A Ranger's Perspective
by SkyFire

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A Ranger's Perspective
by SkyFire

Part 2

Arwen moved lightly to Aragorn's side. She knelt down beside him, still gnawing at her lip in
distress, and brushed both the plant and the dirt from his head. Gingerly, she touched the
growing lump on his head, jerking her hand back with a dismayed sound as he moaned in pain even
in his unconsciousness.

"Oh, Beloved," she said softly, mournfully. "Now look what they have done to you." She
conveniently ignored the fact that it had been *she* that had struck him down; as far as she was
concerned, they had been discussing the others, so it *had* to be *their* fault, not her own.

Gently, she rolled him over onto his back, then dragged her beloved Dunadan's unconscious form
across the floor to his bed, then lifted him up onto it. She was about to see to the small cut
on his head that was bleeding onto the pillow, but then froze at a knock at the door.

"Aragorn?" she heard her father call. "Aragorn, someone heard a scuffle within. Are you all

Arwen looked down at her unconscious Ranger, at the debris on the floor. She was certain that
her father would somehow find a way to blame Aragorn's injury on *her*.

"Aragorn?" Elrond called again, knocking once more. The doorknob started to turn. "Aragorn, I
am coming in."

Arwen was gone out of the window before ever Elrond entered the room.

Aragorn awoke slowly, head throbbing in pain. He groaned, lifted a hand to his head even as he
opened his eyes. The world spun crazily for a moment before settling into place, though
remaining a bit blurry. He blinked up at the fuzzy figure leaning over him, trying to focus his
vision on whoever it was.

"Arwen?" he asked doubtfully.

A short, inelegant snort was heard before the other regained his composure. "Not quite," came
Elrond's amused voice. "Welcome to the ranks of the Arwen-bashed."

Aragorn frowned, eyes finally focusing on the other. "Arwen was here," he said. "She was
waiting for me."

Elrond nodded. "I guessed that when I saw you unconscious and the broken flowerpot on the floor."

"She hit me," the Ranger said in disbelief. He touched the throbbing lump on the back of his
head. His fingers came away blood-reddened. He stared.

Seeing the blood, Elrond frowned, then checked the wound. He cleaned it carefully, decided that
it, like his own, would not require a bandage. "There," he said as he finished. "Done, though
the poor pillow is fouled with blood. The headache *should* be at least mostly gone by the next
Council session tomorrow. Until then, you should rest."

Aragorn nodded. He tossed the bloodstained pillow out of bed onto the floor, settled into another
even as he pulled a light sheet over himself. He was already drifting into sleep as he heard
Elrond leave and softly close the door behind him.


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