Hello People of Earth! I'm Insanemistosingsmore, and this crossover is brought to you in part by theStatue'sFollower! We'll be switching off who writes depending on which character we're focusing on. If the focus is on Maximillion Turpin, it's my writing. If it's focusing on Danforth, it's my lovely assistant.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Statue might, but I know I don't.

Downtown New York Year; 2010

Turpin took everything in as he strode down the street of a strange city. He'd gotten an e-mail several days ago, saying that he was needed for a case here in New York, and he had flown all the way to America to work out whatever law suit it would happen to be. The e-mail hadn't been very detailed. In fact, he reread the printed copy that he had brought with him.


I'm in need of your experience and expertise in matters of the law. A flight has been arranged, and paid for by my, at London International. Once you arrive in New York, come to number 32 Broadway, and knock on the back door. It is imperative that you handle this discreetly, yet with all haste. Oh, and leave the Beadle in England.

There was no way of identifying whoever sent the e-mail, and it particularly vexed Maximillion to be called away from both business and pleasure on such short notice.