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A forest.

It was quiet.

Not a sound was heard.

A lone figure standing in a clearing area, surrounded by trees. He is still. He is silent

A blur rushes past trees. He tenses and prepares for an attack.

Out of nowhere, the blur comes right at him. He barely has time to block. His opponent quickly drops to sweep a kick under his feet, he cannot move his feet in time. He drops to the ground as his opponent raises a staff above his head; he blocks the blow and pushes back forcing his opponent to fall on his back. He leaps into the air and aims a punch, but his opponent quickly rolls over. Before he can aim another blow his opponent, a swift kick is aimed at his chin, he falls to the ground with a thud and before he can stand, his opponent is standing over him, his staff close to his face. He is defeated.

A hand reaches out to him.

"Good Work" he says as he is pulled up. His opponent removes his mask.

"Lucario how much longer do we have to train." Ash said once he could finally breathe.

"As long as it takes Ash." Lucario stated looking around once more. "I promised your father I would keep you updated with your training. I would think by now you would be used to it."

"Who could get used to being woken up at 5:00 in the morning?" Ash asks as he tries to stifle a yawn.

"We must be prepared for any circumstances." Lucario insisted. "You're actually progressing very well, especially with your hand to hand combat training."


"Let's go" Lucario said leading Ash to yet another training exercise.

For the past two months Ash had been training relentlessly with Lucario. Every morning Lucario would wake Ash up at 5:00 in the morning and they would train for three hours until about 8:00 when everyone else woke up. So far they had been training to improve Ash's combat skills, his Aura Sight and Sense, and his Aura attacks.

They had been sparring for about an hour and a half, and now it was onto the next step of their training which was usually meditation.

Lucario finally picked a spot near the lake and sat cross-legged, he gestured for Ash to do the same. Once Ash was on the ground Lucario began to speak.

"Do you know why it is important to meditate regularly?" he asked.

"Because it's important for us to maintain a bond with our Aura," Ash answered. "All Guardians had an Aura Core which was the source of their powers. Whenever they meditated it allowed them to connect with their Core and they also used meditation to strengthen their Cores."

"It's nice to hear you've actually been paying attention during our history sessions." Lucario said nodding approvingly, "Today I am going to teach you a form of meditation called Tirey Tsahaylu"

Ash tried pronouncing the name but he found it difficult to say the words, Lucario chuckled a little at his attempt.

"I know it's hard to pronounce," He explained, "The words were taken from the language of the First Teacher."

"The First Teacher?"

Lucario stiffened as he realized what he said. No one was supposed to know about the First Teacher, only fully initiated Guardians were allowed to know about the First Teacher. Then again…

Lucario looked at Ash again. With everything Ash had been through he was more than privy to the knowledge of the First Teacher, not only that, technically Ash, Aaron and Lucario were the only Guardians left in the world, so there was no reason it should be secret.

He gave a big sigh before he spoke again.

"Ash what I am about to tell you is very privileged information." Lucario said, "Only a select handful of Guardians ever knew about the First Teacher, but you are more than worthy of such information."

Ash nodded knowing how serious Lucario was being.

"Three hundred years before our time," Lucario began, "That would be approximately five hundred years ago now, Cameron didn't exist. In fact where the kingdom stands now there was only a small village…


The people of Cameron Village are settling into their new home. They had traveled for many days. They didn't have much, they were a poor group, but the people were hardworking and determined to make a living.

A group of men and gatherers had traveled towards the deep of the forest to search for food. As they looked into the darkness they saw a flash of light. They look up to see a shooting star flying close…too close. Before they knew it they had to duck down to avoid being hit. A crash could be heard nearby, once they knew it was safe they ran to investigate it.

They made it to the clearing and found a twelve foot crater in the ground, they would have approached closer had they not seen an arm stretching out of the crater. A large figure looming ten feet was climbing out of the crater.

As the men gazed at this new being, they knew nothing was ever going to be the same.

(End Flashback)

"So the First Teacher came from the sky?" Ash asked.

Lucario nodded, "There have been many theories and stories to where the First Teacher came from, some say he was a God, others believe he was some sort of pokemon. He tells us about his home. He says it's large, and that there were plants and animals of all kinds, and his people were incredibly attuned to all life forms of life in their world. They were a peaceful people, no wars, no famine, no suffering.

Ash was deep in thought as he heard the story, finally he smiled. "Sounds like it was paradise there, he must've missed home a lot."

"I suppose he did." Lucario agreed. "Now we should get on with our meditation, the others will be up soon so we should make the most of the time we have."

They meditated for about an hour and then spent their last half hour developing their Aura attacks. Ash was focusing on using his Vision to heighten his sense of sight and he was using the trees for target practice on his Aura Spheres.

Soon enough it was almost 8:00 and they were making their way back to camp everyone was getting up and helping to cook breakfast.

"He guys!" Brock greeted waving his frying pan at them.

Max immediately ran over to Ash, "How was training?" he asked in an eager voice.

Ash began to tell him all about it as they were sitting down to eat, all was well…for the time being.

Meanwhile in a world, far beyond their own, a world whose existence they were completely oblivious to, a woman of wisdom was having an event of her own.

The shaman was sitting cross-legged by a fire. Her eyes were rolling in the back of her head and she was shaking, a vision was coming to her. She gasped as she awoke from her trance.

(Mother) A young woman's voice could be heard, (Mother, what is wrong?)

She was worried for the troubled look that crossed her mother's face.

(Something is coming.)

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