toast toast on!

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