The Runaway Sage

Naruto Uzumaki was tired. Most people who thought they knew Naruto would never think that Naruto Uzumaki would get tired. Naruto was the host of the most powerful demon there was. The Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze the fearless leader of Konohagakure No Sato (Village Hidden in the Leaves) or Konoha for short was not able to defeat the Kyuubi no Kitsune the Nine Tailed Fox. As a result he had to seal the beast into a child. The Child is the boy who is tired, Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto had distinct features that made him easy to spot amongst the crowd. He had three black whisker marks on his face on each side of his cheek. He elongated canine teeth that was able to rip flesh limb from limb. He had claws that grow strong. He had Blonde hair that was spiky. It (his hair) went down to his middle back. His eyes were that of the great ocean blue. He was really cut with a 6 pack. He was not overly buff but was buff enough. The problem was no one was able to see it because of the hideous orange jump suit.

What people don't know is who the real Naruto is. He had been playing an act. The act of the Dobe. Yes, in school he was considered the Dobe, the dead last, the loser, etc. Naruto in reality was actually smarter than most ANBU. He was the strongest in his class. He hid his power because it was suicidal to show his power against the council.

Right now he was sitting in lotus position on top of the Hokage Mountain. Naruto was focusing his chakra flowing around himself. He was feeling everything around him. He has done so much for the villagers but only was tormented in return. He did a bitter chuckle just thinking about it. He was their reminder of their pain.

He was the villagers' release. They actually believe that a little kid could be the Nine Tailed Fox. He thought how asinine it was. The thought made him question the villagers' stupidity. How could they think Naruto at the height of 5'5 could actually become a ninety story tall Nine tailed fox. He just didn't understand villagers.

He went into his mindscape to talk that certain fox. In his mind it was murky, dark. It was red with water with pipes going through. He saw a square seal that kept gate doors closed. It had a spiral on it with five triangles that were a the top, on the left, on the right on the lower left and lower right. It made a star with a spiral in the middle. Naruto closed his eyes as another being, another essence, another entity appeared.

"Hello kit, its been a while hasn't it? What is it that you need that you would come in my humble abode?"The Kyuubi No Kitsune said. Kyuubi was not actually a bad person. The Kyuubi was the Queen of Demons. Yes the Kyuubi was woman. She was in her human form.

She had a fiery red hair that had yellow that went down her back to her but. She had the most amazing hourglass shape he has ever seen. She smooth flawless, tanned skin. Her legs were silky smooth but clearly showed that were extremely toned. She had about a C-Cup borderline D-Cup. She had tight fitting mesh shirt that showed her toned stomach. She had on some wrappings around her legs.

Her face was that of a goddess. It was heart shaped with beautiful red eyes that had a ring on it. She had two earrings in each ear. Her neck had a flame (like the Fire Nation's fire symbol in Avatar). She had a blade that was sheath in her back. She had nine fluffy red and yellow tails. She was a goddess among women.

Naruto saw her like this and knew if he kept looking at her he would get a nosebleed. In addition he might pass out and Kyuubi did have a certain lust towards him. Everytime he turned away he heard her saying 'look at that sexy ass. I can't wait until I ravish him. Hmmm he gets me all hot and bothered.' Naruto had a slight shudder as he knew if he ever passes out well a certain demon would be carrying his baby very soon.

Naruto sat down with his eyes closed. He said "Kyu-chan, could you please stop trying to seduce me. Anyway I came here because I need some advice. Now my problem is that is well I can't really explain. I have lost the will to really care about this place. I could defeat almost all of our enemies yet I am treated as if I am a traitor among traitors. I was starting to get their respect but ever since Sasuke was hospitalized I have become their demon toy. First they believed that I was trying to mock the Yondaime Hokage by looking just like him. Now it is because I beat the Uchiha now I am a village pariah once again.

Its kind of amazing that I can be treated like shit. I have been beaten, torture, burned, poisoned. You named it, it happened at least three times. Yet for some reason I want to protect the village.

Sakura, she actually thinks that Sasuke cares what happened to her. All I will ever will become is the rebound boy. You know what happens with the rebound.

Hinata-chan she extremely beautiful but I can't date her. She is the Hyuga Heiress. She is extremely shy but i guess that is what I like about her. She could make the world seem like a happy place. I could never nor would I want to bring her down. She is the purest angel, while I am just the lowly demon. She deserves better than me.

Ino always so talkative. She gossips. She is loud, brash, and obviously does not have a resistor that could be a filler for what she says. I'll miss her too.

Kyu-chan I'm going to leave Konoha for a while. It is not safe for the people here. I know the Akatsuki are after me. I know they will use anybody and everybody to get to me. I guess the only way for me to know the people I care about are safe.

So my question is where could I go? I need to train a lot more for I could finish those bastards but I have no idea where. So do you have any place I could go?"

Kyuubi was in a deep shock Naruto was practically put his heart on the table to her. He asked her if she knew any teachers that could help him. She and he noticed something that was on her right hand ring finger.

It was a ring with a black skull that was radiating and pulsing darkness with its eyes. Naruto looked at and started to touch it. Everytime he touched it, it sent pulsating vibrations all around his 'Kyu-chan's body. It gave her waves of pleasure as she moaned his name. Her eyes became half lidded with the look of lust evidently getting stronger every passing second. Naruto look at her with wide eyes with his mouth agape. Naruto started to try to cut off the lust but by keep tapping it, it only made it worse.

