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Nessie decides to run away because she wants to have a normal life—at least a bit of a normal life, so she hops on a bus to the next town and takes a train to the city. On the train she discovers that a 30+ stranger I recording her with his laptop. She nicknames him Chuck and stealthily steals his laptop. She gets off the train in the City and goes directly to West Bartlett High School where she will pose as a 14 year old student.

Edward and Bella are both shocked and hurt by their daughter's disappearance. They try to track her down but come back with nothing and realize that Nessie is too smart to be tracked and when she wants to be found she will be found. Jacob is crushed by the news that Nessie has run away and is thrown into despair at the loss of his best friend.

Meanwhile, Nessie has taken up residence at West Bartlett High School. She sleeps in the teacher's lounge and showers in the locker rooms. The cafeteria assures that she will never go hungry and the endless stacks of books in the library keep her from finding boredom. When nightfalls Nessie remembers that she still has Chuck's laptop and decides to find out why Chuck was video taping her.

Nessie discovers that Chuck's real name is Kalan Tenbrook. He is a professor and was orphaned as a child. His laptop contains documents on vampires and werewolf's. Nessie surmises that his parents must have been killed by a supernatural creature and that is why he had his eyes set on her. Vendetta.

While on her way to the cafeteria to get something to eat Nessie finds herself drawn to a large window. The moon has captured her attention and she reaches out for it. She doesn't know why her heart is aching for the moon but she needs to get closer to it. Suddenly Nessie is overcome with an unfamiliar sensation that makes her skin burn and she find herself in the cafeteria's freezer, ripping at slabs of bloody meat. She then turns to run to the showers, her body on fire.

Nessie discovers that all the commotion was caused by something she had never thought about—menstruation. The next time she glances in the mirror she is no longer looking at a slender little 14 year old, she sees a mature and lengthy adult. It turns out that male Halflings gradually grow into their mature bodies in 7 years while the females take only as long as they need to until they get their period and they change instantly.

Jacob still sits at home in La Push moping over Nessie's absence. He has flash backs of their time together.

Nessie spends the rest of her money on new clothing for her new body and is depressed to be broke. She dumps her old clothing in a park garbage and leaves in search of Chuck when she finds that he was in contact with a publishing company. She won't have him exposing her family. When she arrives she finds that he is being roughed up by a couple of skinhead vampires and Nessie does the best of her bluffing to scare them off. She accuses him of having something they want but he is oblivious. When she discovers that he is crippled and needs and cane to walk she feels guilty and decides to stay and help him incase vampires come around again.

Jacob turns to his mechanical skills to try and take his mind off of Nessie but all he can do is think of her and their memories together. He turns on the radio for a distraction and comes across and strange news story about an animal breaking into West Bartlett High, eating raw meat and a girl named Vanessa Black missing. He is convinced that the little monster who ate the bloody meat was his Nessie and he takes off for the city to find her.

Kalen reveals to Nessie that he is a warewolf—unlike the shape shifters—and went to Forks to look for more of his kind. His kind changes into their beast-form when there is no sun or no moon in the sky to govern their animalistic behavior. He tells her that when he was disappointed by no finds, he left town. He saw Nessie acting strangely on the train and wondered if she and him had anything in common.

Jake hurries to the next town on foot in his wolf form. He discovers that he is being followed by the only she-wolf, Leah. She claims that she needs to get away and want to help him find Nessie. Jake finds her behavior strange as she does not try to pass him on the run as she usually does. He claims that she smells strange. When they make it to the train station Jake notices that Leah is distraught over something. She tells him that she fears that her wolf side is more powerful then her own will and she fears doing something she regrets. Jake comforts her and tells her that he has her back and they board the trains and head for the city.

When they make it to West Bartlett High Jacob and Leah break into the school accompanied by a small group of school children that are hoping to see a monster. Leah manages to scare them off and Jake picks up on Nessie's scent in a locker. And finds her coat, Jacob is ecstatic that he has found his first clue.

Leah and Jake go down to the girl's locker room to look for more clues since that was where the police had found Nessie's boots. When they come up with nothing they head to the cafeteria for a last attempt at more clues. Leah becomes melancholy again and Jake demands to know that is up. Leah's eyes glass over and she attacks Jake with a kiss. He manages to pull away and accuses her off being in heat. When Leah's eyes look sheepish he starts to laugh at discovering Leah's secret.

Leah scolds him for laughing and she bursts into tears. She reveals that she is afraid she already did something horrible. She mated with Sam in her wolf form and tells him that the strange mess that Jake picked up on, on their run was pheromones. Jake is angry at Sam for touching Leah and tells her to go home, not to morph and wait for him to get back so they can deal with this.

Nightfalls again and Nessie is on the top floor of Kalan's condo, on the patio. She is staring at the moon once again, feeling its pull. She reaches for it. Her desire for the orb in the sky is short lived when she is interrupted by the break in of the two skinhead vampires who have returned and brought a third. They are back and have discovered that Nessie is not a vampire. They begin to search the apartment once more, looking for something.

