Her eyes opened to darkness, her hands bound tightly behind her as she lay on a cold stone floor. Her skirt was lifted to her waist, exposing her legs to the cold of the ground. The silence was deafening as her eyes began to adjust. Her head was spinning, ever muscle ached as though she had been kicked for days at a time. Lifting herself up, she moved back, finding the wall, leaned back, her head hitting the wall. "Richard? Cara? Zedd?" she called softly, not being able to speak louder than a whisper, her throat sore from screaming. Fear began to overtake her when there no reply. "Hello?" she called out, desperately hoping she was not alone. She sat there in the silence, her heart racing, her head pounding as she tried to make sense of it all.


"Kahlan!" he cried loudly, causing his body to shake from the strain. His hands tied above his head, holding him off the ground. He could feel the blood dripping down his body as he swayed. A fist slammed into his back, jolting him forward. "There is no use for you to call for your Confessor, Seeker. She is very comfy in my dungeon." Anger flew through Richard, his jaw clenching as he gritted his teeth. "If you harm her-" the voice behind him laughed "If I harm her, what? You'll kill me?" he laughed as he made his way to the front of him. "You are in no position to make threats." he said coming to a stop, is face inches from Richard's body. He was tall, his hair long and dark, he had it tied back out of his face. "I am Prince Hayden. You and the Mother Confessor are my prisoners." he said flatly, looking Richard in the eyes. "I have no intentions of harming your Confessor at this time." he said with a smile growing on his face. "Though that may change. I have given her a Rada'Han, and she is very beautiful..." his voice trailed off as his smile widened. "Don't touch her!" Richard shouted angrily "That all depends on you now Seeker, but I will not say the same for my men. It has been such a long time sense we have had a woman in our presents. They will do as they please with her. I am sure they already have. " Hayden laughed as Richard grew even angrier "Why is it you are so upset? You will never be able to lay with her. She has needs too. We will take good care of her." he said before turning and walking away. "Wait! I'll do whatever you want, just don't touch her!" Richard called, causing the prince to come to a stop. "Very well, let us get started."


Three men came through the door, one held Richard in his arms. Richard appeared broken and bloody as he was dropped to the floor before Kahlan's feet. "You may thank him when he awakes." one of the men said as he starred down at her, licking his lips. "Not now." the smallest man said sternly. "He must be awake. It's his punishment." he added as he walked quickly through the door. "Leave them!" he called back a moment later. The door slammed closed behind them, causing Kahlan to jump.

Inching closer, Kahlan pulled at her wrists, trying to unbind her hands. She had to touch him. Blood fell to the floor as the ropes tore through her flesh, unbinding her hands. Wrapping her arms around him, she pulled his body to hers, her hands running up and down his arms and chest, trying to warm him. Tears flowed down her cheeks as he let out a soft painful moan. "I'm sorry." he whispered, "I'm so sorry." his eyes opened, meeting hers, silently asking her to forgive him. "What's wrong?" she asked as the fear and panic began to consume her. Tears escaped his eyes, "I couldn't tell him what he wanted. I wanted to. Kahlan, I wanted to protect you, but I didn't know." he said trying to sit up. "What are you talking about?" she asked, crying more intensely as she saw the few, anger and pain in his eyes. "He knew when I lied; I couldn't get him to understand. I didn't know." he said closing his eyes, his hands holding tightly to her arms, "I'm sorry." he breathed out as he managed to sit forward.

His back pressed firmly against her chest as she held him close. "I don't understand, Richard. What did he ask you?" he shook his head "He wanted to know where Nicci is." he said softly. Kahlan's heart almost stopped as she remembered the events of the last time either of them saw the Sister of the Dark. "Why do they want her?" she found herself asking aloud. "I'm not sure." he answered honestly, his mind trying to figure out a way to protect Kahlan.


