"Humph," Takuya turned his back away from the so called touching moment taking place.

Maybe he should just go on without them, it's clear they had forgotten about Ophanimon and everyone. The digital world was in danger and they were taking the time to get acquainted. Maybe he just felt left out, sure everyone was laughing like they had the latest trend and he had been forgotten, but he was right too. There was no way anything was going to get done. Stupid Kouji, and his stupid brother, didn't he see what was going on? Besides, everyone had been so quick to accept Kouichi just because he was Kouji's brother. Boy did their memory get erased quickly. He was Duskmon! Yeah, so what if the darkness corrupted him, if he wanted to fight it, he would have. Takuya wouldn't have been taken over by darkness.

"Humph," He repeated.

"Hey Takuya, what's up? Somethin' on your mind?"

"Mind your own business."

Takuya frowned at Zoe who placed her hands on her hips. Oh great, here came the lecture. As if the whole situation was ridiculous enough! He waited for her to get started; trying to drown out the others in the background, for once listening to Zoe might actually be a good thing. A distraction. She shifted her position.

"We're all friends here, right Takuya?"

"Huh? Of course we are!"

"Then why are you hiding? Friends don't run from each other."

"Who said I was hiding?"

Zoe shook her head and motioned to the group.

"You certainly aren't participating."

"Someone has to think of a plan while you all celebrate, in case you forgot!"

She crossed her arms and glared, maybe he crossed the line doubting her. Still, they didn't seem too concerned with the dying world around them. Not that it mattered to any of them; they still weren't able to be Cherubimon even with the combined powers! His eyes widened as he heard Zoe laughing. He glanced at her exasperated. What could possibly be so funny about this situation? She pointed at him, still laughing.

"You sound like Kouji, you know that?" She covered her mouth. His jaw dropped in response, sound like Kouji? Ridiculous!

"I do not! I sound like me! I'm being perfectly reasonable and you say I sound like Kouji?"

"Someone has to think of a plan," She mocked with a deep voice. "Oh and don't forget the moping alone in a corner thing. It's like Kouichi showed up and you guys switched personalities!"

He glared, and turned away. Soon he'd be out of places to turn to. So, she decided he was being reasonable because of Kouichi? Well at least some good came out of it. He glanced over his shoulder, seeing Kouji pat Kouichi. He frowned, remembering everything they went through, and just like that he was forgotten because of the new kid.

"Oh no," Zoe gasped, he turned back quickly fearing danger. Her widened eyes confused him more. "You're jealous of him!"

"Of who? Why would I be jealous, I'm Takuya legendary warrior of Fire! No one can beat me!"

"Oh wow, and in denial too!" Zoe shook her head and held up her hand. "Look, Kouji isn't replacing you, so just get it out of your head. Even if you don't think it's there!"

Jealousy? How was that even possible, he hadn't ever been jealous, he was Takuya! There was no need to be jealous when you were as great as he was, well except for when your parents favored your little brother. But he wasn't jealous! He was the older brother, that was how it worked, the baby always got moreā€¦ It was life, right? Why did he feel so angry? He spun around facing directly at Kouji, jealous? Of no longer having to deal with that punk? Never. He couldn't be. He stared down at the dirt, no longer able to take the scene. Could he?


"So what? Am I supposed to say 'oh gee Zoe you're right as always!' and everything be okay again? It's not that easy!"

"Why don't you just talk to him? You guys are like best friends."

"You're just full of easy tasks aren't you?"

"Friendship isn't supposed to be easy Tacky!"

His eyes met Kouji's, who seemed to be wondering why he was all the way over there, and not with the rest of them. He glanced away quickly again feeling his fists curl. There was no way he was going to talk to Kouji about this, no way.