Jacob searched near by for Nessie but soon loses her scent. She wanders into a park and sits down on a bench, full on angst. He was sure that he would find her, he was so empty without her. He smells her… he looks around franticly and comes back to a garbage can in the park and finds inside is a bundle of Nessie's clothing.

Fear fills him but the moon soon distracts him and his heart feels the moon pulling him. He soon finding himself running towards the moon at full speed, he scales a condo building, trying to get to it, reaching for it. Suddenly he realized that it wasn't the moon he was being pulled towards. He glances in the window and discovers Nessie—a lengthy enchantress being assaulted by a vampire. Jake crashes through the window and tears the vampires apart.

Nessie and Jacob share their first kiss and soon head back to Forks with Kalen so that he can find out more about his kind and get some answers. Nessie reviles that she is jealous of Leah and Jake and worried that Jake might end up mating with Leah when she goes into heat. Jake explains to Nessie and Leah is no longer aloud the phase when she is in heat and that he'd never betray her.

When they return The packs are snarling and barking at each other when news breaks that Leah and Sam had been together. Seth had found out about the incident and told Emily to repay Sam for hurting his sister.

Sam beat Seth up and the two packs are fighting. Billy ends the fight and Jake takes Nessie home. When they wake they find a very serious Edward and Bella standing infront of them and they demand to speak to Nessie alone. Jake allows this and goes back to the res to check on Leah.

Edward and Bella inform her that Aro had a child of his own and wishes that Nessie would wed his young son, Foxworth. He threatened all of them and promised that if their children wed that Nessie would be safe. Nessie refuses but when Edward tells her that he personally threatened Jacob she agrees that she will marry Fox.

Nessie breaks up with Jake over the phone and tells him never to see her again. Jake doesn't believe his ears and hurries to Nessie and promises that he will do anything to make them okay again, he just needs to know what he did wrong. The entire family caves and agrees to stand behind Nessie and Jake. Jake professes his love for Nessie and the two share a kiss.

Edward hears Nessie's thoughts and finds out that she was thinking of making love to Jacob. He begs her to wait until marriage. Nessie considers it but makes no promises. Edward is confident that she will listen to his advice.

Jake leaves once again to check on Leah's state and finds her sitting at the kitchen table at the Clearwater's with Charlie's gun. She is going to kill herself. Jake pleads with her not to do it. Leah feels alone and used. Kalen talks her down, telling her that she is too young, bright and beautiful. He reveals that he knows that she is pregnant with Sam's child and tells her that things will get better. He admits that he tried to kill himself once before and that's how he hurt his knee and why he needs a cane. He regrets the attempt and tells her that she will too.

Leah reduces to tears and hands over the gun and Kalen comforts her.

Jake returns to Nessie and finds that she is trying on clothing that Alice brought her. Then Cullens all went to feed since they have been Black-eyed for a while. Jake is enticed by a sexy red dress that Nessie was wearing and looks at her like he has never before. They make love.

When the Cullen's return they gather around the table and wait for Carlisle to complete a pregnancy test that should determine whether Nessie is pregnant even at this early time. Edward is very angry and threatens to kick Jake out. Instead Nessie leaves with Jake to stay at the Clearwater's. Everyone is relived that Nessie is not pregnant.

When Nessie and Jake return to the Cullen's to gather her things they discover that Edward has redecorated Nessie's bedroom to accommodate Jacob. More storage space and even a bed for two. He tells her that he still doesn't approve but refuses to lose his daughter over it. Unfortunately the happy reunion is shortly lived when Aro shows up with Fox and takes Nessie away to Italy. Foxworth had put a spell over Nessie some how to make her only have eyes for him.

Months pass and Jake remains in despair. Kalen and Leah share a secret relationship. A dark feline-like woman shows up in town and tells Jake that Nessie has a message for him to give up on her. The woman's name is Kat and she is Foxworth's twin sister. Jake takes this as a sign that Nessie needs him and he and Edward take off to Italy to get Nessie. She would have not sent Kat if she wasn't thinking right.

Meanwhile, Nessie finds herself getting increasingly jealous of the women who Fox has coming in and out of his life. She lashes out at him and in the heat of the moment the two make love.

Jake and Edward start their journey for Italy to get Nessie back.

Fox tells Nessie that they don't have to be miserable together. They are practically royalty, they should act like it. He takes her out to meat a friend, Alsario, who owns a boutique. Alsario is a fabulous, fashionable vampire who hits it off with Nessie from the start. Nessie expressed to him that she wants to be someone else. He tells her that he can make that happen and gives her a sexy new look. Fox takes her out to a club where they dance the night away and act as if they were a real couple on a honeymoon.

Nessie returns home from her night out to find Jacob and Edward waiting for her. She is stand-offish. She goes to her room to be alone and has a mental breakdown, destroys her new dress, jewelry and cuts off all of her lovely long hair.

Nessie goes into a coma which we later find out is due to the blood that Fox was feeding her. It was poisoned with his blood to make her addicted to him. But Fox's venom had poisoned Nessie since she didn't produce her own venom—being a female—she did not have the antibodies to fight it.

