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"If it really is the first teacher then why would he take Ash?" Aaron demanded. "Why not just send him and Mewtwo back here where he would've been safe."

Aaron, Lance, Jackie, and Judy had taken their meeting to the conference room where they could discuss things privately. They didn't want to involve Ash's friends at the risk of putting them in danger again. They had already lost Ash, they weren't about to lose another child.

"He's find as long as Mewtwo is with him." Mew reassured them, "You know as well as I do that he would do anything to keep Ash safe."

"She is right Master." Lucario reluctantly agreed. "Mewtwo would die before he allowed something to happen to Ash."

"It still doesn't make sense." Jackie argued. "Like Aaron said, why wouldn't the Teacher just bring Ash and Mewtwo back here, where would he send them?"

"It's pretty obvious something else is going on here." Lance said.

"Gee ya think?" Judy said sarcastically, "What was your first clue? The mad scientists, The clone, or the giant Death Ray?"

"Enough." Celebi said. "Arguing amongst each other is doing nothing to rectify the situation. We can go back and forth all we want, but essentially it all leads back to the Tree of Beginning."

"Then we go to the Tree, and get Ash and Mewtwo back." Jackie said.

"It's not that simple." Mew said.

"How is it not that simple?" Lance asked, "If the tree really is the First Teacher, then surely it would understand why we would want Ash back."

"If the First Teacher didn't send Ash back to us, then he obviously has a reason why." Mew explained The most likely reason is that he has a purpose for Ash somewhere else."

The sound of a fist being slammed on the table startling all of them. Aaron's fists clenched looking more enraged than they had seen him in a long time.

"This can't be happening again!" Aaron cried out, "I just got him back, I can't lose him again!"

"Aaron." Celebi moved toward him, but Aaron flinched back.

"Don't!" He snarled. "You keep saying that there's a greater purpose, that things happen for a reason, for the greater good, but what about Ash? What about what's best for him? Is this what he's meant to become? Merely a pawn for fate to use in order to make everything in the world better, with no regard to his own happiness?"

"Aaron you know that's not true." Celebi defended.

"Don't you dare tell me that." Aaron said in a low voice, "From the time he's become a trainer he's been through more trials and obstacles than any human could possibly take, let alone a child. Time and time again he's risked his very life for everyone else, but what about him? Name one time when anyone ever thought about him."

"Aaron," Mew began,

"No," Aaron snapped, "Don't justify this, I'm going to the Tree of Beginning and I'm going to get my son back. Anyone who objects is welcome to stay here."

Once he walked away, no one bothered to stop him.

"What do you know of these creatures?" Mewtwo asked Ash as they followed Norm to what he called the council room. He spoke in a hushed tone so that Norm wouldn't overhear them.

"They call themselves the Omaticaya," Ash said quietly, trying to remember everything he had processed. "At least that's what this clan is called, and the leader's name is Jake and he seems to be fine with us but from what I've seen the rest of them don't seem to particularly like humans"

Mewtwo stiffened once Ash said that, politics or nicities be pushed aside, Mewtwo would take down the entire village if he thought they were a threat to Ash.

Ash sensed his tension and tries to placate him. "Their leader already promised they wouldn't hurt us, and I think we can trust him."

"You can't know that for sure." Mewtwo replied. "How are you so calm when we are in a world we know nothing about?"

"Both my Dad and Lucario told me that the best thing a Guardian could do is follow their instincts and mine are telling me that this is where I'm meant to be." Ash said, trying to make sense of what he was feeling, "I-I can't describe it, but when you and I were shot with that laser I should've felt scared, and I was scared, but at the same time it felt...I just feel like I'm supposed to be here. I feel like I was brought here, for something."

Mewtwo contemplated what Ash was saying, and then a thought struck him. "Does this have anything to do with the dreams you've been having?"

Then it hit Ash like a lightning bolt.

"That's it!" He realized. "Mewtwo that's why it feels familiar, this place, it's exactly like in my dreams!"

"But why?" Mewtwo insisted, "Why would you have dreams about this place and why would you be brought here?"

"I don't know." Ash said, "But if we're going to get any answers then we have to talk with these...with the Omaticaya. They might be the only ones who can give us the answers we need."

"We're here." Norm said, oblivious to the conversation they had been having.

He stopped at two double wooden doors that led to some type of bubblelike dome in the facilitly.

"This is where we hold the council." Norm explained, "The scientists built this a few months back so that the sky people and Na'vi would have a neutral ground and where we created an atmoshere that both groups could breathe in without being compromised."

When Ash and Mewtwo said nothing he figured he could keep talking. "This is my stop, unless the council calls it then Sky people generally aren't allowed here. Soo...good luck."

With that he left them at the door.

Both Ash and Mewtwo looked on dubiously, and while Ash had come to some realizations that didn't mean that he couldn't still be cautious. Even though his instincts were saying that this was the right thing to do, he couldn't afford to put himself or Mewtwo at risk. He had to stay prepared. He steeled himself and looked at Mewtwo.

"Are you ready for this?" he asked Mewtwo.

Mewtwo looked at Ash, whose gazed was fixed upon the doors and he couldn't help but be struck in awe again. Here was this child, who had been forced into a world, into situation that he never should have been a part of and instead of complaining or cowering in fear, he stood tall and proud, determined to take on the challenge.

