"Edward, will you please tell me where we are going? You know I don't like surprises," Bella said for at least the hundredth time since they had left the school after their graduation ceremony. She and Edward had just graduated from high school, again. It had been the first 'again' for her, but not the last.

"Trust me," Edward replied, with a secretive smile, as he navigated the crowded streets of Las Vegas. "This is a surprise you will like. At least, you liked the idea the last time we graduated." He pulled the Volvo into the parking lot next to a small white building with a pointed roof and bell on top. The neon sign by the turn-in said 'chapel'. "No peaking," he reminded her, indicated the bandana over her eyes, "Those are your favorite sweats, right?"

"Yes," Bella answered slowly. She had managed to save them from Alice's purge of her wardrobe when they moved by having Jacob hide them.

Edward helped Bella out of the car and walked her toward the front door. The sounds and smells around them did nothing to help Bella figure out where they were. Nothing, that is, until they entered the chapel. Then she heard the music.

Dum Dum Da Dum...

"Edward?" Bella asked, a slight note of horror in her voice as he reached up to remove the bandana, "Are we..."

Suddenly, Bella could see exactly where they were. They were in a small room which resembled the inside of a small old church. Only, no church had ever had a change-color neon cross in the front with lava lamps for candles and Elvis Presley behind the altar.

"We didn't get to do this the way you wanted to last time, since you didn't want to upset Alice. So I though it would be a fun way to celebrate your graduating from high school, for the second time," Edward whispered with a smile as he led his wife/girlfriend/soul mate to the front. "We are eloping."

As 'Elvis' began the service, Bella couldn't help laughing as she thought about what a wonderful, amazing, loving person she was vowing to spend the rest of her existence with, again. And, as Edward looked at her like she was the most beautiful thing in the world, standing there in her ratty old sweats, she wondered how he had managed to keep his plans from Alice. And, if next time they could just use the drive-through.

The End