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Demon/Summon thinking

Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, the 17 year old number one hyperactive, most unpredictable ninja of all of Konohagakure, let out a breath he was holding. He looking up to the sky and he let the rain hit his figure. His red battle cloak that he used when he decided to face off against those in Akatsuki, was in tatters. He had cuts and bruises everywhere. Having long lost his Hitai-ate during this battle made his blonde bangs cover his eyes. He then stared down at his opponent, Madara Uchiha, who laid motionless on the ground. The battle had Naruto use each and every one of his skills to barely scrape out a win against the near immortal enemy.

Naruto suddenly coughed up blood and fell to his hands and knees. 'Kuso, I shouldn't have used the Rasenshuriken at point blank to actually kill the guy'.

Kit, what the hell! We're going to die because of what you did! the Kyuubi shouted.

'Shut up baka-kitsune. At least this is all over. That pain in the ass Uchiha is gone, and at least everyone is safe.'

But we are going to die! the Kyuubi snapped. Has that even occurred to you yet! I swear sometimes you're a bigger idiot than Shukaku, and that's saying something.

'Didn't I say to shut-ACKK!' Naruto's thought was interrupted as pain started to go through his entire body. He clutched his sides and rolled on the floor screaming in agony. His breathing became shallow as he clutched his chest. His eyes zoomed in and out of focus, and the last thing he saw was Kakashi and Sai appear in front of him, shouting something. Then the darkness took him.

"Naruto!" Kakashi shouted as he saw his student close his eyes to the world. Kakashi then checked his pulse to see if he was still alive. He found none. "He's dead…" Kakashi said putting his head down. Sai too looked at his dead comrade who helped free his emotions

"We should take his body back to the village," Sai stated calmly. Kakashi nodded. He picked up his pupil's body and left. When they arrived at the village, a large funeral was held for their fallen hero. Even the people who Naruto had helped throughout his life had came to say their farewells to their savior. Tazuna, Inari and Tsunami came from Wave. Koyuki from Spring came as well as Shion from Demon. Gaara and his siblings came off to the funeral of the one who had freed Gaara from darkness. At the funeral everyone was crying for their loss, but the reformed Sasuke had said something that that surprised all of them at the ceremony.

He said: "The dobe, wouldn't want to see us like this. He would tell us to smile and go on with our lives. He wouldn't want our sadness to interfere with the chance of happiness he gave us. He'd probably shout at us for being like me too much (insert sad chuckle here). I personally agree with him. What he did was bring in a new age, a new dawn, where peace is possible. He may be gone but as long as he is here in our hearts and minds he will always be with us. So let's not lose sight of what has been given to us by him." The crowd cheered after that and agreed that though he may be gone he will always be with them. They had a statue made for him in each of the major villages and put his name right next to his father's on the memorial stone. Everyone moved on with their lives, but they kept retelling the story of the rather energetic ninja who brought piece to the Elemental Nations for ages to come.


Electric blue eyes snapped open to be assaulted by white light. "Kuso! Who turned on that bright light!" Naruto shouted. Looking around all he saw was white in all directions and that he was floating in space. "Eh? Where am I?" he said. He started to think, then the results of the last fight filled his mind. He had died. "I'm…dead?"

"Yes gaki you are," a deep voice came from all directions. It shocked Naruto since the voice was very, very familiar to him.

"No… it can't be". Naruto whipped around to see Jiraya standing behind him with his arms crossed and smirking at him, looking exactly like the last time he saw him alive. "ERO-SENNIN!" he shouted as he hugged his godfather.

"Hahaha. Its good to see you too Naruto," Jiraya laughed.

"Well this looks like a very nice reunion isn't it," chuckled an old raspy voice. Once again Naruto was shocked as he saw the Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen, was behind him in his Hokage outfit. He gave him one of his grandfatherly smiles to Naruto. "Hello Naruto-kun how are you?" Naruto released Jiraya and glommed his surrogate grandfather. "There are more people coming Naruto I hope you are okay with a nice reunion with everyone."

"What do you mean Jiji?" Naruto asked. The Sandaime just motioned to somewhere behind Naruto again. As Naruto turned around he saw seven figures in the background looking at him with smiles. The first one looked very feminine and had long black hair that went to the shoulders. The person had on a pink kimono and was smiling at him brightly. "Haku?" He just waved back. The one next to him was taller about Kakashi's height and had a black ninja shirt, pants and sandals on. On his arms were arm warmers (?) in a camo design. His mouth was covered in bandages and he had no eyebrows. "Eh? Zabuza?" The figure smirked and nodded.