Jacob takes Nessie back to Forks and brings along Fox so that he can give them venom to try and make an antidote with. Fox surrenders his venom and Jake scares him off.

They return to discover that Seth had imprinted of Fox's sister, Kat. Kat doesn't have anywhere to go so she is determined to stay with Nessie for fear that Aro will try to kill her as Alice had predicted.

Leah and Kalen move in together.

Nessie wakes from her coma and agrees to marry Jake to make sure that no one can claim her other then him. She decides that she will do this her way and has a very untraditional and wildly inappropriate wedding ceremony.

Nessie and Jake share a few ups and down over the next few days. They have a blissful Forks honeymoon and then their first marital spat. Nessie, Jake, Kat and Leah all head down to the beach for a sunny day with the pack. The boys play soccer while the girls enjoy the sun. Seth is awkwardly staring at Kat. Leah convinces Kat to wave at Seth whispers renders him speechless.

Misty is playing in the water and the tot takes a tumble. Injuring her head. Rachel—Jake's sister—performs CPR and saves her life. Sam is angry that Leah wasn't taking better care of Misty and threatens to take her away from Leah. Kalen meanwhile returns and forgets that it is no moon and changes into his beast form and almost attacks Nessie. Kat phases into a form of a black wild cat and attacks Kalen. Leah ultimately takes Kalen out with a tranquilizer gun and locks him up until he changes back.

Kat takes off to be by herself and Seth finds her. The two bond over cliff diving and Seth even manages to get a dance out of her when he hears music coming from across the lake.

Seth, Kat and Nessie are forced to embark on a little road trip when they discover that Kalen has taken off to protect Misty and Leah from his beast form. Nessie manages to convince him to come back to town and Leah and Kalen are reunited without Leah even knowing that he had left.

Edward has had enough of Nessie and Jake being too comfy in their simple and unproductive lives and tell them to pack up and leave with the Cullens to go to school in another town. Nessie refuses and the Cullens all leave her and Jake behind in La push where Nessie and Jake must try and make a life for themselves while under Billy's roof with Paul and Rachel as well.

Nessie finds herself becoming sick and passes out while at work at the local B&B where her and Rachel work. Jake takes her to see Dr. Keller and they discover that she is pregnant. Jake wants to do good by Nessie so he secretly buys them a small little house to work on while they wait for the baby to come.

While at a father's day celebration, Jake lets it slip that Nessie is pregnant. Also a distant Clearwater relative returns. Her name is Eli and she is Chester Clearwater's—Harry's brother's—adopted daughter. Eli seems to get along with everyone despite having been picked on for her white complexion as a child on the res.

Nessie, having no maternity clothing borrows Becky's baggy shorts from a box in the closet and discovers al old love letter in the pocket.

It appears that Becky and Eli both has a massive crush on a boy named Tristian and Becky has kept a love letter from Eli that Tristian had written to her.

Edward has a change of heart and returns to Forks with the Cullens to try and make amends with Nessie. Months pass and Nessie becomes more and more pregnant and a bit annoyed at Jake.

Unfortunately Jake receives a phone call and discovers that his father has a stroke and later dies. Hurt by his father's passing, Jake becomes distant and absent minded. Him and Nessie leave a kettle on the stove and their little house burns down, sending Nessie into labor. Carlisle is able to stop the contractions and Nessie and Jake move back in with the Cullens.

Jake gets bad news that the bank is threatening to take Billy's house from Rachel and Paul so he goes to talk to them and discovers that Becky is in town because her and her husband split. Jake is angry to discover that Tristian is also in town and it appears that Becky may have left her husband for the boy that Eli and her fought over.

Nessie finally gives birth to twins. Something shocking happens. It appears that only one baby belongs to Jake and the other belongs to Fox. It had laid dormant inside of Nessie until it could leach off of another life form to support it. As a result Jake's son is very weak and frail while the daughter fathered by Fox is strong and growing. This development tears the family apart and forms two new sides.

Nessie, Edward, Bella, Jake and Emmett against Esme, Carlisle, Jasper, Alice and Rose.

Nessie names her son with Jake after Billy; River William Black and her daughter, Emma, for Emmett who sacrificed so much for their safety.

Nessie, Jake , Bella, Emmet, the twins and Edward leave town. Jake decides to go back to Forks when he is worried that River and takes him to Carlisle. Carlisle confirms that River is blind and that is the last straw. On Jakes way back to Rachel and Paul's Jake discovers Eli and Becky arguing in the woods and it becomes apparent that Tristian was never the object of Becky's affection. It was Eli.

Jacob gathers his family and pack and tells them of the situation. He agrees to stay in La Push with River. He told Nessie that she is welcome to come live with him but she cannot bring Emma. His heart is broken and Nessie is destroyed but he knows that there is only one way to keep his son safe from harm. He has an obligation to keep the future pack leader safe and hope one day that he will be cured of his blindness.

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