You, the infamous boss of the Nishi-Kai, had been reduced to counting.

If it had been practical counting, perhaps you would not have felt so ultimately pathetic.

But as it was, you found yourself counting odd, unimportant things. . .

Things like floor tiles or revolting pieces of dried gum under your desk.

Yes, you were that bored, and the worst part?

Detention wasn't even halfway over.

But really, other than feeling completely blasé, what else could you do. . .?

After all, you may have been one brave son of a gun, but even you knew that when Hibari Kyouya said "No Talking!" he goddamn well meant it.

"Makenaide LIFE kuyashii kimochiga. . ~"

Poor Hachiro didn't seem to be as smart as you. -_-U

Meanwhile, at this spontaneous burst of song, Hibari twitched.

Had he really heard some stupid Herbivore, defying his orders. . .?

Nahh, certainly not. It was implausible.

"-kokorono michishirubesa ~"

Although it was almost inaudible, you heard the lyrical continuation as it drifted softly passed the lips of your right hand man.

Being members of the Yakuza, you had always suspected that they were thrill-seekers.

But, not until now did you realize just how much of a near-death experience they seemed to be yearning for.

And as such, it wasn't long before the two of them decided to continue their sing-a-long.

"Arukidasou kimitobokuno

tabigahajimarusa soudaro futari~!"

Steadily, their vocals began to rise in volume.

Along with it, so did your prayers.

This was, of course, despite the fact that you found your fingers tapping along to the beat of Michishirube by Keita Tachibana.

'Kami-sama, it's me Tohru. . .'

"Kanjoutoka nammidasubete

kakusuhitsuyou wa nainosa~!"

'I know you may not be too happy with me and my criminal activities. . .'

"Antei wo mottomecha inai

kodokuto jiyuu wa onajimono~!"

'But please, crush their karaoke insentive!'

"Aisurukoto minimatoetara

shinjirukotoga dekirukara~!"

'Otherwise, innocent blood will be shed and-'


'I really don't want to get tonfa'd today. . .'

At Hibari's obnoxiously loud command, you weren't sure whether to cradle your aching forehead or cover your suffering ears.

"Demo - " Hachiro began in pleasant protest, his bottom lip trembling.

In your opinion, he looked incredibly adorable.

But unfortunately, Hibari was not one to think anything could be described in such away.

"I thought I made it quite clear that there was to be no talking or else punishment would be dealt!"

Once two cunning smirks had appeared upon the faces of your guilty subordinates, you weren't entirely sure that they were against receiving such a thing from the vicious bishounen.

"That's exactly it, though. You told us not to talk." Arata countered coyly.

At the apparent loop-hole your subordinates had successfully discovered, you had to resist the urge to laugh blatantly in the face of Namimori Chuu's demon.

You didn't want to resort to the same level as Chiaka, anyway.

"Well," Hibari began loudly, pursing his lips as he attempted to be heard over the obnoxious snorts of the female members of your crew.

You really hoped that it was just your imagination the way Hibari's hands twitched towards his beloved, uncommon weapons.

"Now I'm telling all of you to shut up!"

Much to your chagrin, cue a tonfa tackle to everyone's unfortunate face.

"I don't want to hear another sound, period. Not even a damn hum-"

At the ferocity of his tone, as well as the sting of your bruising cheeks, you cringed.


Even if God had not saw fit to intervene with the singing of your subordinates or the injury of your craniums, at least he saw fit to stop Hibari mid-threat by sending Tsunayoshi Sawada barreling back into your life and more importantly the detention room.

"Herbivore," Hibari growled, his eyes locking onto Tsuna's trembling form.

"I-I. . ." Tsuna started, looking very much like a frightenened deer.

Thankfully, he too was saved from the prefect's wrath.

"Hibari-san. . ." Implored a voice that you were quite startled to find belonged to baby Reborn.

As aforementioned infant stepped out from behind Tsuna's lanky form, all anger immediately seemed to vanish from Hibari's tense face.

"It's that baby again. . ." He murmured with a furrowed brow.

"Ciaossu. . ." Reborn began, politely greeting the occupants of the room.

Before anything else could be said, he quickly made his way over to Hibari and whispered rapidly within his ear.

While you weren't entirely sure what he said, you were relieved to find that whatever it was seemed to get all of you off the hook.

"Sit down, Herbivore. Your punishment will last awhile." He miffed, one tonfa on display as if to emphasize the words he intended to enforce.

Immediately Tsuna complied, scrambling into an empty desk to the right of you.

"H-Hai!" Tsuna squeaked.

Afterwords, Reborn seemed to have disappeared entirely.

Thus, the room fell into an awkward silence yet again.

You would have attempted conversation with your dear companion, had Hibari not shot you a look that dared you to speak the moment you parted your lips.

