Not unlike its non-magical counterpart, the wizarding world held great disdain for mutants. Yet unlike the errant fear that muggles felt towards mutants, and the terror that they would usurp hundreds of years of structural government, witches and wizards feared the repercussions that mutants would have on their magic. For thousands of years magic had been the dominant factor of their society, you were either magic, or you weren't. Some of these mutants were muggle and held powers that even the eldest of pureblood families could only dream of. Despite the popular muggle belief that all witches and wizards made deals with devils to get their powers, the magical people were born with their magic. That's not to say that they were not religious. Many muggleborns still practiced the religion that they had been raised in and as such, prejudices from those religions often carried over to the wizarding world.

When Harry had been born and Lily held him in her arms for the first time she had instantly loved him. She swore as soon as she clutched that tiny and completely dependent form to her heart that she would always protect him. James had been overjoyed when he found out that their child was a boy, he had been eager to know during the pregnancy but Lily had convinced him to let it be a surprise, and when he held that tiny form he felt every ounce of responsibility and love that Lily had.
When their only child opened his eyes for the first time and they caught sight of them, all that love turned to fear. Instead of hazel or green the child's eyes were demonic looking, the sclera was pitch black and his pupils were blood red.

"Oh my god," Whispered Lily as she held the boy at arm's length "Not my baby!" she cried softy

James felt disgusted and immediately after he recognised that feeling he felt utterly ashamed of himself. For a pureblood, James had been raised in a pretty odd environment, his parents teaching him acceptance and loyalty instead of racism and bigotry. Yet even with all the prejudice around he hadn't ever thought himself capable of thinking that way about his own child. But was it so bad that he had thought about what his child would look like? That he had imagine the child to be perfect? Well not perfect, but normal. He hated himself at that moment. This was his son! Just because he was different, just because he was a mutant, didn't mean that he was wrong!

"Lily its fine." He promised, although he was unsure whether he was trying to convince his wife or himself.

"It's not fine!" she protested "He's going to be treated so badly!" she cried "Look at how Remus is treated; I can't bear the thought of my son going through the same thing!"

Just then the midwife interrupted them, during the course of the pregnancy she had befriended the couple and offered a solution. "Mrs. Potter, I believe I have a solution."

The couple jumped, only just remembering the other woman's presence. "Mary?"

"You can put a glamour charm on his eyes, it won't hurt him and it will prevent any questions being asked." She replied "I would be happy to perform the charm, and to swear an oath of secrecy, if that is what you would like."

The magic needed to perform a glamour charm wasn't easy but it was not entirely complex either, it took time to perform it well and skill to perform it right. Almost half an hour after agreeing to the spell, Mary Winters sat down in exhaustion, and watched as the little boy looked up at his parents with bright, green eyes, with perfectly normal white sclera. Mary swore never to reveal what had transpired and after checking both Lily and the baby's health she left the Potter's home.

Just eighteen months after the events of Harry James Potter's birth, the newly formed Potter family was destroyed. By placing their trust in the wrong person the young couple died too young.
Lord Voldemort stared at the lifeless form of the 21 year old muggleborn witch that lay at his feet and smirked before raising his wand to the baby that she had tried so hard to protect.

"No-one shall defeat me, least of all a brat like you." He spat at the child "AVADA KEDAVRA!"

As the green light shot from the yew wand something truly amazing happened, an odd sort of pink glow spread over everything, the child included. The spell was absorbed by the light, and the light continued to spread, engulfing the wizard in its magenta glow. The child's eyes flickered as the light began to pulsate, and as it exploded along with every object it had touched the boy's eyes turned back to their natural red-on-black. The last thoughts that passed through the wizards head before his soul was ripped from his disintegrated body were a jumble of words and emotions, fear being the predominant feeling.

Harry cried as the debris from the explosion made a cut high of his forehead, causing blood to drip down his face. He cried louder when he realised that neither his mother nor his father were heeding his cries. He cried himself to sleep and stayed that way until he awoke to the shrill scream of one, Petunia Dursley as she opened her front door to find him on her doorstep.

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