Richard's heart was pounding as time passed "Richard, you never said why you were sorry..." she said softly, "They're going to come for you." he said so softly she almost didn't hear him."Are you okay, Kahlan?" he asked looking up, his eyes telling her that he knew something had happened. "I'm fine." she said looking up at the wall on the other side of the dungeon. "I must have been un conscious. I don't remember anything." he couldn't stop the tears that fell down his cheeks, "I'm so sorry. I should have asked Cara to go into town with you instead of insisting that I go." he said, turning to face her. "It's not your fault Richard. You couldn't have known they were waiting for us." she said attempting to smile. "How is it you are always able to make me feel better about something I've done to hurt you?" he asked looking deeply into her eyes. "You haven't done anything to hurt me." she replied quickly, a smile slowly crossing her lips, "You could never do anything to hurt me." she continued, her mind recalling several times he had come to her rescue and saved her.

"You're awake. Good." Prince Hayden said walking through the door with six large men. "Chain him up." he said walking by them. "Sir." they said as they made their way quickly to Richard, pulling him out of Kahlan's arms. "No!" Richard shouted, taking swings at the man grabbing him. "I warned you. I am a man of my word. If you had answered my questions, I would not be here for your Confessor." he said, his eyes never leaving Kahlan. "I answered you!" he shouted back as three of the men held him against the wall. "You did not give me what I asked" he said as the other men carried Kahlan over to him. "I told you! I don't know where she is!" he shouted angrily. Pulling at the chains, he jerk forward, trying to pull himself free as Kahlan was tied to ground in front of him. "I'm going to enjoy this." he said smiling up at Richard, "You my dear may find it uncomfortable, but I can't risk untying you." he said as he unlaced his pants. "Gag him. I don't want to hear him speak while I do this." She shut her eyes as he lowered herself onto her, a soft cry escaping her lips as he pressed into her. Richard felt helpless; he pulled at the chains, grunting against the cloth in his mouth. Prince Hayden moaned, his eyes looking to Richard, a smile spread clear across his face at the sight of Richard. She let out a louder cry as his hands slid over her body, squeezing her breast tightly. "It won't work." Kahlan managed to say softly, causing Hayden to pause "He can't tell you something he doesn't know." she added, her eyes still closed, her voice almost a whine. "I think he does know, and if it takes more than me taking you, then it will be done." he said as he began moving again. "Boys, she will be yours next!" he shouted as he reached his height.

He couldn't watch any longer, his eyes were squeezed shut as he heard one man after another made their way to her. Her screams burned into his mind as he was forced to listen to them. His heart racing as he fought against his chains, desperately trying to get to her. "Kahlan!" he shouted as the cloth fell from his mouth. Her head turned towards his voice, her eyes, opened to meet his, tears flowed as she tried to remain focused on him. After several minutes her eyes slid closed, her mind trying to erase the faces of the men. Suddenly the pain stopped, her eyes remained closed for a few moments, expecting for it to return. When it did not she looked around her. The Prince and his men had all gone, she was no longer tied and she and Richard were alone. "Kahlan?" he said softly, his voice shaking with a mix of sadness and anger. "I'm fine." she said closing her eyes once again and taking a deep breath.

Sitting herself upward, she fixed her clothing. "I'm sorry." he said as she made her way towards him. "It's not your fault." she replied quickly reaching up to his chains. "Kahlan," she pulled her hands down, leaving him chained, "Richard, it is not your fault." she stated as she ran her hands over his chest. "It's not your fault." she repeated looking into his eyes, trying to get him to see the truth of her words. He shook his head, "I love you." she said softly, reaching back to the chains that bound him. "I love you too." he said as she released him, wrapping his arms immediately around her, he held her tightly against him. "Here, you should sit." she said trying to help him to the ground. "Thank you."