"Hey gaki how are you doing?" Zabuza asked.

"What do you mean how am I doing , No Brows? I'm dead remember?" Naruto deadpanned causing a chuckle from the occupants of the-err- space.

"I see that you became a fine shinobi Naruto. I'm glad to see it" Haku stated.

"Hehehe thanks Haku," Naruto said sheepishly while scratching the back of his head. "I just followed what you told me."

"Oh and what was that?" Haku asked curiously.

"That true strength comes from those who are willing to protect their precious people."

"Good words coming from a good person," came a voice from the left. Naruto looke at the two figures next to them. They were familiar to him, sort of. The first one he knew not so well. He had pale red hair and wore something akin to the hunter nins. But what distinguished him were his eyes. They were the Rinnegan. It was Nagato, the once figure head of Akatsuki. Next to him was the one he came to know as the God Realm of Pein. He had orange hair and stood at the same height as Nagato and he had infectious smile like himself. From what Naruto can remember his name was Yahiko. Both of them were smiling at him. "I see you have brought a new age of peace Naruto. Thank you." Nagato then bowed.

"It was nothing really."

"So you're the brat who Nagato gave our will to huh?" Yahiko asked. His voice was cheerful and happy. "You have my thanks man. I seriously thought I lost this dude to the darkness." Pointing his thumb to Nagato.

"It was my pleasure. I mean come on you just have to beat some sense into a guy to make them learn right?" Both Yahiko and Naruto chuckled at that. Nagato sighed, then whacked them behind their heads. "OWW" both shouted, then rubbed their heads.

"You know Kushina I think he is a little too much like you. I mean he is pretty stupid sometimes" Another thwack was heard making all the occupants cringe. They saw a man that looked like Naruto except taller had longer hair and no whisker marks. This was the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze, and he had a rather large bump on his head. Above him stood a woman who wore an orange blouse and had a black dress over it. Her face looked fierce and her red vibrant red hair was clipped to at the side. He pale grey eyes had flames of anger in it. In her hand was a very large frying pan with a dent in it, about the size of the bump on Minato's head. This was Kushina Uzumaki, Minato's wife and Naruto's mom.

"What was that dear?" she asked in a sickly sweet tone.

"N-Nothing dear," Minato cowered as he got up. He heard a whisper of "whipped" coming from Naruto. He shot a withering glare at him, only to make him laugh harder. This made Minato smile and hugged his son. "I'm glad to see you Naruto."

"You too Tou-san."

"I missed you so much my sochi" Kushina said getting into the hug.

"I know Kaa-san," Naruto said crying into their arms.

"We are proud of what you have become, Naruto. You are what we expected you to be and much more."

"Yes son, I'm proud to be called your father." After a good minute of crying. They let go of each other. That was when Naruto saw his last visitor. He was wearing what looked like what Sasuke used to wear: a blue shirt and beige shorts. He had long black hair and dull grey eyes. "Umm sorry to say this but who are you?" Naruto asked.

The figure smiled and waved a had dismissively. "Mah, it's okay. You probably only heard of me in stories any ways. My name is Izuna Uchiha. My brother was Madara Uchiha."

Naruto's eyes widened and got into a defensive stance. "Are you here for revenge?" Izuna shook his head. Naruto got out of his stance but was still on guard. "Then what are you here for?"

Izuna walked up to Naruto and bowed. "I am sorry for all the thing my brother and clan has caused you. I wish for you to forgive me for his transgressions!"

"Umm…" Naruto said looking everywhere except the person apologizing. he sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "It's okay."

Izuna's head shot up at that. "Are you serious?"

"Yeah. It's okay, I forgive you. They were just following their goals, and lost their way. It's understandable." Naruto said with the trademarked Namikaze grin.

Izuna bowed again. "Thank you so much Naruto-sama!"

"Eh? No no no no no! No -sama. Please makes me feel old when I'm only 17!" Izuna chuckled as well as the others. Naruto smiled and joined in. After the laughs died down Naruto asked the question that has been in his mind since he got there. "I'm not staying here aren't I?" The question got a lot of confused looks from the people around him. Naruto sighed again and started to explain. "There is this feeling in my gut. Something is telling me that my life was ended a little too quickly, and that something big is going to happen to me. I don't know what it is but that feeling only grew stronger after I saw you guys."

