Hit ooo - P R 0 L 0 G U E.

"Kumicho, are you sure about this?"

At the very thought of their beloved leader leaving, the members of the Nichi-kai were in complete uproar. It was a shame that they could be labeled as "organized crime" when at the very thought of losing their leader they spiraled into complete and unnecessary chaos.

The Kumicho herself snarled at the disarray that her subordinates were in as she brought a hand into her rather expensive jacket, retrieving from it a 44 caliber.

"Urasai!" she ordered, firing a bullet into the ceiling. Almost immediately, the room silenced.

"Thank you, mina-san~" She added softly, a much less commanding tone than she had previously used, but rather authoritative none the less.

At her whisper of thanks, there was but one outlandish reply, "YOU'RE WELCOME, KUMICHO-CHAN!"

"Tch." One of the Kumicho's most trusted subordinates scoffed at the outburst before he decided to speak.

"Kumicho," he began, using the title almost humorously as he swung an arm around the petite girl.

"Allow me to speak for you on this important manner~" He suggested, giving the room a coy smile as a few murmured at how informal he was being with their beloved Kumicho.

The Kumicho nodded before slumping tiredly back down into the leather arm chair she was accustomed to sitting in. "Go ahead, At-chan~"

"Yosh! Listen up, pricks!" He ordered, standing tall before the rowdy looking group.

"We all love our Kumicho, don't we?" He asked, albeit a bit rhetorical as the room burst into loud agreements of "Yes" and "Of course!"

At-chan simply nodded, popping his gum before he continued.

"And we loved our previous Kumicho just as much – God rest his soul~" He added calmly.

The men within the room nodded, wondering where he could possibly be going with this and why he dared to question their love for their Kumicho.

"What about our Kumicho's Okaa-san, hasn't she always been nice? Haven't the both of them always looked out for us? Well then, it's our turn to look out for them. So of course our Kumicho is sure, when she says that she is returning to her hometown for the sake of her Okaa-san's health! All of us have sworn our allegiance to Kumicho, and as such we will wholeheartedly support her in her goddamn decisions!" He lectured, the annoyance he felt showing in his tone of voice. It was quiet for a moment as the subordinates digested his speech and then suddenly: "KUMICHO! WE SUPPORT YOU WITH UNWAVERING LOYALTY, AS ALWAYS! KUMICHO~ !"

"You guys~" The Kumicho cooed, feeling flattered as she looked around at the family she had come to love, even if it was a slightly dysfunctional family at that.

"So…" At-chan began over the roar of the crowd as Yakuza leader turned her attention to him. "Namimori Middle School, eh Kumicho?"