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I hadn't expected to see her ever again. I knew she wrestled but instead of going somewhere big she stayed at home. The fact she had wrestled a house show for TNA was shocking but not unlike her. I'd caught a glimpse of her and even though it had been fast I knew she had won her match. As I walked out for my match I was floored to see those hazel eyes looking at me. She wouldn't care what happened at least not after the way I'd left her. After I'd won the match and had the Global Championship in my possession I turned to look at her but what I saw was the familiar form of Phoenix talking to her. I walked to the back not expecting to see her again. Oh how wrong I was.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Next Night~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was still a little ticked off at Brutus and his taking the briefcase from me. When I turned to see the in-ring feed I was shocked if but a little bit confused. Madison Rayne stood in the ring with Velvet standing next to her. Soon what sound like "Lace and Leather" by Britney Spears played through the arena which was what confused me because that meant a new knockout or someone had changed their entrance music.

"And her opponent from Cardiff, Wales standing at 5'11'' being accompanied by Phoenix White Rose." David said. I stand shocked and confused when Iris walked out of the ramp with Phoenix right next to her. Iris was dressed in a black tank top with lace at the top and bottom, leather pants, and black wrestling boots. Her black hair was left down and she looked good. I hadn't known she had a contract and by the look of Phoenix that's what she had gotten yesterday. As Iris gets into the ring Phoenix walks toward Velvet with a glare daring her to do something during the match. Phoenix and Velvet got out of the ring and the ref starts the match. I watch Iris take control early on and when Velvet runs interference I cringe. Velvet had pulled Iris off her feet when she had gone for a clothesline on Madison but Madison had distracted the ref. I cringe when Phoenix takes Velvet down with a well placed Enzuigiri. I'd forgotten how dangerous Phoenix was given everything I knew about her. I turned my attention back to the match to see Iris was just kicking out of a pin. Madison proceeded to kick Iris until Iris grabbed her foot and pulled Madison to her back. Iris maneuvered Madison into a Guillotine choke. It wasn't long until Madison tapped out. "Lace and Leather" played again and Phoenix got into the ring.

"The winner of the match White Rose." David said. Iris waved before both her and Phoenix made their way out of the ring and to the back. I walk away from the monitor from where I had stood frozen for the entire match. I stop when I see Iris standing with Phoenix and JB.

"Iris can I ask what you called the guillotine choke?" JB asked.

"London Bridge but what made you think I had a name for it?" Iris asked.

"Call it a hunch so how does it feel to win your first match on TNA?" JB asked.

"It feels great and I couldn't have been happier with how it ended though it probably would have ended sooner if Velvet hadn't interfered." Iris said. I was mesmerized by the sound of her voice. I had always loved to listen to her talking especially.

"Yes well I took care of her for you." Phoenix said with a smile.

"I thank you for that is that why they had you walk with me?" Iris asked with a tilt of her head.

"Yes they want me to keep it clean especially when the Beautiful People are involved." Phoenix said.

"Iris do you have title aspirations?" JB asked.

"Yes eventually I want to go for the TNA Women's Knockout Championship." Iris said.

"Thank you." JB said as he left. Iris and Phoenix turned and Iris froze and actually tensed when she saw me.

"Hey Rob how are you?" Phoenix asked. I didn't answer her as I looked at Iris. Her hair was still plastered to her face after her match. Phoenix looked between the two of us.

"So do you guys know each other?" Phoenix asked.

"Yes I dated him until he left." Iris said. Phoenix looked between us before she heard her name being called by Alex Shelley.

"I'll see you later Iris." Phoenix said as she left to go take care of what Shelley needed. I looked at Iris.

"It's good to see you again." I said.

"Don't try to patronize me; I haven't seen you since November tenth. Did you forget how a phone works?" Iris asked.

"I can explain." I said.

"Don't it doesn't matter, I didn't need to hear it because you were at least smart enough to break up with me before you disappeared out of my life." Iris said. I'm not surprised that she's so bitter but that fact that she would rather blow me off scares me.

"Iris I was really busy trying to make it." I said.

"Well you've made it congratulations." Iris said.

"What prompted you to take a contract with TNA?" I asked trying to change the flow of the conversation.

"They saw I was good enough and they offered to maybe add a British knockout to the roster." Iris said as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Look at this Doug its little Iris." Brutus said as he walked over with Doug on his heels.

"You should think about joining us in the British Invasion." Doug said.

"I'd rather not because just the thought of walking with any of you actually makes me want to stay as far from you guys as I can." Iris said.

"Now don't be like that luv." Brutus said as he put an arm around Iris's shoulder.

"Get your arm off me Magnus, now if you boys will excuse me I'm going to go take a shower." Iris said as she pushed Brutus's arm off her shoulder and stalked away.

"She's got a temper on her." Doug said.

"Yes but we could use it." Brutus said. It was then that I realized she wasn't as delicate as I had thought.


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