4 Justice League Twice Shy

Note: This is the 6th part of an ongoing series. The preceding installments are Justice League New Beginnings: DCAU Series Part 1; Justice League Second Strike: DCAU Series part 2; Justice League Past Imperfect: DCAU Series Part 3; Justice League Nuptials: DCAU Series Part 4; and Justice League Cardinal Sin: DCAU Series Part 5. Events and personal developments from these installments will be referenced with little warning or back story given. If Part 6 raises any questions, I suggest you read the previous stories or private message me and I'll do my best to explain.

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It was January 2nd. The semi truck pulling the specialized tractor trailer travelled down the stretch of highway. US Marshal's vehicles proceeded and followed the truck.

This was one of the 1st generation meta-human mobile prisons. These units were designed to house high risk prisoners until the Gulag facility was completely finished. Once it was then it would be capable of containing every known super villain, up to and including Doomsday.

This particular detention facility was currently traversing I-5 in Washington State. Having cleared the SeaTac and Olympic regions, the mobile prison and its escorts were headed south to Centralia. It was raining a bitterly cold rain and people were doing their best to stay out of the downpour.

The detention center warranted four escorts, two fore and two aft. They rode in four armored SUVs, each containing four officers. Those sitting within the various vehicles joked that they were growing calluses on their butts. They'd driven from the Sierra Madres to the Canadian border and were now on their way towards the Mexican border. They were to divert at the I-8 and head off into the Mojave and beyond.

As they sped down the road, seeing as how the speed limit was 70 mph and the flow of traffic averaged 75-80 mph, they were headed for Portland, Oregon. Once there, the Marshals would switch off with other officers based out of that state and they would also inherit a State Patrol contingent.

As they neared the city of Centralia itself the thick tree cover to either side of the road began to clear. This relieved the Marshals, who feared an ambush. What they weren't expecting and were about to receive was an aerial attack.

Galatea floated five hundred feet above the highway. Her telescopic vision had spied the convoy some miles back and she'd taken up station here.

Her invulnerability made her immune to the effects of the rain and the cold but she still felt them. Her disposition had soured during her vigil. She just wanted this task to be done.

Just over a week ago Galatea had expressed her interest in leaving the Legion of Doom and trying to establish a life outside of the wanton violence that the Legion excelled at. Her overtures had been rejected by everyone but one man. Even then, while she struggled with the Justice League, he'd turned his back on her.

For a time, that experience had burned hot and bright in her chest as she vowed a recommitment to the Legion and its cause. However the embers had cooled and her determination wavered. She didn't exactly want redemption, having seen no particular wrong in her life. She just knew her pursuits were hollow and empty.

She wanted more. She wanted fulfillment. Her lifespan had been truncated by those that forcefully grew her into adulthood. Her childhood had lasted a mere few weeks and her instruction on how to live life had been directed at one goal alone: destroy the Justice League!

She'd been raised to be a weapon and when the government no longer sought to destroy the League but rather to control it, she'd been made obsolete. Luthor's offer to join the Legion had seemed to be the perfect way to continue her "lifelong" mission. However, a budding sense of self was creeping into her awareness and that self didn't want to be part of the Legion anymore.

In fact, that burgeoning awareness was altering her fighting style. Two weeks ago, she would have destroyed this Marshals unit. Any incidental loss of life would have just been collateral damage in pursuit of a higher goal. Now she intended to go easy on them. Of course, easy for an Argoan clone was a far cry from easy as defined by a human being.

The lead SUV reached the action station. Galatea dropped downwards, feet first. She collided with the SUV's hood. She crushed the engine and watched as the vehicle's frame snapped in half.

The passenger module lifted in the air and started in on her like a scissor blade. Galatea swatted it aside. It rolled across the two traffic lanes and collided with the center divider.

The second SUV, not having time to stop, used the on the fly shifting for the 4 wheel drive and accelerated. They ran straight into Galatea. She didn't budge.

The passengers in the second SUV were rendered unconscious or too injured to mount a resistance. Galatea floated out of the wreckage and placed herself in the path of the oncoming semi. The driver had locked his brakes and the trailer was jack-knifing. Galatea calmly stood in the way of the semi itself. When it reached her she backhanded it.

The truck and its trailer were spun even further around so that the trailer had swiveled all the way from pointing north to facing the southeast. Galatea left the trailer unmolested for a moment and she floated over the top of the tractor trailer to face the trailing Marshals. They'd had enough clearance and warning to stop in time.

