Introduction- Hello, I decided to do a complete remake of my first story, because I wanted to make it a bit longer. I've also decided to scrap my sequel, because I think I unfairly bashed Commander Feral, who in this new version of my original story will be an ally of the SWAT Kats, not a hateful creep.(Sorry Ulyferal) .

Chapter 1.

Captain's personal log- Stardate:4739.2... While proceeding through a previously unexplored sector of the galaxy, we've discovered a planetary system containing a class-m world called Katrus by the inhabitants, who ironically happen to be a race of intelligent felines. Calling themselves kats, they 're technology is very similar to what Earth's was like in the early 21st century, so I've had Mr. Scott cloak the Enterprise with a device we confiscated from a Klingon battlecruiser not too long ago.

Our mission is still to observe and explore new worlds, but we don't want to reveal ourselves to the kats just yet. My communications officer, Lieutenant M'ress,is a feline herself, and will soon be transporting down to the planet's surface to begin a study of the inhabitants. Using the Enterprise's computer, she has already applied for a position as a secretary to Calico Briggs, the Deputy Mayor of the planet's largest city, called Megakat. Later this afternoon, she will be having an appointment with Miss Briggs, therefore, M'ress has exchanged her Starfleet uniform for some of the native's attire.

"Well captain, what do you think?" asked M'ress, as she came into the transporter room,wearing a bright yellow blouse and tan skirt that ended right at the top of her thighs.

"Um, I'd say you look ready for your mission, lieutenant.." muttered Kirk,who in actuality was trying to keep his hormones from coming unglued. His communications officer was quite an attractive member of her species, having light auburn fur, brunette hair, and an elongated tail that ended in a red tuft. Any male of M'ress' species, the Caitions, would most certainly want to have her as a mate, but for the past few years, finding a partner had been the very last thing on her mind. Lieutenant M'ress was a Starfleet officer, and her duties on the Enterprise and her career came first.

Stepping onto the transporter platform, M'ress nodded her head and said, "Farewell Captain, I'll contact you periodically over the next few weeks..."

"Certainly Lieutenant, by then you should gain a good amount of information about the kats," replied Kirk. "Energize, Mr. Scott.."

When Lieutenant M'ress materialized on the planet Katrus, she was relieved to see that there was nobody around to see her sudden arrival. As planned, Mr. Scott has transported her to an area outside Megakat City, where not many kats lived. Taking her tricorder out of the purse M'ress had brought along, which was filled with papers that she needed for her interview, the Caition pointed it in several directions, and discovered that there were two life forms nearby inside a large building that she could see nearby. It was located inside what could only be described as a scrap yard for old cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Megakat City could be clearly seen in the distance, so M'ress started walking in it's direction. As she continued down the dirt road, M'ress saw a car coming, so she moved over to the side,to let the driver pass. When it did, the caition saw the driver of the green sedan, and gaped, because it was none other than Calico Briggs, the deputy mayor! M'ress watched in interest, and Callie pulled her car into the salvage yard, and then into the building, which apparently was a repair shop. Curious, M'ress decided to see why this high ranking city official was doing here, so she turned around, and walked towards the garage. Peering into the front door, M'ress saw Miss Briggs get out of her car, and greet two male kats wearing mechanics overalls.

"Hello Deputy Mayor, what can we do for you today?" asked the larger tan furred kat.

"My engine is pinging again Chance, I was on my way to city hall for a meeting, so can you be as fast as you can, I don't have time to talk.."

"Oh sure, no problem," nodded the other tabby, who was shorter and had red brick fur. "So, what's what's this meeting about, anyways?"

'I'm interviewing someone to be my new secretary.." sighed the deputy Mayor. "She's supposed to be in my office in 30 minutes, so that's why I'm in such a hurry, Jake.."

"Ok, we'll go as fast as our paws can, Miss Briggs.." said Chance, as he lifted up the hood.

Smiling at the coincidence of the Deputy Mayor being in almost the exact spot where she beamed down to, M'ress knocked on the door, and entered the garage. Staring in amazement at the lovely creature that had just come in, Jake cleared his throat, and muttered, "Uh, hello there miss, welcome to our garage, how can we help you?"

"Well, actually, I think it's Miss Briggs I can help.." smiled M'ress, as she stepped up to Callie and offered her paw.

"Oh, how so, miss?" asked Miss Briggs.

"Well, I couldn't help but overhear your conversation about your meeting..." replied the Caition. "So let me say that there's no need for you to rush, because I'm Maggie Lynx..."

"Oh, hi!" exclaimed Callie in surprise, shaking her paw. "But what are you doing here?"

