(Let me know if you get tired of River's POV but I kind of like writing in his voice)

River's POV

I try to sneak out of the house before anyone is up. I kind of want to avoid meeting my mom or dad after what happened last night. Dad catches me so I tell him that I am going to check on Emma and he seems pleased. The truth is that Misty is supposed to come back into town today from her little road trip to load up on supplies so I am going over to Sam's house to surprise her with my miracle sight.

When I walk through the front door however the only people I see are Jesse and Emma sitting at the table playing cards as Sam and Emily pull out of the drive.

"Where is Misty at?" I ask and sit down at the table with the two who take a few moments to even notice I am here.

"She's not coming back," Jesse said casually. I feel my stomach sink.

"What? Why? Where is she?" I feel anxious.

"Relax, Rover," Jesse rolled his eyes, "she's an adult now… can do what ever she wants. If she'd rather travel around with her guitar and sing in dirty bars than go to college then that is her business."

"That is what she is doing?" I am shocked, I had never heard Misty sing and I had no clue that she was interested in music. Though, our friendship had unraveled the last couple of years when she started hanging around with see-folk. Now that my vision had returned—or rather been blessed on me as I only ever remember seeing some colours and shapes as a young child before everything turned completely black.

"Yep… and dad is pissed," Jesse replied. "He said he is going to go to California and drag her right back home, make her enroll for another year of high school until she can apply for college again next year."

"Oh… good," I reply before I realize it.

"Good? She's getting the hell out of this town and doing what she loves… how can forcing her to stay and then do something against her will be good?" Emma asked putting her cards down.

Before I can reply Jesse jumps in, "he has a big crush on my sister."

I feel my cheeks tingle and it is a good thing that my dark skin is too tan from the last few days of sun we had to appear red.

"She is my friend. I don't like her being off by herself," I reply quickly. "There are enough crazies in our small community, I'd hate to think of the loons in the cities."

"Yeah… sure." Emma said. "I'd love to go to California. Get the hell out of here for a bit," Emma said, "Everyone is always on my back."

"California is pretty far," Jesse smiled at her ridiculous request.

"So?" Emma smiled at him, "I bet you could run there in a day," she smirked.

"No… I'm not that easy," he replied and put his cards down. He's lucky she isn't working her voodoo on him or else he's be already running south. The phone rings and Jesse gets up to answer it.

"I saw what you did last night, does it work on everyone?" I ask Emma… Her eyes narrow in on me.

"I don't know what you are talking about," she says in a breezy voice and flips her hair nonchalantly. I raise my brow… yeah—that was convincing.

"River, it's for you—your dad must have you were hear," he shrugged and tossed the cordless at me.

"Hello?" The line is crackly so I stand up and try to walk around but have to go outsite. I am really hoping it is Misty.

"River?" I frown as I hear a voice that is static.

"Who is this? I cannot hear you." I sigh and keep walking but the line must be bad on her end. I can just tell that it is a girl and she sounds a bit like Misty but I cannot be sure.

"I need your help," she says and I frown.

"Misty?" I ask.

"No, it's Penny… Please come get me. I cannot stay here anymore," she says and I listen in closer. Of course it is Penny. Duh… I am a bit disappointed.

"How can I come and get you?" I chuckle, she doesn't know I can see but still I am not going to break her out of 'fat-camp'.

"Uncle Jacob told me you can see—you can come get me. Please," she pleads with me.

"Sweetie, your mother and father spent good money to try and help you out. You'll just have to stick it out and put on a brave face and before you know it, the summer will be over and you'll be back here again with me and your parents but you'll feel better and have lots of friends to write to," I smile, I can just imagine her puffy little face all pouty. Dad showed me some pictures of Penny. She is a cute little girl—I think it was a bit extreme for her parents to send her away for a bit of baby fat. However, I am bias because I love her so much, she is my baby sister even if she technically is my cousin.

"River, I left the camp three days ago," she says and my heart leaps in immediate fear…. What!

"You did what? Where are you calling from?" I freak out and rightly so.

"A pay phone, I've been trying to walk back but I got lost. I am in some place called White Planes," she said.

"White Planes? Jesse? Where is White Planes?" I call out and Jesse appears on the front porch.

"White Planes? That's all the way near Spokane," he replies, "why?"

I don't answer him, "how the hell did you get all the way out there—please don't tell me you hitch-hiked, your parents are going to kill you."

"I figured as much… that is why I called you. Please I need you help, River. I'm running out of time for this call. I am at the motor in on a steet called Chestnut."

"Alright, fine… just… sit tight," I sigh and hang up the phone. Great… how am I going to get all the way out there? I have never driven a day in my life and it'd be easier to run in wolf form but if I do that my dad will find out and then Paul will know.

"What wrong?" Emma asked coming out of the porch. Jesse puts an arm around her.

"River needs to go to White Planes," Jesse said to Emma.

"Oooh.. is that in California?" Emma asked with her eyes sparkling.

"No," I reply, "I have to figure something out. How the hell am I going to get there?"

"Jesse will drive you," Emma volunteered her boyfriend.

"I will?" he grunts.

"Please… I need out of here for a bit… please?" she said looking into his eyes… I watch his focus glass over and then he snaps out of it, with a smile.

"Alright, lets go," he said taking out his keys.

I cannot believe it—she did it again… Whatever works… I need to get to Penny. She is in soooo much trouble.