They were fanning out wielding plasma rifles. One had a shoulder mounted plasma cannon. It fired a Galatea grunted as she actually felt the burst. Another salvo followed as the rifles joined in.

Gritting her teeth, she rushed the cannoneer at super speed. She lifted the cannon from the woman's shoulders and crushed the pre-fire chamber. She then pulled the trigger and leapt into the sky.

The cannon exploded, leveling three of the Marshals. Galatea used her heat vision to melt the barrels of the remaining rifles one by one. She then landed and waited as the Marshals rushed her.

She "gently" dealt with them. Soon all but one were knocked unconscious. That one used a stun baton set at 'single discharge'. Galatea cried out and staggered backwards.

The marshal ran forward, "Lady, are you all right?"

Galatea grabbed hold of his shirt and hefted him into the air. Her other arm drew back for a punch. She was ready to throw it, only…

Only the Marshal superficially resembled Blackhawk. The leader of the UN's Blackhawk Squadron piloted Justice League aircraft. He'd been the first man that Galatea had felt a visceral attraction to.

His utter lack of fear in her presence had been the most appealing aspect. Even her "father", Emil Hamilton, was now afraid of her. Blackhawk wasn't.

She looked at the whining whelp she now held and she this simpering fool wasn't Blackhawk. Nor was he worth the effort of dispatching. She simply lowered him back to the ground.

"Go." She commanded.

"Wh…what?" the man didn't understand.

"Run away." She ordered, "Now!"

The terrified Marshal bolted. Galatea turned her attention to the trailer. She swiftly discovered that it was lined with lead shielding. The only way for her to know what was inside was for her to rip it open.

She strode up to the double doors and pulled them off of their hinges. Flinging them to either side, she levitated herself up into the entrance of the prison. The right side was composed of cells. They were long, taking up 3/4 of the length of the trailer. Their width took up 2/3 of the trailer. The rest of the space was dedicated to the two female guards located within to deal with sundry needs such as meals.

Each cell had a bunk and a toilet. Showers were taken at ultra secure prison facilities en route. Every federal supermax now possessed limited meta-human handling capabilities. That eased the burden of the mobile units.

The two guards fired at Galatea with their sidearms. Unlike typical US Marshals, these agents didn't carry .40 S&W caliber handguns. Instead they possessed the .45 ACP caliber H&K USP pistols like the US military's Special Forces.

The first .45 ACP pistol was the M1911A1. It was also known as the "horse pistol." It was so named because it could stop a charging horse with a single shot. Over time, more humane ways were found to test ballistics and stopping power and the USP was scientifically proven to be more effective than the M1911A1 and not a single horse had died proving it.

The two guards emptied their magazines into Galatea. She'd been pushed backwards owing to the fact that she was floating in mid-air but she hadn't been hurt at all. Rather, she was mildly annoyed.

Galatea took a deep breath and blew. The guards were hurtled backwards into the rear of the compartment and bounced off of the trailer's walls. Cheers erupted inside.

Galatea entered the prison. She went up to the first cell bank. Wonder Girl was to be found inside.

"What happened to you?" she asked upon seeing Galatea's bedraggled condition.

"It's raining." Galatea snapped, "What else do you think it does in winter around here?"

"Where is here?" Wonder Girl plaintively asked.

That forced Galatea to remind herself that the poor girl had been locked away with no view of the many miles she'd travelled. Galatea could understand her plight, "We're in Washington State during January. It rains a lot here during the winter."

Galatea handed her a package, "Get dressed. We're leaving."

She proceeded to the next cell where Superwoman waited. Having overheard the previous conversation, she was relatively quiet until she opened the package and found her costume and her lasso.

"How did you recover my lasso?" she wondered.

Galatea shrugged, "Brainiac tracked down which facility had it. Luthor impersonated an Army general with orders forged by Major Force. He collected them and returned to the Dome. Now you have it."

"Ballsy." Superwoman opined, "Stupid, but ballsy. All he had to do was wait until Donna and I were freed and we could've gone after them ourselves."

"I think it was a case of wanting to prove himself after that disaster in Dustin." Galatea theorized, "Whatever it was, he got in and out. Don't argue with it."

The two formerly captive Legionnaires changed into the costumes and stepped out of the trailer into the rain. Wonder Girl spoke first, "What are you waiting for? Open a boom tube and get us out of here!"

Galatea's answering smile was an evil one, "No can do. We're to meet at the rally point in the Hollywood Hills. There we make sure all of the teams have extracted their targets."