"Well, I was walking to Megakat City for my interview, when I saw you pull your car in here. So I decided to see why you were here too, and I guess it's because your car is on the fritz, hm?"

"You got that right..." sighed the deputy mayor in disgust. "I think I might be getting a new one soon. Well then, since we've met, let's take a seat over here and have the interview. No sense in driving all the way to city hall for it."

As the two females sat down on the couch, and began to discuss things, Jake and Chance looked over Miss Briggs' sedan.

"Here's the problem Jake, the fan belt's just loose...uh, Jake, can you please give me a paw, and stop looking at our visitor?"

"Oh, sorry Chance, " sighed his friend, who's insides were churning. Never in his 9 lives had jake ever seen such a lovely she-kat as Maggie. Yes, Callie was very pretty, but in Jake's mind, the brunette she-kat sitting next to her was even more stunningly beautiful. Trying to keep his mind on his work, Jake helped Chance repair the fan belt in less than 15 minutes. When they were finished, they both went back into the kitchen while Callie continued to interview Maggie(M'ress).

Smiling at his partner, Chance muttered, 'I think somebody here has got the hots for Maggie.."

"And why not?" gasped Jake. "You've got a crush on Callie, so why can't I have a crush of my own?But unlike you, buddy, I'm not afraid to ask mine out, so when Maggie is finished with her interview, that's exactly what I'm going to do.."

"Jake, please don't bring up the subject again, you know that rich she-kat like Callie wouldn't be interested in a lower-class tom like myself.." sighed Chance.

"Hey partner, you started it..." shrugged Jake, as he took a can of milk out of the fridge.

Ten minutes later, the interview finished, and both Callie and M'ress came into the kitchen to give the guys an annoucement.

"Jake, Chance, meet Maggie Lynx, my new secretary.." grinned Miss Briggs in delight.

"Well, well, congratulations..." replied Jake, shaking Maggie's paw. "How about we celebrate later on this evening Maggie, just the two of us? There's this great restaurant in town called the Katnip Club.."

"Why sure thing, Jake.." purred M'ress, who was starting to like this handsome mechanic. "But I'm sorry to say that I don't have a car right now.."

"Don't worry, I've got a big motorbike, I'll pick you up at five.." growled the kat.

"Where are you staying?"

"Nowhere actually, I'm a stranger to this town.." the caition mewed. "I was hoping to find an apartment somewhere..."

"Nonsense, you can stay here.." grinned Jake, which caused Chance to gasp inwardly."We don't have an extra bedroom, but you can always use mine.."

"Then where will you sleep, handsome? " replied M'ress, as she put her soft arms around the kat's waist.

"I was hoping we could share, beautiful, "Jake growled back, as he nuzzled her cheek.

"I was hoping you'd say that.." whispered M'ress. "But let's take a walk outside and talk some more in private, ok?"

"But don't you have to go to work, Maggie?" asked the mechanic.

"Not until tomorrow morning, Miss Briggs here can pick me up..." she replied.

"Sure, I'll be here at 8:30, Maggie.." smiled Callie. "I'm glad you and Jake have hit it off so quickly. Now if only I could be so lucky with a certain kat that I'm fond of.."

"Oh, and just who is that, Miss Briggs?" pondered Chance, feeling a bit nervous that it was some high-class kat who lived in the Deputy Mayor's apartment.

"Uh, please don't laugh, but it's one of the SWAT Kats.."sighed Callie. "T-bone to be precise..."

"Hey, we won't, practically all the she-kats in Megakat City have a crush on him or Razor.."smiled Jake, who gave his partner a quick wink.

"Thanks, guys.." Callie smiled back, blushing a bit under her fur. "Oh, excuse me, it's getting late, I'm supposed to meet my friend Dr. Sinian at Megakat Museum, she says she's has something interesting for me to guys, and I'll see you tomorrow Maggie.."

"I'll be here, Deputy Mayor.." nodded M'ress.

After Callie drove away in her limo, Jake and his new found love walked outside while Chance continued to stare into space, still not believing the words that had come out of the Deputy Mayor's mouth. She was in love with his alter ego! Shaking his head in disbelief, Chance sat down, and put his head in his paws. What in the world was he supposed to do now? The she-kat of his dreams had a crush on him, but he couldn't tell Callie that he was T-bone, because Miss Briggs had specifically told both SWAT Kats a long time ago that she never wanted to know their secret identities, for the sake of the city. Sighing outloud, Chance decided that there was only one thing to do.. explain his feelings to her as T-bone, the next time the SWAT Kats were called into action.