I didn't mean to become this way.

It was just in the nature, a nature I didn't like. A Pirate at birth. Abandoned by my own Parents. "Captain, they are attacking, what do we do?" the crew members were frightened, and I could tell.

"We fight back?" I said unsure.

Jan. 11. was the worst day of my life. The day my ship, was attacked by the navy. We hear a boom, and I was knocked down. I feel the blood on my head. Another boom, attacking the ship. I rushed down and saw some of my crew members, screaming in agony. The ones who were still fighting lit another cannon. boom. They were quick on their feet though, and they sent another cannon ball at us. I was quickly tossed to the other side of the ship. I leaned over and saw the water coming closer. By then most of my crew members were gone. The ones who were still fighting were struggling when we hit the water. None of them made it. And it was all my fault. I couldn't move, it felt like my bones were aching. I looked around and screamed. And screamed. My body began to shake in pain. The icy water started to numb my toes. When I awoke, I wasn't even aware that I passed out. The Navy captured me. (a/n - that was a weak fight scene lol, I promise it gets better. XD) _

I woke up from my nightmare. That really had happened over a year ago, and the memory still haunts me. I bought a new ship, called. The Golden Voyager .

I went on the balcony of my ship, and felt the breeze in my hair. I had so much to think about in such little time. It all started a year ago, after I was attacked….

When I awoke, I wasn't even aware that I passed out. The Navy captured me. I would have stood up, If my body didn't ache. "It's a girl." One of the men said. I narrowed my eyes. "No wonder the ship went down so quickly. " They all laughed. I grabbed the edge of the boat to support myself. They all watched me struggle before going back to their jobs. It felt like we were on the ship for days, even though it was only hours. When we arrived in port royal, I was thrown in the jail. I cried, and screamed, because my jail cell was private in till they could find one that wasn't full. And when I went into a normal cell, I saw a black shadow come up.

"Get Up. You look terrible." The pirate took my hand, and I stood up, brushing the dust of my legs. _

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