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To say she was on fire would be a serious understatement. Blair felt like she was on top of the world. The last six weeks with Chuck had been pure bliss, more than she could have either hoped to attain or imagine. He'd stayed true to his word, had treated her like an angel. She never doubted for a second how long it would last. She knew it'd last forever. He'd nearly sold The Empire before she'd run in at the last second and stopped him. She knew he was still feeling guilty. She just didn't think he'd go to such extremes. It spoke volumes of how much he loved her, even if it took a great amount of effort to get him to change his mind and get the document of sale torn to shreds. A simple glare to the possible purchasers was all they needed to leave. Her disdainful remark didn't hurt either – you can go now. Chuck looked at her in disbelief after they'd left and she fell a little bit more in love with him right there. She cupped his face in her hands and kissed him, glorying in the fact that all though he'd been thwarted and was no doubt confused, he still instinctively wrapped his arms around her waist. During those weeks, she hardly knew Serena or Nate even existed, let alone any other human being on the planet.

A carriage ride, a special delivery of peonies, roses, diamonds and chocolates, and now a dinner at the fanciest restaurant in all of Manhattan, one where their seats were overlooking the city and the river. She was amazed by it. And she'd have to be blind if she didn't see what was coming next. She only hoped she could contain herself if he was only teasing her and tonight was not the night. She wanted to know what it looked like, how it would sparkle on her finger. She wanted to hear the words on his lips. Will you marry me? She shivered when she thought about it. She wanted it to be real.

"You look beautiful, Blair."

Somehow she kept herself from blushing. Or, if she had mistakenly allowed the light pink to rise in her cheeks, she recovered from it quickly. The distraction of looking over her one shouldered sparkling dress that trailed just past her knees and held snugly to her figure gave her just the time she needed. When she looked up she could see him staring at her, completely in love. It gave her shivers that visibly rippled over her neck and shoulders. The diamond clips placed throughout her loose updo of curls shimmered in the sweet evening light.

"Yes, well, you said to dress up," she said, unable to fight the smile stretching across her face. He nodded once, still looking completely enamoured with her.

"You always look so beautiful," he said, not breaking eye contact for a second. He reached his hand across the table and she lightly set her hand in his warm grasp. If she was not mistaken, there were light trickles of sweat forming in the crevices of his palm. He was nervous. Her heartbeats sped up at that realization. It was coming.

"You've been very romantic today, Chuck," she said softly, her fingers tracing over the curves of his hand. He almost seemed to tremble in the gentle embrace.

"Aren't I always?" he asked, managing to get just a little flamboyant with the blatant question of how exquisitely amazing he was.

"Mmm," she mused, smiling. "But not quite so much as you have today." She paused, her eyes moving from their dancing fingers to his eyes. She saw the hidden nervousness in his taut face and unnerved tense behavior that was traveling down his arm to his fingers. "Something special you have in mind?"

He looked up at her and seemed to relax. He probably knew, she thought, knew that she'd caught on. The tone of her voice and the magic lighting her eyes looked to have given him all the courage he needed.

"Let's finish dinner first," he said coyly, smirking throughout his entire suggestion. Her smile widened somehow, but she nodded – as if she could do anything else. She released his hand and returned to her meal.

When champagne and desserts arrived, she wondered if he'd be so corny as to hide the ring in the class or amidst the pie. He didn't. Silently, she approved, even though she knew she'd be so excited about him finally proposing that she wouldn't have cared just how he'd done it, if it had happened that way. It would only be afterwards, when they were telling the story of how he'd proposed, that she would tease him for it.

"I think you know what's coming," he said awhile later. She looked up at him, tilting her head to the side innocently, but the dazzling smile on her face gave her away. He stood up and walked around to her side of the table, getting down on one knee and taking her hands in his own. He didn't break eye contact for a second. His hazel eyes were shimmering in the light. Her breath caught in her throat. There had been many times throughout her relationship with Chuck – and in her life in general – when she'd lost the ability to breathe. And even though she'd known this moment was coming, and soon, the sight before her was more breathtaking than she could have ever imagined. She was beyond tempted to just say yes! right then before he even got his mouth open to speak.

"Blair," he began, very sure of his ground now, his deep breaths fully accomplished, his sweat and chills displaying obvious nervousness diminished, and the sparkling engagement ring he'd had crafted especially for her waiting ready to be claimed safely in his pocket.

"There are not enough words in the universe to express how much I love you. You've been with me through everything, and you've never stopped loving me, not really. You're beautiful beyond comparison, and you've got one hell of a talent in the bedroom." She flushed. "Or anywhere else for that matter," he murmured seductively.

"Chuck…" she scolded playfully, worried very suddenly how embarrassing it'd be if she moistened her underwear in her spectacular evening gown. She still wanted to dance with him before they left. He pursed his lips and took another deep breath.

"I love you," he said sincerely, his eyes speaking a thousand different words in a million different language, the hazel depths plunging into the majesty of the ocean and sunset alike. "Please, please marry me. And I promise I'll love you forever. I won't hurt you anymore. You will be my highest priority, even against my family name and business. You already are my everything. Please let me make that forever. Let me be yours. I don't think I could stand it if I didn't—"

She lowered herself in a rush and kissed him, silencing his words, and what seemed to be his ever constant doubts. "Yes, you idiot," she murmured against his open mouth, her lips spreading into a smile that almost matched his own. With some great attempt at will power, she held herself back from kissing him with even more fervor and determination. Instead, she sat back in her seat and he remembered on that cue to pull the velvet box from his pocket. He opened it and the ring sparkled in front of her. Her eyes widened in the beauty of it. She was overwhelmed.

"Blair Waldorf, will you marry me?" he requested, even though she'd already said yes.

She'd been too mesmerized by the ring to stop him from speaking this time. He was down on bended knee again, uninterrupted and professing his love to her, begging to have her forever, even if nothing in the world could have changed that. Her eyes lifted from the ring to his heartfelt face. He looked so in love with her she thought she'd burst. A silly grin appeared on her face and she started nodding rapidly. The wide, contagious smile exploded on his face again. He took the hand she already had extended and slid the ring onto her finger. She seemed in shock that it was finally there, that she was really his, officially. He didn't think he could stand it anymore. He stood to his feet suddenly, more quick than he thought was possible, and pulled her to him hastily, kissing her more passionately than he thought he had in a public place. She wrapped her arms around him, pulling him somehow even closer. After several long moments past pulling away, their foreheads and eyes connected, lost only in themselves and their love, they heard the restaurant's other customers' applause around them. They pulled away further and looked at the flood of people, unable to rip the smiles from their faces.

Chuck took Blair's glass of champagne from the table and then picked up his own. He held it high above of his head. "To the future Mrs. Bass," he announced to the room, and then turned to her, almost unable to stand the professing love in her eyes. "God damn, I'm lucky."

Applause rippled through the room as he lowered his lips to hers again. As if on cue, the band on the far side of the dance floor started playing. Their faces nuzzled against each other and warmed their souls. He led her onto the shining marble dance floor and brought her close, starting to slowly sway her in way of the music. They held each other's gaze and smiled to the point that it almost ached – as if they could do anything else.

Later he'd tell her that he'd contemplated proposing to her in their limo. But of course he'd changed his mind in the light of it not being very classy. She'd never let him live it down. And she would not be fond of informing her friends and family that her devil of a husband had proposed to her in the place she'd lost her virginity.


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