Author Note:

Hey guys! Well here we go, Season 4 of Doctor Who.

Just a quick recap:

If you haven't read Never Gonna Be Alone, fair warning, you will be confused.

When we left off, Lily and the Doctor had defeated the Master, left Jack and Martha on Earth, met the Fifth incarnation of the Doctor, and had the Titanic crash into the side of the TARDIS.

If you don't want to read Never Gonna Be Alone, which I recommend you do, here's a brief explanation of who Lily is.

Lily Elizabeth Carter:

Lily is a Time Lord turned human from an alternate reality than the one our Doctor exists in. She was taken away from Gallifrey by her Time Lord parents before the Time War was time locked. They put her in the Chameleon Arch and made her human, leaving her on Earth with a new family, a watch, and no memory of who she used to be. Lily grew in Manhattan, New York, America, happy and loved, but even so, she never truly fit in and longed for the beautiful world she saw in her dreams.

When her class took a trip to the British Isles, she was greeted in Cardiff by a man named Jack Harkness. He revealed to her that she was destined to travel with a man known only as the Doctor. After much explanation, she finally believed him, and she stayed in England. She met a young woman by the name of Rose Tyler, and spent the next few months working in a store called Henriks. Finally, one night, she was attacked by Autotons, and saved by the man she had been waiting for. Unfortunately, Rose was killed in the attack and the Doctor disappeared.

The next day, the Doctor reappeared at her apartment, and she explained who she was to him. She helped him defeat the Nestene and he brought her into the TARDIS. From there they traveled the universe, past, present, and future, and along the way they fell in love. They picked up a young Jack Harkness in WWII London and brought him with them.

Then they were sucked into the Daleks' game station. To protect her, the Doctor sent Lily and the TARDIS back to Earth, but Lily wasn't about to sit idly by while the two men she loved most died.

It was then she finally noticed the two words following her and the Doctor through time: Dark Phoenix. She opened the heart of the TARDIS, absorbed the power of the vortex, and followed the words back to the Doctor.

The moment the power entered her, it began to change her. She wasn't fully human, so it couldn't take complete control, but she wasn't fully Time Lord, so she didn't have full control. She was able to destroy some of the Daleks and chase the rest away. She brought Jack back to life, but she messed up and brought him back for good.

Three days later, she woke up on the TARDIS, the power of the vortex irreversibly a part of her now. She had the Doctor take her back to Earth. To Jack. She finally understood what she had done to him.

From there, they went back to traveling. They met a young doctor by the name of Martha Jones, who diagnosed Lily's new illness as a child. They brought her along for awhile and she helped take care of Lily. When she went home, a woman named Donna Noble joined them.

But then the Daleks came.

Their first wave killed Owen Harper, a friend and the medical officer of Jack's Torchwood, and Gwen Harkness, Jack's wife.

After that there was nowhere to hide.

One by one they were killed off.

Toshiko Sato and Ianto Jones were killed in an attack on a Dalek ship. Martha Jones was trampled to death by a mob, trying to save an injured child. Jack was captured and left on the edge of a black hole, always alive and always dying. Lily was hurt in an explosion and lost her child, a daughter she would have named Samantha.

Finally all that was left was the Doctor, Lily, and Donna in the only safe place left, the TARDIS. But then they captured Donna. They kept her as bait, all the while, torturing her for information she would never give.

Donna died in Lily's arms as she tried to rescue her best friend.

Then the news came that the Daleks were coming for Lily in hopes of controlling her access to the power of the vortex. So the Doctor sent her away. Far away.

As the Doctor in our reality's transmission to Bad Wolf Bay cut off, Lily appeared on the deck of the TARDIS, screaming at the universe to take her back and receiving the answer. No.

The Doctor took Lily in. He gave her a new home.

And together they traveled, meeting new and old faces. They saved Donna Noble from a giant spider and an evil husband. They helped Martha Jones save a hospital and then the world.

They met the Master, who, as it turns out, was Lily's brother, and saved the earth from him.

Along the way, they helped each other to heal. They taught each other how to laugh again, how to live again…how to love again.


Name: Lily Elizabeth Carter, Dark Phoenix, Alyssy (called that by the Master when she was on Gallifrey)

Age: She was around 20 in Gallifreyan years when she was taken away, and she's lived as a human for 21 Earth years. Normally she'd be considered a very young teenager by the Time Lords, but she has matured at a human rate, so mentally, she is an adult. Usually she ignores the difference between an Earth year and Gallifreyan year and says she's around 41.

Hair: Black

Skin: Pale

Eyes: Grey with flecks of gold or the inverse when she uses her powers. When she goes deeply into the vortex, they can lose all of the grey and turn completely gold.

Height: 5'7"

Personality: She's very sarcastic. She makes jokes when she's upset. She has a need to take care of everyone and tends to put them first even at the risk of ignoring what she needs.


The Doctor-she is his bond-mate. She loves him very much, more than she loved her original Doctor. She needs him every bit as much as he needs her and doesn't take being separated from him very well.

Jack Harkness-she considers him her brother in every way but blood. She views him as only second to the Doctor and would do anything for him.

So, again, if you haven't read Never Gonna Be Alone, stop reading this and go read it. If you have read it, congrats and here we go.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you

Savin' Me!