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Pairing: Kat/Patrick...duh. ;)

Summary: You wouldn't expect a Man-Boy to fall in love with a Cactus would you?

"The Cactus and The Man-Boy"

Chapter 1

*The Little Cactus That Could*

This had to be a dream. No, this had to be a nightmare. Too many thoughts ran through Kat's head as the boy who had just promised to never break her heart mere minutes ago was being stared down like a criminal.

'He's gonna kill me.'

'Why didn't I lock the damn door!'

'Oh my God he's gonna kill Patrick.'

'Shit, shit, shit!'

"He took advantage of you didn't he?" Kat was shaken from her thoughts as her father demanded to get the answer he wanted, "Didn't he!"

They were sitting in the living room, fully clothed, and although her father did not want them sitting together, Kat refused to leave Patrick's side. "No!" She found his hand and sqeezed it, reassuring him she didn't feel the same way her father did. "He'd never take advantage of me!"

Walter scoffed.

Patrick spoke up, "Sir.."

"Shut up, Man-Boy, I don't want to hear a damn word out of you!" Walter shouted, pointing to the door, "Infact, get out of my house!"

Patrick glanced at Kat and she returned the nervous look. "Get out!" Walter shouted again.

When he stood up, kat grabbed his hand one last time giving him a look that said she didn't hate him despite the fact that her father did. He gave her a look that said he understood and walked out the door.

"What the hell was that! ?" Kat demanded, beginning to stand up.

Her father simply pointed and glared at her, "You sit down young lady, you sit down right now!"

She took a seat and prepared for her sentence; which included this current lecture.

Instead of the expected yelling, Walter took a seat across from Kat and sighed, "I thought we talked about this Katarina...I thought.." he paused and shook his head, "What happened to you being my strong little cactus?"

"I'm not your cactus, damnit!" Kat shouted, "I hate being called a cactus! Since Mom died I've always been 'the cactus'," she emphasized with exasperated quotation marks with her fingers, "do you know how much pressure that puts on me, Dad? !"

Her Dad was taken aback with his daughters outburst. When he tried to reply she obliviously continued.

" 'Oh Kat, the good daughter.' 'Kat does nothing wrong.' 'Kat's so perfect'..." She mocked, dubbing the statements with exasperated imitations, and cringing at the last word. She looked at her dad with pleading eyes, "I don't want to be a cactus anymore."

She sighed in exhaustion and waited for her father's harsh reply.

"I'm sorry Kat." She could tell his apology was sincere. His eyes shifted with guilt, "I didn't realize it was making you feel this way..." He paused and his regular shocked expression returned, "But you didn't have to have sex to get my attention!"

Kat growled, "Dad! I had sex because I wanted to, not as a cry for help."

Walter pulled another excuse out of his ass, "Oh yeah, and what about Man-Boy, are you sure he didn't force himself on you? Because he certainly has the muscles to do so."

"First of all, "Man-Boy" has a name. It's Patrick. Second of all, he didn't and wouldn't force himself on me. And third of all," Kat tried to lighten the mood, "Yes, he does have the muscles to do so, very nice muscles..."

"Katarina!" He shouted.

She wiped the dreamy look off her face, "What! You're making this into such a big deal! Teenagers have sex all the time!"

"Not my kids!" Walter shook his head and continued, "I don't think you understand the ramifications of sex, therefore you arent...weren't ready."

"Patrick and I got tested, they came out clear. We used protection, nothing broke, we made sure of it. We both made sure we were ready for this." She tried to keep her voice calm.

Her father looked as though he was proud that she had done all of that, more than the normal teenager would have done. Any other teenager would have done it without thinking. Not his Kat. He shook his head, getting back into 'angry Dad' mode. "I don't care. You're grounded. Your door comes off tomorrow. You're restricted to school and home. I'm taking your car, and no more Man-Boy!"

"For how long! ?" She pleaded.

Walter began exiting the room, "UNDETERMINED!"

"What!" Kat got up and tried following her father, but he slammed the study door before she could get any closer.

Kat huffed and stormed upstairs. She couldn't remember a time in her life that she felt this angry. She felt pathetic, stupid, and silly. She was Kat Stratford, she wasn't supposed to feel this way. But when she entered her bedroom, slamming the door behind her, she didn't realize that Kat Stratford wasn't supposed to smile like a giddy school girl. She read the note that had been lying upon the rumpled sheets of the bed and smiled.

"Meet me at my locker Monday."

The scribbled lettering was obvious to Kat, and her smile grew when she noticed the little heart that was drawn under the words.

Five hours ago her car was being crapped on along with her ego, and a simple sign made her worries melt away. Five minutes ago her world was falling apart, but a simple note made everything better. For the moment she didn't care about her car, privacy interferences, or restrictions. All she cared about was him.

Kat smiled and laid down on the mass of crumpled sheets. She inhaled his smell and drifted off into a sound slumber.

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