Kouji glanced over suspiciously to Takuya; he hadn't been acting like himself ever since Kouichi had joined the party. Zoe had already gone over there to investigate but returned empty-handed. Apparently Takuya was just in a bad mood and wanted to plot their next move alone. A low blow to the group Kouji thought, leaving them out in the dark. Kouji turned back to the rest of the group, if Takuya wanted to be sore over nothing then he could be.

"Hey, what's that?" Kouichi stared off into the distance; Kouji didn't think he was actually seeing anything. "Did you feel it?"

"Feel what Kouichi?" Zoe inquired as the ground below them rumbled; they all tensed as Takuya ran over.

"What's going on?"

"We don't know," Kouji looked around. "Whatever it is, it probably isn't looking to be friends."

"Right," Takuya agreed.

The group spirit evolved, glancing around in their Digimon forms as the earth shook again. Kouichi sensed its direction first, he pointed and they all turned to meet it. The Digimon stopped before them, tilting its head. It looked more sinister than any of the other Digimon around the Rose Morning Star. Kouji glanced over at Takuya, who had instantly started giving directions. Great, Kouji thought, well it was better than him pouting all the time he guessed.

"Hello," The Digimon spoke, before firing at them; they jumped out of the way.

"Hey there," Takuya answered it, firing Pyro Darts in its direction.

The rest took the cue and began their assault. As soon as it became clear they would be victorious, Takuya told them to back off and let him finish the guy off. It soon became apparent that Takuya wouldn't be able to finish it off alone; he was swiped to the side quickly.

"Diaboromon," Bokomon spoke up. "An evil Digimon created by a human."

"A human made that thing?" JP asked amazed. "How?"

"They tried creating a Digiegg, it was attacked by a virus, and here we have Diaboromon."

"Well if a human made it," Takuya voiced. "Then a human can destroy it!"

Takuya charged again, Kouji shook his head. Always trying to get the glory. Kouichi tensed beside him, he turned to face him, watching as Kouichi launched himself after Takuya. The group watched slightly stunned by the sudden outburst. Takuya wasn't landing a hit, they watched Kouichi curiously.

"Takuya, if we attack—"

"No! I've got it!" Takuya was then sent flying backwards, and into his human form. Kouichi dodged the next attack.

"Takuya!" Zoe frantically looked to him.

"I'm fine…" Pouting again, Kouji noticed.

They launched a final attack together, and Kouichi took the fractal code. Back in human form Kouji patted Kouichi on the shoulder. They were all celebrating the victory when Takuya and his dark doom cloud stormed over.

"What were you doing? I had it!"

"Sorry, I was just trying to help," Kouichi defended him, kind of concerned for Takuya. "Are you okay?"

"No thanks to you! Why are you even here?"

"Takuya!" Zoe gasped. "What are you doing?"

"He tried to destroy us remember?"

"What's wrong with you Takuya?" Kouji cut in, glaring at the self-proclaimed leader.

"What's wrong with you? Aside from the looks what do we actually have to go on that he's your brother?"

Takuya's head snapped to the side, Kouji glanced at his curled hand. Wide-eyed he let the anger take over and soon they were both throwing and dodging punches.

"Stop it!" Zoe demanded, to no avail, they both ignored her.

They both staggered away from each other, breathing heavily. Kouichi stepped in between them, looking between the two of them.

"I didn't want this to happen," He said quietly. "I just wanted to help Takuya, I'm sorry, maybe I should just go. You're right; I tried to destroy you guys. Maybe I just don't belong here either."

"Kouichi," Kouji reached for his brother, but Kouichi had already taken off. "See what you did Takuya? Kouichi come back!"

"Humph, serves him right."

"Takuya, stop it!" Zoe glared. "Kouichi's our friend; doesn't that matter to you anymore?"

"Yeah Takuya," Kouji glared over. "Weren't you the one who convinced me to save him from the darkness, or did you forget about all of that now?"

"…Yeah…I guess I should really practice what I preach huh…"

Kouji glanced off in the direction Kouichi ran off too.

"Now he's out there, by himself."

"Guess we better go get him then…" Takuya glanced shyly at Kouji. "Look, I am sorry, I just let my anger get the best of me."

"What's there to be angry about anyway?"

Takuya slightly blushed and looked away.

"N-nothing, let's go!" He took off running. Kouji sighed and followed behind.