"The young boy is right," said a calming female voice. Naruto turned around to see a sight not many get to see. Walking towards them was a woman with long flowing blond hair. She was in a white dress and her body put all of those he knew to shame. On her face was a serene smile and ocean blue eyes. Naruto grabbed his nose to stop a rather violent nosebleed. Unlike him Jiraya, the Sandaime, Izuna and Zabuza flew back due to gushing nosebleeds. Minato couldn't due to the very scary glare coming from Kushina, while Haku just marveled the woman's beauty. "I am Kami."

"NANI!" Naruto shouted waking all those who passed out. This brought out a small giggle from Kami. "Gomen"

"It is not a problem Naruto-kun. And you were right on that your life is not over. Something from another world is calling, asking for help. I intend to send you there to help them out, to live a new life without the burdens of the Kyuubi."

"Oh yeah I forgot about him…" Naruto stated, making everyone except Kami sweatdrop. "By the way what happened to him?"

"He went back to hell after your deaths. He will not bother your world for a time."

"Thank Kami…" Naruto sighed.

"Your welcome," Kami replied. Naruto had to face palm himself for forgetting that she was right in front of him. "I will send you to your new world once you get a few gifts from your visitors."

Naruto turned around and looked at the people in front of him. He didn't know when he will see them again so he wanted to say a proper goodbye. Before he spoke Kushina interrupted. "This isn't goodbye Naruto" she started lovingly. "Just a see you later." she went up to him and hugged him. "I hope you live a better life there". She moved away only to turn around with a serious face. "And when you get back here I expect to at least have more than a few grandchildren got that." Pointing at him he nodded, afraid of her busting out a frying pan.

"I agree with your mother I want to see little Namikazes running around one day" Minato stated. He then produced a scroll from behind him. "Here take this. It contains all of my notes on everything about Fuuinjustu and the Hirashin." Naruto nodded and put it in his pocket. Minato then stuck out his hand and smirked at Naruto. Naruto took it and shook his hand.

"See you soon Tou-san, Kaa-san," with that they both disappeared with smiles on their faces. Then Haku and Zabuza came up to him. "You going to give me something too?"

"Hmph as if gaki-oomph!" Zabuza was interrupted as Haku elbowed him in the ribs. "Damn it Haku, you didn't have to hit so hard."

"But Zabuza I think we owe him at least for showing us the right path. Don't you think so too?" Haku said with the dread puppy dog eyes no jutsu.

Not being able to stand that technique Zabuza threw his hands into the air. "Gah! Fine! Take this you brat and don't bother me again got it!" Zabuza took a scroll with the kanji for "Blades" on it and threw it at Naruto. "Take care kid." with that Zabuza walked away disappearing

"See you later Naruto-san," Haku said bowing. Then running in the direction Zabuza walked off to. Next came Yahiko, Nagato and Izuna.

"Well to be honest, I have nothing to give you Naruto," Yahiko said embarrassedly. "All I will give you is this," he put his hand on his shoulder and smiled. "Good luck kid. You may or may not need it, but I give it to you anyways. Nagato got something to say to him." Nagato nodded.

"Naruto, keep your sense and dreams. You may no longer be able to obtain Hokage but you can still be a great person. Do not forget who you are. So in saying that I give you this." Nagato ran his right hand over his eyes. The hand started to glow and he placed it on the Naruto's head. Naruto felt a brief flash of energy then it was gone. "I hope you use my gift well." After saying that both he and Yahiko disappeared.

Naruto felt another brief flash of energy as he felt another hand go down on his head. He turned around to see Izuna smiling at him, and ruffled his hair. "You are strong, Naruto, very strong. I think, no I know you will use my gift justly. I already feel another power of an Uchiha in you, Itachi I think gave you some of his power. I modified it along with mine to make sure your eyes won't deteriorate. I wish you well Naruto." Then he too disappeared.

Naruto then looked at his last two people. Jiraya and the Sandaime. "I-I want to thank you for everything first of all before you give me your gifts. I mean I wouldn't…wouldn't have turned out how I am if it weren't for you two. Thanks Jiji, Ero-sennin." Naruto was crying because of all of that just occurred.