"Sir, I have to agree with The Mother Confessor. The Seeker may not know where she is." a large dark man said as Prince Hayden walked past him. "Of course he knows where she is. He didn't want us to touch his precious Confessor. And The Mother Confessor would say anything to protect the man she loves." Hayden said turning back towards the other man "How many men were with her this evening, John?" he asked standing before him. "I am not sure, Sir. Maybe eight. But they were with her more than once." John said lowering his head "You do not agree with my punishment?" Hayden asked, knowing the answer. "I do not see how raping The Mother Confessor was punishment for The Seeker." he replied honestly making the prince laugh "Yes, well it was the best punishment for the both of them. The Seeker will not be so quick to lie to me when we question him tomorrow morning." he said turning away from the man "Be sure to give them some food. They will both need their strength for tomorrow." he added with a smile "Oh, and John, sense you do not agree with my punishment, you will have her first tomorrow. It will change your mind." he said as he walked out of the room, leaving the man with his mouth open.

"I have some food for you both." John said entering the dungeon. He kept his eyes on the plates as he made his way to them. Richard lay against the wall, Kahlan, asleep in his arms, her head resting in the crook of his neck. "Seeker, you must tell him what he wishes to know. Tomorrow he will not be so lenient." he said looking up for the first time, his eyes meeting Richard's. "Lenient?" Richard said angrily, but softly, to not wake her up. "You what he did to her lenient?" John shook his head "It was very lenient. Prince Hayden knows how to punish his prisoners. He will not be so gentle with her tomorrow." Richard's eyes went wide "He's going to do that to her again tomorrow?" he asked shocked "Yes. Every day that you do not give him what he wants, he will have her. More men will have her. They are most likely already standing in line for her." he said softly "You must tell him where the Sister Nicci is, I don't want to harm The Mother Confessor." he said a bit louder, being sure that Richard heard him. "I can't tell him what I do not know!" He half shouted, Kahlan's eyes flew open at the sound of his anger. "Mother Confessor." John said bowing his head "I am sorry to wake you." he added as he set their food on the floor in front of them. "Please Seeker, tell him what he wants to know." he turned and left quickly before Richard could say anything.

"What happened?" Kahlan asked softly watching John leave, Richard's mind was racing through his thoughts so quickly, and he almost didn't hear her. "The prince still believes I know where Nicci is." He said softly, still looking at the door. "They are coming back aren't they?" she asked lifting herself from his chest, turning towards him and crossing her arms over her chest. "Yes." He was barely able to breathe out as the sounds of her screams came crashing into his head, "I'm going to get you out of here." He said finally looking at her. "I'm not leaving you." She said firmly. "I'm not going to let them touch you, Kahlan. You shouldn't go through this because of me. You shouldn't go though it at all." He said, his eyes connecting with hers, "I will not leave you." She repeated, taking his hands in hers and bringing them to her lips. Her eyes closed as she pressed his hands to her lips, kissing them gently.

Pulling his hands from hers, he wrapped them around her, drawing her to him "I love you." He said before his lips connected with hers. Her hands immediately went to his chest, slowly tracing along the muscles, fueling her growing desire. A moan escaped his lips as she moved her lips over his jaw, her tongue sliding across his neck. Quickly, he ran his hand up her back to her hair, taking a fist full and lifting her head back to his, kissing her more fiercely. She could feel his heart pounding as her hand traveled over his chest to his shoulder, pulling herself closer to his heated body, she moved one knee over his legs, straddling him. Her chest being held firmly to his, as he tightened his hold.

He couldn't get enough of her, his hands moved over her back to her sides, grazing over her beasts, he pulled at the lacing of her corset, her jacket, which had been used as their blanket was forgotten and pushed aside as he lowered her to the cold floor. He removed the corset quicker than he thought, his lips moved over her chest, he was determined to give her the pleasure she deserved. She held his head over her chest, her back arching forward, begging for more contact. The soft moans and gasps from her lips pushed him on, slowly his hands ran over her stomach down to her skirt, his fingers tracing over the hem, pushing it down slowly.

Her mind was spinning, she had never felt this much love. Her heart pounded against her chest as his hands removed her clothes. The feel of his breath over her stomach was arousing her still, she had to have him. Her mind screaming to stop but her heart was reasoning that she wore a Rada'Han, he could not be harmed. As though reading her thoughts, Richard lifted his head from her body. "We shouldn't do this." He said softly, his hands, seeming to move on their own, continued moving over her hips, gripping tightly. "What?" she asked breathlessly, "I can't do this." He said before pressing another kiss to her stomach and crawling to her side.

