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How to Make the Nomads Mad

Chapter 3:


Ask him 'Who's scared of the big bad wolf?'

Ask him if Irene was his mid-night booty call

Get right up in his face and just stare at him

While you're in his face say 'Boo!'

When he's not looking pet his head

When he is looking twitch every now and then

Randomly burst out into song around him

Randomly start doing air guitar

Run and jump on his back, while screaming bloody- murder

Tell him 'Bite me'

When he gets mad at you ask him if he's PMS-ing

Knock him out and paint his nails, telling him that pink is not his color

Tell him he's just as fruity as James

Set him up on a blind date with James

Tell him that they would have fruity-licious babies

Ask him if James and he get married if you could be the Maid of Honor


A/N: Well that's the end! I know- sad isn't it? But I will most likely start the newest sequel- How to Make the Werewolves Mad! I have waited awhile to do this one! XD I can't wait! AHHHH! REVIEW! While you're waiting for that next story why don't you read my other stories? Reviews would be loved!

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