He started to smell something. He heard her moans getting louder and louder. He saw something dripping down her legs. He kissed her to wake up from her stupor. It surprised Naruto that i actually worked. She became wide eyes as she realized Naruto just kissed her. She didn't even know what she was doing not even a minute ago. A rapid and deeper blush grew on both of their faces.

Naruto started to speak when he was taken out of his mindscape. He blinked his eyes to see a light. He then looked around to see what brought him out of his mindscape. He saw what broke him out of mindscape. It was a person with light pink hair, flat chested, demented green eyed girl. She was started to scream at him. All Naruto heard was blah blah blah this blah, blah, blah Sasuke-kun and blah blah blah never go out with the Dobe. Naruto looked at her with an owlish look and stared at he for a good minute. That is when Kakashi came in front of them with a puff of smoke. "Yo" was all Kakashi said before telling them they had they day off.

Sakura who had an excessive amount of anger and hatred towards Naruto because of him seriously hurting quote on quote 'Her Sasuke-kun' , pulled her arm back and cocked it back like it was gun. She went towards Naruto who was back into meditation state and punched him or i should say tried to punch. Naruto held out a single finger stopping her weak assault to him. She was quiet shocked by this. Naruto was in no way shape or form shocked by this.

Naruto who had his eyes still closed said, "Sakura Haruno, I suggest that leave before I seriously hurt you. You are pathetic to every extent of the word. You are a waste of a Kunoichi. For god sakes you aren't worth a breath of life. It's truly disturbing how weak your are. I have more chakra in one chakra point than you have in your whole body.

You try to make yourself look more than what you really are so you gun the Dobe because of his hideous orange jumpsuit and how he could ever be a good ninja no the words were a ninja he's so easy to spot, contain, and kill. Well look at yourself. You have bright pink hair that is so long they could reach it and grab it like it was nothing.

You are truly ugly in every way. Look at yourself. You are vain. When a person treats you as a lady you punch them. But get this when a guy who broods and ignore you, you get head over heels. The only reason you even became a ninja was because a boy who dislikes you maybe more than anybody. You are so vile you gave up on a friendship that had foundation to last a life time but you gave it up, YOU GAVE IT UP OVER A BOY! A BOY WHO DOESN'T EVEN GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT YOU OR ANYTHING THAT YOU ARE ABOUT!

Do you know who constantly took care of Ino-chan? Huh? She could only cry in my arms for months because she treasured your friendship. Hell I bet over a trillion Ryo that she does not even like Sasuke. So you could have Sasuke but trust me there isn't much that he gained if he gets with you. Ha, You better be glad I don't kill you right here Haruno. I have one last thing before I throw you. If you even try to cross me the Kyuubi and the Uchiha Massacre will look like child's play."

He grabbed her tightly and swung her around and around and through her right into the hospital window. Naruto once again sighed. He had enough of the village. He had to plan out his escape. That was actually easy. The hard part was where was he going to go.

He couldn't go to Iwa... Yet. He most certainly could not go to Wave. They would pick him up quicker than a roadrunner. He could not go to Suna because everything between Konoha and Suna is strained, on extremely thin ice or should I say sand. Kiri had the bloodline wars going on. Kumo that was extremely tricky. They are strained allies with almost everyone. He sighed he couldn't think of a place. That was until his 'Kyu-chan' put her own two cents into the equation.

"Naruto-kun, I know a place where you could go but you must tell Ero-Sannin about it first. Ok Naruto do you remember what happened to me when you touched the ring. Well I will tell you what the ring is. It is a Sage ring. There are Seven main Rings but there is more than that. The rings are the control of the elements. You see the Seven Mainstream Elements are Fuuton (wind), Katon (fire), Raiton (Lightning), Suiton (water), Doton(earth), Hikaton (Light), and Shiton (death or dark). The mastery of the Seven main elements are the only way you can master the Sub-elements. Now the reason I bring this up is because you are able to do something that no other human could do since the Rikudo Sennin and you will pass him. You will become the Master of the Seven Paths. You see the Six paths actually achieved something by mastering the Six paths but he could not achieve the last one. That one of course is the Shiton.

It is the hardest one to control. It is hard because of the prerequisites of becoming the Shiton Sage. It is death remember that. So the only way you could get there is by going to the Soul Society (Don't own Bleach). You father was the son of a Shinigami and a human. Your mother was a shinigami also. Do not ask me who they were because you are to immature by it and because of my unfortunate dreadful energy combining with your sadness is just a big ass Pandora's box waiting to open. Just know the loved you very much.

Now like I was saying Naruto, you must go to the Toads to start your trial as the Sage of the Seven. They are the beginner's start. So get home and get ready. You will leave your closest friends and Tsunade-chan and Jiraiya a message that you won't be in Konoha for a while about four years"

Naruto looked at Konoha as the sun went down. He had a single tear go down his face. He nodded. This was going to be the last Konoha sunset he will see in about four years. He had a whole new look of determination. This is the new Naruto the Seven Path Sage. No more is the Uzumaki Naruto that was the Dobe no he will show the world that he is their savior. Hinata, Ino, Temari, Anko, Shizune, Yuugao, and the now younger Tsunade had a foreboding intuition. That's when the letters came.

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