A knock on the door, holding her daughter's hand tightly, her brother's smiling face, a stabbing pain in the back of her neck as she turned to let him in, Sarah's hand slipping from her grasp, trying to clutch it frantically, her muscles not obeying her will and then, finally, the part she had blocked out completely her brother's voice, whispering those word's "it will be okay little sister, soon she will be dead and you will stop searching. You will forget this night, it will be as if she never existed", her own voice, screaming in her head "You monster GIVE HER BACK" but being unable to form the words, Sarah screaming for her "Ima! IMA!", trying to form words, a noise anything and then, right before she slipped into unconsciousness "I will NEVER stop searching, NEVER" a vow she made to herself, that she never forgot, even though she had only just remembered the rest this very moment.