And instead, as Tsuna quietly let his hed fall against the surface of his desk, you decided to busy yourself with counting all the pretty shades of brown within his huge, doe eyes.

Apparently whatever negotiations Reborn had with Hibari, whilst ultimately preventing any of you from dieing a violent death at his hands, still was not entirely beneficial to you.

This was made quite evident when your stay in Hell had been consequently extended way passed the hour and a half that it was supposed to be.

Instead, you found that the sky outside the classroom windows had darkened considerably by the time Hibari had finally decided to grunt, "Get out."

"You don't have to tell us twice, Producer. ~"

You murmured cheekily.

Heck, he barely had to tell you all once before each of you sprang up and made a beeline for the door.

As if it wasn't obvious, Namimori Middle was a dark, decrepit place at night.

Thus upon stumbling down its numerous hallways in search of an exit, you found yourself pressing closer and closer to the masculine torso of a certain Sawada.

"K-Kuma doesn't like this place. . ."

Turning to the youngest of your followers, you smiled softly.

"It'll be okay, bakemono."

Tsuna had half-expected, by the gentle tone of your voice, that the words that came out of your mouth would be comforting.

However, upon hearing you address such a cute little girl as "monster", he was not completely sure.

"Nee-sama's so brave~" Kuma cooed, smiling at your attempt at reassurance.

In response to this, Chiaka scoffed.

"Yeah, virgin's got a real tough bravado." She jeered.

"Chiaka, stop being such a bitch to Kumicho-chan.~"

Hachiro defended, clearly unhappy with the high school girl.

"Why? It's true. I mean, instead of sitting through that excruciatingly long punishment, we could have just kicked his ass and ran like Hell!" Chiaka informed, narrowing her eyes at Hachiro.

"I mean," she continued, clenching her manicured fists. "We even took a beating from that jackass! We, the fucking Yakuza, in comparison to a power hungry punk."

At this realization, it got oddly silent for a moment.

". . ."

". . ."

". . ."

". . ."

". . ."

". . ."

"For once, Kuma agrees with Chiaka!"

At this, you nearly tripped over your own two feet.

But whilst you had retained enough balance not to fall, you still stumbled accidentally into the object of your affections.

"Oomph, sorry, Tsuna-kun." You whispered, your cheeks tinting pink.

"It's alright," Tsuna began softly, reaching out a pale hand to steady you.

If possible, at the physical contact, the color of your skin only darkened.

"T-Thanks, Tsuna," You sputtered, your tone laced with endearment.

When he only smiled gently at you in response, you found yourself marveling over how Colgate-worthy his teeth were.

Bright and white to the point that you could notice them even within the darkness of a nearly pitch-black school.

"Y-You're welcome, Tohru-chan." Tsuna replied swiftly, his eyes peering into your's.

As he spoke, your gaze travelled quickly from his eyes to his teeth, and then finally to his soft, supple lips.

"Hmm. . ." You murmered, a bit dazed.

You became increasingly aware of how close your face was in proximatey to his.

It was unfortunate for you though, that throughout this little moment, you had forgotten the existance of your comrades.

"You know, Tohru-chan, don't feel bad. I wouldn't have attempted to fight Hibari-san either. . ."

Tsuna added suddenly, his tone sugary sweet.

At this statement, your face moved closer to his.

"Really?-" You began, your voice barely above a whisper.

"AWHHHHHHHHHHH! Kumicho and Tsunayoshi-kun are having a moment!"

Cue face-palm. 'Damn it, Hachiro. . .~'

"Finally she's getting some action. . ." Stupid Chiaka.

"I won't allow this, damn it!" Annoying Arata.

"Hmph." Nuetral little Joseph.

"EW! Nee-sama's gonna get cooties!" Naive Kuma.

"N-Nani?" Tsuna spouted, taking a few steps away from you.

Almost immediately his face turned redder than your hair.

And you had absolutely no doubt that the same could be said for your complexion.

"We-It's not like that, you morons! Tsuna and I - ahaha, oh look! It's the exit!"

You rambled, laughing nervously as you headed straight for the front door of the Namimori.

As your subordinates and crush ultimately followed suit, Tsuna was undoubtedly the only one who found himself wondering if whatever that was back there, between the two of you, really was a "moment."

But upon considering this, he quickly dismissed the though.

You and Tsuna had always been best friends. . .

And besides, his heart was currently in the possession of Kyoko-chan.

. . .wasn't it?

From afar, he watched them.

Although he found his gaze lingering more on the form of one female in particular.

"Heh-heh-heh," He cachinnated cruely in time with the laughter of his subordinates.

"I've finally found you, babe. And once I rid the world of that stupid little organization you belong to, you'll once again be mine. . ."