"I once said that you were the only human I would ever trust." He told Ash, "And I still feel that way, so if you believe that this is what we must do then I will follow you."

Ash looked at him surprised, he never realized that he had such an impact on Mewtwo, but he smiled at his support.

"Thanks." he said, then took a breath. "I guess we should go in now."

They opened the doors and entered the room where there was a round table with at least eight of the Na'vi already seated. Jake sat at the center with Tsu'tey and Neytiri on either side, and Mo'at next to Neytiri, the rest were some of the village Elders, Viram among them.

Jake stood up,

"Welcome." he said, "I know we got off to a bad start, but hopefully this meeting will clear a few things. "I guess we should start with introductions, you already know my name and I'm the chief of the Omaticaya, and this is Tsu'tey, he's my second in command, and this is Neytiri my mate. And you've already met Mo'at and she's like our spiritual leader, and these are the elders of our clan, Viram, Maroke, Sakuna, and Quar'on." (Guys I have no idea if these people exist I'm just making it up as we go along."

"Everyone," he continued, gesturing a hand towards Ash, "This is Ash, and this is...

He paused, momentarily forgetting Mewtwo's name.

"Mewtwo." Ash clarified.

"Mewtwo, and well they come from my place of birth, they come from earth." Jake explained

An elder spat something in their language which Ash couldn't understand, and he saw, whom he assumed, Jake's second in command bristle at the attitude with the older clan member.

Mo'at stood before another fight broke out. "This is Viram," She explained with forced patience, "he wishes to know how you both came to be here, and why you have come.

"To be honsest neither one of us actually knows how we got here." Ash said, "There was an attack back at our home, and these people, bad people they were trying to attack something very precious and I tried to stop them, Mewtwo got in the way to help, but somehow we both ended up being here."

Mo'at translated his explanation, and Viram seemed to scoff in disgust.

Surprisingly Tsu'tey was the one to speak the next question and he spoke in english so Ash could understand him. "This...Mewtwo? What sort of creature is he?"

Mewtwo bristled borth at the fact that he was being discussed as though he wasn't there and at the fact that Tsu'tey was talking about him at all.

"Mewtwo's a pokemon." Ash explained, "Pokemon are like the animals that exist in my world."

The others looked to Jake for confirmation, but he was as confused as they were.

"Pokemon?" he asked, "There's nothing like that on earth. I've never heard of things like that ever and trust me my brother was a scientist, he would've known about things like that."

"But that's where I do come from." Ash insisted, "I come from earth."

Jake frowned in confusion, unsure of how to take on these revelations. He had never heard of anything like this happening on his planet and he was sure things couldn't have changed that much on earth while he was gone. "I'm not sure what's going on here but I'll talk to Norm and Max, maybe they can make sense of this."

Another council member, not too old, but not too young had a pondering expression when he looked at Ash. He asked a question in their language and everyone in the council including Jake, Tsu'tey and Neytiri looked at him in bafflement.

Mo'at seemed to ask him what they meant and when he clarified she looked back at Ash.

"Maroke says that one of the warriors told him that you could shoot lights from you hands." She explained, "He says that is how you defeated them in battle."

"Wait defeated?" he asked, incredulously, "You're telling me he actually beat our warriors."

Neytiri finally stood up and looked towards Ash. "Can you show us? Can you show us these lights from you hands."

Ash looked at Mewtwo, and Mewtwo nodded as if to say, 'Trust your instincts'.

So that's what Ash did, he closed his eyes and cupped his palms together, once he opened them, his eyes flashed blue, and a flickering blue sphere started appearing in his hands.

Of course this got the council going and everyone stood up from their seats all at once, shouting amongst each other, Mewtwo immediately stepped in front of Ash, ready to defend him if need be.

Finally Jake finally had enough and raised his voice to stand out above all the rest.

/Enough!/ He yelled out. /Right now all we're doing is fighting each other and that is the exact opposite of what this meeting was meant for./

He looked towards Mo'at, and what he saw scared him. She was looking t, but she was frozen, and she seemed to get paler.

"Mo'at?" He called out.

Her gaze never left Ash.

/Mother?/ Neytiri called, /Mother?!/

That seemed to snap her out of her stupor. "Everyone must leave."

"Mo'at?" Jake inquired again.

/You must leave Jakesully./ Mo'at said in her most serious tone. /The elders and I must discuss something very important. Take the child and leave us to speak./

Normally Jake would put up a fight, but he had never seen her this shaken before and he felt that the best thing he could do was listen.

He bowed respectfully and led Neytiri and Tsu'tey out of the room. He moved to take Ash's shoulder, but the look on Mewtwo's face made him think twice.

"Follow us." He simply said. "Don't worry about this the elders were just surprised."

Mewtwo raised his brow in doubt, but walked out of the room, Ash not knowing what else to do, moved to follow him. But before he did, he turned back and addressed the elders.

"Look I'm sorry." he said, "Whatever I did I'm sorry. I never meant to offend you guys or scare you, so...I'm sorry."

He left to follow Mewtwo with Jake, Tsu'tey and Neytiri following him.

Once the young ones were gone, all of the elders finally released their masks all of them a mixture of confusion, awe, and horror.

/Mo'at/ Viram began, /The boy...he is...he has.../. He couldn't even finish his sentence.

/I know./ Mo'at replies, /I know/

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