By Forbidden Donut

Fandom: Avengers: the Initiative/Counter Force/New Warriors/Avengers Resistance (take your pick)

Disclaimer: I neither own nor profit from the use of these characters.

Sometimes he dreamed he was dead. Like Van and Michael. His mouth full of dirt and crawling, squirming things. Like their progenitor, the original Michael Van Patrick, now laid to rest finally.

He'd stood over the grave, between Brian and the other clone, unable to even speak. It was too much. He looked down and instead of Michael, he saw... Michael. Or Van. Or maybe himself.

He would wake in a cold sweat, clutching at the sheets and looking towards the other bed, empty and stripped bare. His mouth tasting dry and dusty.

And he wondered who he was. Not one of three anymore. Or two. He was Patrick. No last name. Clone. Scarlet Spider. Destined to die as canon fodder like his brothers.

All he wanted was to talk to her.

Because feeling something for Abby Boylen was hardwired into him.