A/N: It occurred to me that while my last chapter was the last chapter, some people may be curious what happened to everyone, so here is my predictions. There isn't really much story here.


Ten years after Dimitri's impromptu proposal, and the two of us still live together in our little house at Court.

Lissa and Christian got married four years ago, and currently have a two year old daughter named, unsurprisingly, Rose.

Adrian, took up the post as Lissa's advisor where he met Adina, a non-royal Moroi, who was Lissa's secretary. The two of them were married last Spring, which of course served the dual purpose of pissing of Nathan and making Adrian happy, something I am all for.

The biggest shocker of all for Dimitri and I is our nine year-old son Max. Apparently two shadow-kissed dhampirs can have children with one another. Who'd have thought?

Lissa is a great Queen, who is well loved by all, and I am still the head of her Royal Guard.

Basically, our lives all worked out perfectly.