Title: Narrow Stairs, Chapter One – Where The Road Parts.

Pairing: Kurt/Finn

Warnings: N/A.

Word Count: 943

Rating: PG-13 for language, maybe higher later.

Spoilers: Theatricality.

Disclaimer: Glee does not belong to me, these characters aren't mine, they would never do these things, I mean no disrespect, blah blah blah…Death Cab For Cutie owns the phrase Narrow Stairs and Where The Road Parts belongs to The Dear Hunter.

Author's Note: After much inner conflict I've decided I don't hate Finn and I'd actually like to see him with Kurt. Of course that'd never happen, which is a shame, but here's my version. Takes place halfway through Theatricality.

Where The Road Parts.


Finn closed the door quietly and stood on the front steps staring blankly at the world. He couldn't go back to his house, couldn't stay here, couldn't show up at Puck's…Lacking a better idea, he turned left and started walking. He had no idea where he was going, but anything was better than staying where he was. Maybe the act of moving would make the knot in his stomach go away.

It wasn't fair, really, that he was the one who felt like he was about to start crying. It was Kurt who always coming on to him, Kurt who couldn't take no for an answer, Kurt who decorated their room with that stupid, hideous mess. And it was his mom's decision to move them in without even telling him, and Mr. Hummel's fault for not having enough space. So what if he snapped? He certainly had reason to.

Yeah, but that's not it.

Finn's stomach twisted and he nearly tripped over a rock lying on the sidewalk. He kicked out at it, sending the offending pebble flying into the road. He shoved his hands in his pockets and walked faster, letting his feet guide him. He was stressed, that was all. Kicked out of a place that wasn't even his home on top of everything with Quinn, and Regionals were just around the corner. He was allowed a few stray thoughts, right? It didn't mean anything. Because it really was only a stray thought. It wasn't like he actually considered it or anything like that.

Using every ounce of control he had, Finn pushed any and all thoughts to the back of his head. He didn't want to think, especially about that. Not that there was anything to think about.

Maybe you should figure out where you're going to stay tonight though.

There was that. He ran through everyone in Glee, but they'd all want to know why he was kicked out, and telling them that he'd called Kurt a fag wouldn't help the situation. If he wasn't already kicked out of Glee, that would pretty much cinch the deal. His only hope was if Kurt didn't tell anyone, but Mr. Hummel had a history of going to the school over every little thing, and this wasn't little.

Finn's stomach clenched again. That'd be just great, to be kicked out of Glee. It was the only place he felt at home, like he could really be himself. Football season was over and even if it wasn't, he wasn't exactly welcome on the team anymore. There were other sports, sure, but he wasn't a part of them the way he had been with football. Between the team ostracizing him, what he was sure Glee would do to him, and his mom choosing Kurt's dad over her own son, he had no one.

A flash of an idea struck him, and he started exploring his pockets with an almost urgent need. No, not his front pockets, not his back pockets, not his sweater shirt pockets. "Goddamnit!" he yelled, not noticing the surprised and angry stare from the woman walking her dog across the street. He had left his iPod in Kurt's room like the idiot he was—even music had abandoned him.

It was the final straw. Finn started running, feet pounding the sidewalks. He cursed the stupidity of Lima, the streets he knew so well. He wanted something new, somewhere that didn't have memories and reminders of just how much of a loser he was at every corner. But here he was, stuck in the middle of Nowhere, Ohio, the familiarity strangling him.


Finn didn't know how long he ran, only that he had pushed himself as hard as he could and if he had to walk another foot he'd scream. He sat down, all but collapsing under the shade of a tree, or what would have been the shade if the sun was still up. He had no idea when it had gone down, but it was definitely dark.

Finn looked around, realizing where he was. Somehow he had ended up at school, behind and off to the side of the football field. He stared at the expanse of grass, seeing with vivid clarity every touchdown he had scored, every tackle his team had blocked, every kick Kurt had made. He jerked at that, a flicker of something beyond the pain and regret of hurting his friend, and switched his gaze to the walls of the school. All the windows were dark, and it was then that an idea began to form.

He stood up, legs trembling from his run. He walked slowly towards school, carefully skirting the football field, turning the idea over in his head, looking for any potential flaws. Mr. Shuester had spent the night here back before Sectionals, and the only problem with that was that he slept on a mattress. There wasn't anything inherently wrong with him staying here, and while Finn wasn't a teacher, it was still precedent if he got caught.

A key would be the biggest problem, and even that hardly mattered. Back before Finn had joined Glee, he had pulled his fair share of pranks involving sneaking in at night. There was the loading bay around back that nobody remembered to lock, not to mention any number of open windows, especially this time of year. As long as he was careful, nobody would suspect a thing. He even had an extra outfit or two in the back of his gym locker he could change into.

With a small nod he wasn't aware of, Finn slipped quietly into the shadows of McKinley High.