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Welcome to the Family Harry

Harry was sitting in his room nursing his bruised neck. His uncle almost killed him this time, but his Aunt had stopped him. She told her husband to go lay down; when he left, she told Harry to go to his room because there was something there for him. He looked at the box he moved when he came in. It was a black box with the Gryffindor crest and to his surprise, the Slytherin crest. He opened the box and inside was three crests on thick silver chains. The first two he knew as the Potter and Black Family crest. The last one was what really caught his eye. An Eight pointed Star with an H in the center, surrounding it was the letters J, T, R, S, L, G, S, and D. Harry know that four of them where his parents name plus his godfathers, but the others he didn't know. As he picked it up it was glowing a soft gold. Right under that was a letter. He picked it up and started reading.

Dear Harry,

If you are reading this then I am dead and Moony is in hiding. You are probably wondering what is up with the three crests. Well as you have guessed the first two are the Potter and Black Family crest. The last one is special right after school Remus, James, Lily, and I went to the States. (Peter was too scared to come.) Anyway we met four teens that had hard lives. They were Tony who was 17, Sara who was 16, Greg was 14, and Danny was 17. They are your adopted brothers and sister. Your mother and father thought it would be best since they had no family. Together we all make up the Marauder Clan. Your mother and father had to go into hiding right before you were born, but they do know about you thanks to Moony. To see them all you have to do is touch the crest and say Marauders then their names. They all have one, and will be by your side when they see it glow. (Also a portkey) By the way no one knows about them so don't tell anyone not even your friends.

Sirius aka Padfoot

P.s It might take them a minute they will all meet at the Family house then go to you.

Harry stared at the letter, then the crest. He had siblings and they knew about him. Just then there was a knock and his aunt's voice.

"Harry if you get your stuff you can leave now." She said as she opened the door. "Vernon is passed out and Dudley is at a friend's house."

"Thanks you Aunt Petunia." Harry said getting up and hugging her.

"You're welcome now get your stuff and do what you have to do." With that she left.

Harry put the three crests on and walked out of the cupboard and got all of his stuff together. As he was putting his stuff by the door he grabbed the three crests on his neck and held it. "Marauder's Danny, Tony, Greg, Sara" Harry looked down to see their letters light up in different colors. Danny's was red, Tony's was blue, Greg's was green, and Sara's was yellow. All Harry had to do was wait.

*~*~* NEW YORK*~*~*

The team had just finished a hard case and was all at Flack's house to relax. They were sitting around a table eating pizza and drinking beer.

"So the guy walks up to the bartender and say's…." Flack stopped as he saw Danny's shirt glowing.

"Danny." Mac said as he also saw the glowing shirt along with the rest of the team.

"Yeah Mac?" He said looking at him. All Mac did was point to his shirt. Danny looked down and pulled out his clan crest. The top right corner was glowing red then gold and back again. He looked up at all of them and smiled.

"Don't freak out and I'll be back soon… promise." Danny said then grabbed his crest and said two words that confused the team.

"What is Marauder Harry?" Adam said while the team just shook their heads.


Tony was sitting back and watching the rest of the team work. They had no cases, and everyone was getting bored. Gibbs was up in the director's office, Abby was talking to McGee while he did some computer stuff and Ziva was just playing with her weapons. They heard Gibb's famous words.

"Gear up we have a case." Gibbs said walking into the bullpen. Gibbs throws the keys to Tony. Gibbs grabs his gear and turns around to see everyone staring at Tony's shirt which was glowing.

"What is it?" Tony asked. All they did was point to his shirt. Tony pulled out his crest to see the top left corner glowing blue then gold. He looks up to have the biggest smile on his face.

"Sorry Boss, I can't go, have to see my family." Tony said while throwing the keys to Ziva.

"Marauder Harry"

*~*~*LAS VEGAS*~*~*

Sara, Nick and Greg were in the middle of a case; they had to find a missing little girl whose family disowned her. Warrick, Catherine, and Grissom had just walked in when Sara and Greg looked at each other and saw their shirts where glowing.

There both pulled out matching crest, Sara's was glowing yellow then gold at the bottom right corner while Greg's was glowing green then gold at the bottom left corner.

"Guys, what is up with the glowing?" Nick asked as Sara and Greg moved to stand next to each other.

"Tell you later. For now we have to go get our brother." Sara said putting her arm through Greg's.

"Marauder Harry" They said at the same time, and then they were gone.

"What is going on?" Nick said looking at the rest of the team. They all just shook their heads, because they did not know.


By the time Sara and Greg got there Tony and Danny were already there waiting.

"Tony, Danny" Sara said as her and Greg ran over to them. Tony and Danny both turned around and pulled them into a group hug.

"Hey guys ready to get Harry?" Danny asked when they pulled away from each other.

"Ya let's go." The rest said together. With that they walked down the street to number 4. When they rang the doorbell they heard yelling. They looked at each other then the door. When they heard someone start gasping for breath, Tony and Danny broke down the door.

*~*~*WITH HARRY*~*~*

Harry was waiting for his family when he heard his uncle getting up in the living room. Harry started to panic as he heard him coming towards the door to go somewhere. He was getting ready to hide when the doorbell rang.

"Get the door you freak." Vernon yells as he came around the corner to see Harry standing in front of the door with all his stuff.

"And where do you think you're going you little freak? You're not leaving this house!" He yelled again as he grabbed Harry by the throat just like he had an hour earlier. All Harry could hear was himself gasping for breath. He did not even see the door get busted in or the people standing in the doorway before he blacked out.

"What the hell do you think you're doing to our brother, you fat whale? Get off him now!" Tony yell as he and Danny yanked him off Harry, Sara ran over and picked him up and was shocked to feel how light he was. Greg grabbed all Harry's stuff and pulled it outside with him and Sara.

"Let me go, that Freak needs to die. Just like his parents." Vernon was yelling at the top of his lungs and the whole street started coming out of their houses to see what was going on. Petunia went outside with a couple of cold wash cloths to help Sara with Harry.

"Put this on his throat, it will help and the other on his head." Petunia said then walked right over to her husband and slapped him in the face. Harry started waking up and heard his Aunt yelling at her husband.

"It is over, get out and if I see you ever again I will call the cops. I am tired of being your punching bag when Harry is at school and I am tired of him being your punching bag when he is here." She yelled in his face as the cops pulled up to the house. They found out what happened and took him away. The group looked around to see Harry awake and went to him.

"Harry I am sorry this happened I tried leaving him when you are at school but I never could. It is thanks to these people that I found the courage to do it." Petunia said.

"No problem. If they come looking for me, tell them I ran away." Harry said still in Sara's arms, with the others around him.

"Will do Harry. Have a good life." With that Petunia left and went back inside.

"Ok ready to go to your new home?" Greg asked as the rest of the street when back inside once the cops left.

"Ya lets go." Harry said as he fell back to sleep. Greg grabbed Harry's things and stood with his other arm around Sara while Danny and Tony completed the circle with Harry and in the middle.

"Marauder, US Mansion." The group said and as one they were gone.

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