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Slowly she opened the bathroom door with a hand placed gently over her mouth and walked into her room where InuYasha sat on her bed. She could feel the pill working it's complete opposite of magic in her system. The thought of the countless chemicals packed into one small pill slowly and systematically killing the possible life set deep in her womb made her eyes water, but the maddening feeling that something poorer could come of bringing an innocent life into a very unstable position kept her grounded to sticking to her plan. Kagome sat softly next to him and hung her head between her knees. She could've sworn that in ten minute intervals nausea would hit her harder than a blow to the head with a bat, and it now being the closing of the day she couldn't take much more. She peaked at her wall clock.

Another hour left, she thought sadly.

"Kagome, did you eat something wrong?" InuYasha asked kindheartedly. A small smile crossed her lips. If only you knew.

That thinking stopped her from moving; if only he knew. It hadn't dawned on her that she should tell him. She had been avoiding looking him in the eye since she took the first pill because every time she did, she saw a baby girl with wavy silver locks and brown eyes with sun-kissed skin, but for some reason, she didn't picture her with two small little dog ears. Either way, it hurt her heart to think of a baby girl in his arms. Or was she mistaking this sadness for overwhelming bliss at the thought of the man she loved and their daughter so content with each other? Both aspects broke her heart, for something she didn't have and for something she couldn't have.

"Yeah, must've," she responded softly as she scooted back onto the bed and sat against the wall. He easily turned on his bottom to face her, and she looked at him unexpectedly when he placed a hand on her forehead. Even though she'd seen him naked and they had…

She looked down as a blush crept across her cheeks and he removed his hand but let it brush across her thigh as he pulled it back into his lap. Her heart raced at the slightest touch, but the rush of blood soon left and she was again dwelling over her thoughts. Without thinking she placed a hand over her stomach. She didn't realize it but as she stared off into space InuYasha stared at her attentively. He knew something was wrong. Her scent had shifted in so many directions it was perplexing him, but he could usually pin-point them. But one had recently been lingering over her that had a sense of familiarity, yet he just couldn't put a name to it. He could recall smelling it on other woman from time to time in the village, but what was it-

His ears flattened against his skull and his eyes widened. His mouth opened to question her as coolly as possible, but she spoke first.

"InuYasha… How- how much do you care for me?" she asked desolately, rolling her head to the side to look into his warm eyes. He searched for the right words, but his mind was too lost in thought to answer, and before he knew it he was fuming with anger.

She's trying to hide it, he thought unsympathetically. "When were you going to tell me you were pregnant?" he said, and she could hear the hushed anger behind it. Her eyes widened and her hands shook. "Uh-," she mumbled as she dropped her gaze from his.

"Answer me," he demanded, but she couldn't speak. She could feel words crawling up her throat but she repeatedly swallowed them back down.

"Kagome!" he yelled and he could see her shoulders jump. "I don't know!" she responded. Her voice shook as violently as her hands and she could hear her heart beating wildly in her ears as the heat returned to her cheeks. A great feeling of dread began to swarm her when he abruptly stood and charged to her window, leaping onto the window seal. "NO!" she yelled as her hand outstretched to him.

He paused, unmoving and furious. "I was going to tell you, I just-," She stopped to choke back a small whimper. "I don't know how you would react, I didn't… I didn't know what to do, how we would-," she stopped when he sighed loudly, and turned so she could only see his side profile.

"Past oblivion," he said gently, and she furrowed her brows. "I care- love, you past oblivion, Kagome." He finished. Her heart fell into her stomach as he gracefully leapt from her window and out of sight. It was all crashing down on her suddenly, and the only thought she could pick from the white noise in her head was:

What just happened?