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Singing for the Iron Man

Chapter 1

It had been eleven years since the Voltri had come to try and destroy my family. They had always been jealous of the way Carlisle lived. Sure, they would say they weren't, but everyone knows that they are. Carlisle has more self control. Carlisle has more compassion. He has REAL love with Esme. But most importantly to them, he had the love of a family who was very talented. A family that refused to be apart of their guard. And although they left us happy and triumphant there in that meadow, rejoing that they had seen there were no laws broken, we were fools. We were fools for not knowing that this would happen.

Sure, they said that he acted on his own. That they had no idea that he was going to do what he did. But we all know better, we all knew. And there was nothing we could do about it; not really. They let us, me, take our aggression out on him. He suffered greatly for what he did before I was merciful and let him die. But he had already down what he had set out to do. He had taken what was most precise to me. So he had won. He. Had. Won.

He succeded in taking the one thing that had ever mattered to me. He had taken my love, my life, my heart. She was everything to me. He had won by taking the women who had saved my life, when I thought it was over. He took away my wife- he took away, my Rosie.

Eleven Years Earlier

We had all been so happy that things were going to finally settle into our new normal. We had all been so emotional for so long. Finding out that Bella was pregant; then wondering if the pack was going to attack. When Jacob had decided to aligh with us, I for one, was shocked. But I guess you would do anything for the one you love, or the one you thought you loved. Then we wondered if Bella would survive Nessies' birth. Then my little sister became on of us. And I was SO happy. My family had grown, Rose had the baby that she had always wanted, even if it wasn't ours. She could pretend. Bella made sure of it.

Then when Bella found out that she had super control, we all started worring about the rate that Renesemee was growing. NO child should grow that fast, we all had thought. So, we poured all we were into tryint to figure that out.

Then Irene, being the idiot she was, went and put her nose where it didn't belong and went running to the Voultri. Why she didn't wait and talk to Carlisle, we will never know, but I blame her for everything that followed. Everything.

But we all had thought it was over and done with when they had left us in the meadow that day. We rejoiced there, then took the party home.

There was no need to go on with the trip we had been planning to take. We already knew how fast Nessie would grow. None of us were thrilled that she would be grown by the age of seven, but there wasn't anything that we could do about it. But because she was half vampire, she could live a long life. And she was healthy.

So we had started thinking about if moving, should we or shouldn't we. We were looking and thinking about seeing that there wer two more of us this time. Well, three, if you counted Jacob, because he said that he wouldn't be able to leave Nessie and not see her for so long. Rosalie had pretended to be annoyed, but thruthfully, she was fine with it. Jacob didn't annoy her as mush as he once did. And besides, Nessie loved him and was upset when he wasn't around. If it made her happy, Rosie would do anything. Any of us would.

Rose and I had decided to take a vacation of sorts a few weeks before we were scheduled to move to a little town in Canada. We wanted sometime, just the two of us. So, Esme had offered to let us borrow her island for a week. Rosalie was so glad. She loved tht island and enjoyed the freedom of being able to swim in the ocean with out having to worry about humans. When she was happy, I was happy. So we planned the trip. We got the tickets and took off. We go to the island and had another honeymoon. I could hardly ever take my hands off of her. She was so beautiful. We were enjoying ourselves totally. Rosalie had decided that she wanted to go into one of the towns, to shop at some of those stree vendors. We had been there for a few weeks and were about to go home to help our family move our things. Rosalie told me to go and take a shower while she finished packing her things.

I heard a noise-something I wouldn't h ave been able to hear if not for being a vampire. At lightning speed, I got out of the shower, not even bothering with a towl. I ran into the bedroom to see my worst nightmare come to pass. There was a pile of burning ashes in the middle of the bedroom where I had left Rosalie. There, on the bed was the half packed suitcase that she had been repacking before I had gotten in the shower.

I knew right away, of course, that it was my Rosie laying there in that pile of ashes. I remember sitting on the bed in that room, not moving for days. Our cell phone had rang, but I didn't answer it. I just sat there, naked, looking at the place my love had been standing. I thought about the day she had saved my life. About all the love she had shown me. I just thought about HER.

Alice, Jasper, Carlisle and Esme showed up a day or so later. Alice had seen what happened, but way too late. Felix, the prick who had taken Rosie from me, had not decided on it, had not thought about it until it was already done. And since Alice, being that she can't see something until people decide to do it, and since she hadn't been watching the Voltri, she was just too late. She felt responsible for what had happened to Rosalie and not seein git, but I put a quick stop to that. I came out of my little 'Here is Your Life' fog and told her it was not her fault. Carlisle, Alice, Jasper and I all went to see Aro. I knew he was behind it, but I could not lose my cool when we talked to him.

Esme was too emotional, she decided to sell Isle Esme and was doing that with Edward, Bella, Nessie and Jacob, who had demanded to come to protect Renesmee.

Aro gave me permission to take care of Felix, who he said had left of his own free will. We knew that was a pile of crap. We all knew it, but we thanked him and found Felix. I took care of him, but it didn't help. I was lost without Rosalie. She had been my everything.

When we went back to Forksa and I walked into our home, I had fully intended on leaving out family and trying to figure out a way to end my own life, without putting them in danger. I knew that if I went to the Voultri, like Edward had when he thought Bella was dead, they woud do what I asked. But they would also know that our family was weak and could be attacked. I was thinking all of this when out of no where, the little munchkin jumped into my arms and hugged me with all of her strength. She put her little hand up to my face and showed me one of her memories. It was one of her first memories, where she was being rocked to sleep by her Aunt Rosie. She was being sung to sleep and Nessie showed me how safe and sacure that she had always felt when she was in Rosalie's arms. She stopped the memory and I looked down, into her little brown eyes, where I saw big tears pooling in her eyes.

Right then I knew that I wasn't going anywhere. Rosalie would have wanted me to make sure the only little girl she had ever had was taken care of, forever. Sure, Nessies wasn't technically her's, but no one would have ever dreamed of telling Rosalie that. And since that's what Rosalie would have wanted me to do, I wasn't going anywhere.

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