"I should thank you Naruto," Sarutobi said. "If it were not for you, many a times Konoha would have fallen. To repay you back I give you this," a scroll materialized in his hand. On it was the kanji for "Jutsu". "It contains all the jutsus I have learned over time. Just don't over exert yourself when training." Naruto nodded and hugged him one last time before he too walked off and disappeared.

"Well gaki," Jiraya started as he came up to Naruto. "I have nothing to give you, you basically took over for me when you trained. I however will give you this," two things poofed into existence. The first being a little blue book and the other being a scroll saying "Icha Icha". "It's my life's work, I hope you find it very…pleasurable," he said letting out a perverse giggle and blushing.

Naruto was debating on whether to burn it when he gets his second chance, but he decided what the heck, he'd give it a chance. "Ok Ero-sennin. I'll read it. I think I might republish it too just so I can earn some cash." At this Jiraya let out another perverse giggle.

"Oh so you mean you're going to continue my research," Jiraya asked wiggling his eyebrows. Naruto resisted the urge to shudder at the actions of his godfather. Instead he nodded and agreed, on the condition that he was dangerously low on money or had nothing of important business that day. This in turn had Jiraya prancing around the field like a little school girl. When he finally composed himself, he put a hand on Naruto's shoulder and then hugged him. "You did great Naruto. Now go live your new life." With one last smile, Jiraya disappeared.

"Are you ready now young ninja?" Kami asked as she reappeared. Naruto nodded. "Good now this may sting for a bit." She said as her fist started to glow gold.

"Um…Kami-sama, what do you intend to do with that fist?" Naruto asked backing away.

"Oh you mean this?" she said looking at her fist. "Just going to give you some information to survive in your new world that's all. Why do you ask?"

"Because you look like Baa-chan, when Jiraya gets caught peeping."

"Oh I didn't notice," Kami replied smiling with her eyes closed. "Now hold still, while I implement the technique." She then appeared in front of Naruto and punched him in the face with the glowing fist, making him fly back a few feet. As he flew a magical circle appeared around him. It then engulfed him making him get knocked out. As the magic circle disappeared Kami sighed and looked towards where it went. "Good luck Naruto-kun. With what you will deal with, you'll need it. But I think Jiraya will be happy with the results," she said chuckling out the last part. She too then turned around and walked away shimmering out of existence.


A man in a large office was looking out a window and sighed. He had an oddly shaped head, with a long goatee and ponytail, he also had brows that put both Might Gai and Rock Lee to shame. He wore Japanese priest robes and he was having troubles lately with one of the students in his school. Usually Konoe Konoemon would just ignore this, but this time the student went to far. He stopped looking at the window and stared at the problem sitting in the couch in front of him.

She was short by a lot of standards. If one were to guess how old she was just by her height they would guess she was around ten years old. On her body was a school uniform. White button up shirt/blouse (?), red vest and red and black She had long blond hair and green eyes. Her face was set in a nasty scowl a the moment as she sent a very cold glare at the Headmaster of the school. The old man started to talk. "You know Evangeline, that was a little harsh what you did to Negi-kun."

"Shut it old man," the girl snapped.

"But Evangeline, you took control of four of your classmates and nearly killed one of them and almost killed you teacher. You almost died yourself you know," Konoemon said aloud but his voice started to portray one of amusement.

"I said shut it old man. I still can't believe it. I the great Evangeline A.K. McDowell, the Dark Evangel, the Doll Master, the Maga Nosferatu, the Queen of the Night (Dean: *cough Kitty cough*) beaten by a little brat and his gorilla of a sidekick! He even had the gall to make me go back to class. I swear one day I'll get him back for this," Evangeline finished and huffed. This caused the Headmaster to chuckle and make her glare at him.

"Well it's good to hear that you're getting along well with him. After all you still have a whole year with him". Evangeline growled at this statement. As she was about to retort they felt a strong magical force surround them. Magical runes appeared on the floor covering the entire room and were glowing a bright gold.

"Is this your doing old man?" Evangeline shouted and odd panic heard in her voice. She did not like most seals, for she was trapped in one. The incident of this night of her trying to break one proved it.

"I'm not doing this. Another force is making it," the Headmaster replied. As he looked around he noticed that this seal was extremely intricate. He saw that a majority of the seal was a teleportation seal, one strong enough to carry someone extremely powerful over. Another part of the seal was a suppression seal too make sure only the occupants of the room can feel the power radiating off of it. The last part caught his attention 'Is that runes for a pactio?' he thought. This caused him to smile a wicked smile. He had a good guess what was going to happen.