She turned to him, confused "What?" she repeated, trying to hide the pain he had just caused her. Slowly, he traced a finger down her neck, stopping at the metal that suppressed a part of her, "If we were to make love, it wouldn't be you. Not all of you. Kahlan, I want to make love with you, but not if it means you give up apart of who you are. I want you, all of you." He said softly, his hand gently caressing her cheek as she allowed a few tears to fall. She nodded, closed her eyes and grabbed her corset. She dressed in silence, her heart aching from not being able to give him what he wanted, what he deserved. "Kahlan," he said tearing her from her thoughts, "I'm sorry." She smiled a small smile at his words. "You keep saying that." Turning to him, she took in a deep breath, "You have nothing to apologize for." She stated clearly, her eyes, moving from his to his lips, her tongue mindlessly running across hers, bringing a smile to his face.

"Stand Seeker!" A booming voice came as the door was unlocked and reviled a strong, wide tanned man with short dark hair standing in front of two other men, just as strong. "You are coming with us." He said as they all moved in through the door towards them. Standing, he moved to stand in front of Kahlan, who didn't take her eyes off of him. "Don't let them touch you." He said looking back to her before he was removed from her sight.


She sat on the floor, for what felt like days, waiting for them to bring him back to her. Her heart raced with every sound, hoping to hear anything about what was happening with Richard. Her breath caught in her throat at the sound of his scream echoing through the air, sending chills throughout her body. "Spirits." She whispered as closed her eyes. After a moment of silence, she opened her eyes, her breathing was almost in pants as she slowly started to stand.

"I gave you a warning Seeker. It is now your lovely Confessor that must pay for your lies."Prince Hayden said as the door was opened and Richard was thrown in. Moving quickly, Kahlan pushed her back against the wall farthest away from the men entering with large grins. "John must have her first." He said as Richard was chained and three men took Kahlan over to the prince. "You should learn to control your Seeker. He could have saved you from this." Swallowing the lump in her throat, she raised her head, looking the prince in the eyes "He cannot tell you something he does not know." He shook his head, "Or Maybe, you know." He smiled, his eyes staring down at her breasts, his hands moving slowly to unlace her corset. "Do you know where Sister Nicci is?" he asked taking hold of the laces. "No." she said calmly, the men continuing to hold her still.

As he removed the lacing on her corset, the men watched intensely, their eyes wide with amusement. With only a small amount to go, the prince stopped and looked up to her face "The scroll you are looking for, where is it?" he asked holding her corset together with his hands. "It was taken by a Sister of the Dark." She said softly. He smiled and dropped his hand, letting her corset fall to the ground, exposing her. The men smiled widely as she stood there half naked before them. Richard's anger was starting to overflow as he gave a deep growl, pulling on the chains that now bound him back to the wall. "Leave her alone!" he shouted giving the chains another jerk. The pop echoed throughout the dungeon, Kahlan turned quickly as Richard let out a cry of pain. "Richard!" she shouted trying to pull away from the guards that held her. "He's fine Confessor." One of them said into her ear before he slid his tongue over it.

"You'll have more fun with us." He said before taking part of her ear in his mouth and biting. She grunted in pain as she tried desperately to pull away. "It's no use Confessor, you are not going to get out of his punishment." Hayden said with a laugh. "Tie her down. She's more fun when she can't squirm away." He added turning to John. "Take her. Enjoy her." He said being sure to watch John's expression. "Now!" he shouted when he didn't move. "Sir." He walked towards he slowly, looking back at Richard, hanging helplessly to the wall. Standing before her, he undid the laces of his pants, "Shut your eyes." He told her softly, "I'm sorry." He whispered even softer as he pushed into her. The guards laughed loudly as the tears fell down her cheeks, John was finding it difficult to stand as he continued to violate her. Suddenly pulling back from her, he leaned to the wall and vomited, sending the men into an outburst of laughter.