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Chapter 2

*The Man-Boy Code*

Kat awoke to the sound of a drill. It took her eyes a few seconds to adjust, but when she saw where the noise was coming from, it all made sense. "Kat, get up, the bus will be here in 20 minutes." With that, her dad took the door and headed back down the stairs. He hadn't even looked at her.

She pulled herself up sighed. Although she still resented her father, a part of her couldn't help but wish they were at least on speaking terms. Over the weekend he had thought about lowering her punishment. That was until he found out she had ridden off into the sunset with Man-Boy yet again, leaving her car at the school under a landfill of garbage. After that, not a word was spoken between them.

Kat began to get ready for school when she realized what she would have to face at school that day. Her eventful weekend had covered the anxiety of having to face her fellow school mates. 'More like pissed off inmates,' she thought, remembering Patrick's clever description of the crapheads they suffered through school with. She had completely forgotten about the election and the fact that she had openly and shamelessly insulted them to their faces. It wasn't like she didn't mean what she said, she just didn't mean for the tape to somehow leave her home in Tabitha's hands. Biggest mistake ever for allowing that twit through the front door in the first place.

Her bus arrived at the school earlier than usual and Kat was ever so thankful for that. It gave her more time to enter the school unnoticed, which meant less debri would be thrown at her as she walked through the halls.

Kat knew Patrick didn't use his locker, but she knew which locker he was talking about. Luckily it was very close to where she would enter the building so she'd have to do less searching for him, which meant less debri would be thro...well you get the picture. She would most likely be a garbage can for the remainder of the school year and she wanted to avoid as much of the trash as possible.

Kat found Patrick standing at the locker, sifting through something inside. "You are one brave guy." She turned him around and laced her arms around his neck, "Sneaking back up to my room after my dad kicks you out." He found her hips and she smiled, "Nah, forget brave, you're crazy."

When Kat held pulled out the little note he caught on. In a sexy voice he replied, "Only crazy for you."

She smiled at the corny comment and smacked him on the arm playfully. Patrick smiled back and leaned in to kiss her. When his lips found hers she melted into his arms. Unintentionally of course. Cacti didn't welcome hugs, their prickly exosketeton ensured no one could or would ever get that close.

But Man-Boy was oblivious to the thorns.

After Patrick reluctantly broke the kiss, he looked at Kat up and down, lifting an arm here and there. She chuckled, backing away slightly, "What are you doing?"

He paused his exploration, "Making sure you're alright. After what happened this weekend I'm surprised you made it out of your house alive."

Kat glared at Patrick, the amused expression still there, "He's my dad, not a serial killer." A sad expression took over her happy one when she sighed, "Besides, I think I've recieved enough punishment from him anyway."

"How bad?" He asked, genuinely concerned.

Kat sighed, "My door came off, no car, restricted to school and home, and I got the silent treatment for the whole weekend."

Patrick cringed. "Sorry."

"Me too," she replied, "The only thing he didn't do was bolt my window, and I'd be thankful for that, but without a door, an open window serves no purpose."

Patrick made a hissing sound, "No more late night visits huh?"

"Guess not." Kat chose her reply carefully. She didn't want him to know his late night visits were becoming the highlight of her week. She looped her arm through his and pulled him along side her.

They began walking, "I should probably get to class. So far nothing's been thrown at me, but these kids are like ninja's, you can't see them but you know they're there," Kat shifted her eyes back and forth, "Somewhere..."

Patrick haulted, a puzzled expression on his face, "Who's been throwing what?"

Kat looked up at him and smiled, "Aw, are you worried about me?"

Psht, Man-Boy's were never supposed to worry about a woman. Hell, it was against the Man-Boy code to worry about anything. "Of course not. I'm worried about the poor sucker throwing things. Pretty soon he's gonna end up with a bruised face." He glanced at Kat, who had an eyebrow raised, "But I guess if you got hit I'd be pretty pissed too."

She chuckled, "Thanks." He laughed with her and walked her protectively to her homeroom.

This Man-boy was willing to bend the code for his Cactus, because you know how it goes. Once you've been pricked by a Cactus, it's hard to get them out from under your skin.

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