Evangeline too got a good look at the seal and came to the same conclusion about the teleportation and suppressing part of it, but completely missed the pactio part. She then felt a portal open above her and looked up, Konoemon following suit. They made out a figure falling towards them. It was humanoid in shape, and was pretty tall from what they guess 6 feet tall. As it neared they could barely make out the figures clothes. It had on an orange jumpsuit with black accents on it. The bottom part of the pants were bandaged up to close. He had on a red battle cloak with black flames accenting the bottom and sleeves. The figure was male from what they could tell now. It was blond and had whisker marks on his face. It had on a black head band around his forehead with a metal plate over it. There was rather large scroll on his back.

The figure drew closer and closer. Then it just shot out of the portal at unbelievable speeds then it crashed. As Konoemon gather his bearing he noticed that t landed on top of something-err someone. The figure, now he knew was a young man, was on Evangeline… with his mouth on top of hers. While she had wide eyes and a very fierce blush on her face. The seal grew a bright pink then died down. When the seal was gone, Evangeline pushed the boy off of her. She was fuming. "I'm going to kill this brat!" she was about to pounce on him, when Konoemon stopped her. "What are you doing old man! The brat needs to learn some manners, namely in kissing me!"

"Hohoho, sorry Evangeline, but I don't think he even knows he kissed you," he replied.

"What do you mean he doesn't know! He was on me for a good two minutes!" she shouted. He just motioned towards the boy and his unmoving form. He was unconscious from the get go. Evangeline growled. "I'm going home." She turned on her heal and walked out. A moment later her head popped back in "This never leaves the room got it?"

"What about when the boy wakes up?"

"It never leaves the room," she says slamming the doors. The headmaster sighed rubbing his temples. He then chuckled. He pressed an intercom and a voice came from the other end.

"Yes headmaster?" a female voice came out.

"Ah, Shizuna would you kindly call Takamichi here please?"

"Of course headmaster." A couple of minutes later a knock was heard from the other side of the door. With a quiet come in a man entered. He had on a dark grey suit, with a beige shirt under it and a purple tie. He had some stubble on his chin and graying hair. He had glasses on and a cigarette in his mouth.

"You called headmaster?" he asked in a deep raspy voice, probably due to smoking. He then noticed the blond boy on the couch.

"Hohoho, I see you've noticed our guest," Konoemon asked.

"Who is he?"

"That's just it we don't know who he is."

"What do you mean sir?"

"He just appeared out of a portal just a couple of minutes ago actually."

"How come I didn't feel it then?" Takamichi asked.

"Because who ever did the seals for it, knew how to cover their tracks well. Those were some of the most advanced seals I've seen to date. Some were rather archaic too," the headmaster explained.

"So what are we going to do?"

"I would like you to take him to the infirmary. We will question him when he wakes up."

"Okay headmaster," he replied. He went over to the couch and gently picked up the boy. After that he stopped in front of the door. "I have a feeling things will get more hectic from here on out."

"Hohoho, I agree Takamichi," Konoemon replied. Takamichi then nodded and left. The headmaster let out another chuckle. "Yes I do believe this boy will make it more interesting around here," he said as he pulled out a card from his sleeve. He looked at it then gave one last chuckle before putting it away in his drawer. "Namikaze Naruto huh? Let's see what will happen with you here…"



Jiraya appeared in a fully furnished house. After the talk with Naruto he needed to relax. As he entered his domain, he noticed that three people were there: Minato, Kushina and the Sandaime. "Hey guys what are you doing here?"

"Me and the old man got dragged her by Kushina, to watch something rather funny," Minato replied with a devious smirk. A dark chuckle also came from Sarutobi.

"So what was it you gave my little Naru-chan hmm Jiraya-sama?" Kushina asked with an odd glint in her eyes. In her hand wasn't a frying pan, it was a rather large mallet.

"Umm… let's not get too hasty now Kushina," Jiraya tried to placate her anger. "He agreed to do it…and and… we know he needs the money…and… care to help me out Minato, Sensei!" They both shook their heads. "Traitors!" he screamed and ran.

"Get back here. Let me get retribution for you corrupting my son!" Kushina ranted as she swung her mallet. In the distance both Minato and Sarutobi heard a scream of "Not the Jewels!" and a sickening thud. It sent shivers down the men's spine.


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