A/N: As the summary suggests, this is a collection of drabbles connecting the brother tag-team of Sonic and Tails. When they take place in any specific game, anime, or comic universe, I will either let you know or hopefully provide enough information in said drabbles to make it clear (or both). All drabbles are independent of each other unless stated otherwise. Hope you like them!

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Two Tails and a Blur

Drabble 1: "Eternal"

The kitsune had crawled into bed with him again, despite there having been no trace of a thunderstorm or nightmare.

Sonic knows there is something to this. There always is.

Looking toward the far wall where the calendar hangs beside the clock (2:30 AM? Why isn't he asleep?), Sonic thinks he knows the answer to this so-called mystery.

For it is sixteen years to the day they first met, sixteen years they began to know each other as 'brother.'

And that, in and of itself, is gravity and lightheartedness enough to keep a Blue Blur ever-aware of his Two Tails.

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