"But…" Superwoman began.

"Look. I'm so wet my underwear is soaked through. If my panties can be soaked then so can yours. Understood?" Galatea snapped.

The two Amazons looked at each other and then shrugged. Superwoman acquiesced, "Lead on, Oh Fearless Leader."

Galatea rolled her eyes as she took to the air. "If only." She muttered to herself.

In New York, a group of JLers were repainting a penthouse apartment. The apartment had belonged to Bruce Wayne until he donated it to the Justice League. He'd also set up an annuity to pay for the upkeep and expenses of the place. It was now the League's Women's Dormitory.

Fire, Ice, Mary Marvel, Supergirl, and Hawkgirl were going to live here. As it was, all of the women were present in their civilian guises. Of course Beatriz da Costa still had green hair and Shayera Hol had her wings no matter what name they travelled under.

Also present were Ralph and Sue Dibney. Sue had willingly volunteered to help. Ralph came along because, as the Elongated Man, he could reach all of the out of the way places.

Billy Batson, Captain Marvel's civilian guise, was present to assist his sister Mary in preparing her room. While Billy supported Mary's decision to leave the Bromfields, he had difficulty with her leaving Fawcett City and room with a group of woman, the youngest of which was eight years older than Mary herself. He just knew that they'd be a bad influence.

Beatriz was sharing the master bedroom with Tora Olafsdotter, also known as Ice, since it was the only room big enough to put two beds into. Added to the fact that they were the only ones willing to share a room. As it was, there were five women and three bathrooms. Fire and Ice shared the master bath. Kara In-Ze, also known as Supergirl, shared a bathroom with Mary Batson, who was obviously Mary Marvel. Shayera was the only one who got a private bathroom and that was merely because she'd use her mace to bash anyone who tried to use it without her permission.

Sue, Ralph, and Billy were painting the common areas. Each of the others were painting their own rooms. After several hours went by, they finished. Opening all of the windows, they were drying the paint more quickly. Tomorrow they'd apply the second coats.

Sue's signal device went off. She answered it and L-Ron warned her of the current state of affairs. She closed the lone and turned to the others.

"There's a situation brewing. Everyone's been asked to return to the Hall of Justice. Bea and Tora, you can catch a ride with Ralph and I." she said.

Shayera flew off of the balcony. Kara followed her a second later. Mary and Billy each said, "Shazam" and mystical bolts of lightning transformed them into the Marvels. They went out the balcony as well.

Fire had the ability to transform herself into green plasma and fly in that form. But, the odds were likely that she'd ignite the paint so she refrained. She and Ice accepted the ride from the Dibneys and, like everyone but the Marvel twins, looked forward to changing out of their work clothes once they were inside of the Hall.

Back at the Hall, Sue stepped in and started coordinating L-Ron and J'onn's efforts with those of Amanda Waller. Sue's role within the League constantly evolved. She'd been displaced from her job as the League's administrator by Waller. She'd just been evicted from her job as UN liaison by Max Lord. And now, she was the League's Chief of Operations.

As a novelist, Sue was trained in research and as an administrator she was adept at quick thinking decisions. J'onn and Mr. Terrific had endorsed her for the position. Even Max Lord, her former boss, said that she was ideal for the post.

She sat down next to L-Ron at one of the main situation monitoring computers, "What's wrong?"

"We're getting multiple calls from the US Marshals and the ISA." L-Ron gloomily replied, "First, Galatea broke Superwoman and Wondergirl out of their mobile prison. Second, Supreme did the same for Solomon Grundy. Third, Black Adam liberated Atom Smasher and Dr. Polaris. Finally, Bizarro broke Giganta out of San Quentin. All in all, a bad day for the good guys."

Sue swore under her breath. Gathering herself she said, "I want two man teams at each location. They can assist the feds and local law enforcement in their investigation. Second, get on the horn with the NRO. With our Sky Eyes down, we need their eyes and ears. Put in another call and asked the Russians for the same. Call Dmitry and have him bug the President and the Prime Minister. Maybe that'll kick some cogs loose."

"Any suggestions as to who should be on the teams?" L-Ron wondered.

"Ask J'onn and tell him he's on one of the teams." Sue instructed, "I'll contact Superman and let him know what's happening."

"You do that." L-Ron commanded in his most imperious voice. Seeing that Sue's ire was piqued he nervously chuckled, "Just joking. I'll go talk to his Martianess now."

Just when we finally had most of these jokers under wraps, she wearily thought and then busied herself with the details of the missions.