"Those demons!" shouted Dad, his orange fur spiky and ruffled.

No. No. Oh, Mew, it couldn't be. My eyes were wide, my brown fur standing on end, and I couldn't breathe. I managed to drag in a breath, and I whispered, "It... Keira can't be gone..."

Mom sobbed. As a water-type, she cried and sweated more easily. At least, that's how it was for Mom, a vaporeon.

But even if she had been a tough jolteon or something, she still would've cried. Who wouldn't?

I turned tail and fled, out of the den, over the hills, through the forest, fleeing. Fleeing from the anger and pain and sorrow. But it followed me. I couldn't escape. I couldn't hide. I felt like I would just break in two.

I burst into a meadow. My heart hurt so much. The moonlight shone down on everything, washing the grass silver, giving everything an otherworldly tint. I would rather be in another world right now. Anything but this.

And this meadow was Keira's favorite place to play with me. Why had I come here? I knew it would just make me feel even worse, if that was even possible. Keira and I would pretend what we would be when we evolved from eevees. I would be an espeon, and she would be a leafeon.

I just collapsed there and then. The tears came. I sobbed my heart out until the tears wouldn't come. The world should end, I thought bitterly. First Lunan, then Keira. I couldn't move. I thought the pain would kill me.

It started drizzling on me. My parents would be frantic with worry, thinking I had been caught, too.

I didn't care. All I could think was:

My sister.

My sister is gone.

A/N: That was depressing, but let me warn you, it's not going to get any better. This will be 3 - 4 chapters long.